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10 Benefits of Hiring an Offshore Development Team

offshore development team

Building a great product needs qualified specialists on the job and software development is already challenging and complicated enough. So, it makes sense to hire TatvaSoft – An Offshore software development company instead of finding your way of utilizing in-house software developers for your different software development projects.

The chances of finding a reputable agency and skilled professionals in your locality that can do your job for you at an affordable price are very slim. But don’t worry, it’s a common problem and there is a solution for it – setting up a remote development team.

If you look beyond the horizons, you may find that there are plenty of people willing to manage your operations for you and that too within your budget. After hearing this, some might get skeptical of the whole idea but believe me, the advantages of offshore software development will reap results beyond what you would have imagined for the growth of your business.

Top 10 benefits of hiring an offshore software development company for your next project

1. Cost-effective services

Reducing the costs of the development is why most business owners tend to hire an offshore software development company for their projects. It is a cost-effective option. Because hiring full-time software developers can be very expensive, especially in the developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, and so on. And if the clients have multiple projects to work on then the price just doubles up.

The employee’s payroll includes their basic salary, incentives, extra benefits, equipment expenses, taxes, electricity consumption, daily amenities, recruitment costs, and more. So, if you hire an offshore software development team then it might just save you a considerable amount of money.

Then again in terms of an offshore development team, the costs will depend upon the number of people you have on your team. Hence, not only will you have the liberty to choose your team member for your project, you get to choose them from various countries depending upon what skill set your project demands.

2. Specialized Talent

The rapid growth of emerging technologies like AI and IoT calls the staff and not just any staff, it needs specifically skilled and highly trained staff. This seems to be one of the biggest challenges for the companies – finding and hiring the most qualified talent for the job. Why should you bear all the expenses of the in-house production along with maintaining a full-time staff when you can simply outsource an entire project to an offshore software development services provider.

3. Access To The Newest Technologies

Startups, small and medium businesses have limited access to the latest and most advanced technologies because of their price tag. They get to learn about new software skills and technologies when they deal with the offshore development team because that’s what they bring to the table.

And that’s not it, you can also get to learn about high-quality procedures, structured strategies, documentation, and many more. The offshore development company you hired can update and replace the technology and other systems as the situation demands. So you get to train your in-house team to be ready for any possible scenario.

4. Enables to stay focus on core business function

Software development services like mobile app development, UX/UI designs, and blockchain are very time-consuming processes. You would need more focus on every aspect of the process but supervising your development team can distract you from your core business functions.

But when you choose to opt for offshore software development, you are choosing to divert all your attention and just focus on your business and its core strength. Offshore software development companies have a team of experts and project managers to supervise the development team. This kind of synchronized work is what helps companies achieve their business goals.

5. Increased Speed to Market

Software development is a complex process, you might face setbacks, pitfalls, and many other complications, and all of it amidst busy schedules and tight deadlines. In such situations, the company might not be able to follow the roadmap as planned. Also, there can be some additional requirements like adding a new feature or there can be circumstantial crises like regulatory changes, client deadlines, first-mover benefits, and so on. But have no worries because offshore software development companies are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and are fully trained to do whatever it takes to significantly reduce your time to market.

6. Improved Service Quality

As we already discussed, the offshore software development company has to offer the best available talent there is around the globe. And they are called the best software developers because they have worked across various industries and domains. This enables them to think one step ahead of your in-house development team.

Working with an offshore team of dedicated specialists can help you get better results and that means – high-quality products and services. An outsourcing company brings new insights to the work to improve your overall product development lifecycle.

7. No Need of Hiring Full-Time Employees

Many companies start a short-term development project but in the end, it becomes too costly for them to maintain with a full development team irrespective of the fact whether the project is ongoing or not.

Whereas the offshore specific development projects can be carried out with the predetermined budget without any need of making investments in full-time staff. However, the companies need to have clarity about the scope of their project and both the offshore company and its client need to mutually agree upon the deliverables. So finally when the project is completed, there won’t be any obligations.

8. Reducing liabilities and making more room for new opportunities

Expanding your business or launching a new business comes with great responsibility. It may happen sometimes that because you have a lot going on right now, you have to overlook some business opportunities. And it’s ok because you can’t deliver any one thing in time if you are going to work on everything at once.

Similarly, when you hire an in-house team, they are responsible for everything from development to support and maintenance of the websites, native apps, social media content, editing photos, and video, and so on. And if you try to recruit more people to get things to work smoothly, you might just be overstepping your software development budget.

The benefit of offshore software development services is that the team of experts guides you through your project. They help you work on your budget, reduce business liabilities, take on more important projects and your in-house team can cope-up with daily tasks like social media marketing and more.

9. Scaling the business better

Hiring a team that provides offshore software development services is one of the trends in the IT industry for low-risk growth and scalability of the business. The digital market is constantly changing. An average lifespan of a technology trend is said to be three to four years which is what usually any business agile team would need to adapt and master those new skills. But if you have hired an offshore software development company then you can just assign them the project to manage it all.

From website and mobile app development to software up-gradation, new designs will be required from time to time. But if you have an offshore team by your side then they can do it all with good insights and innovation. Companies from the USA, Canada, Germany, and more European countries tend to hire offshore software vendors from India, South East Nations, and Latin America because of their attractive IT policies, flexibility, and experienced software developers.

10. New Perspectives through Cultural Exposure

Every person has their unique point of view and similarly, every geographical location has its perspective. That’s why every company can get the same thing done differently than the other. You should consider partnering up with the remote teams to make time-to-time exchanges for the benefit of the business.


By now it would have been pretty obvious why you should hire an offshore development team for your next project. If you want to stay ahead in this competitive market of the modern world, you need to go digital and keep improvising with time. Just lookoutCompanies for an offshore software development company that can be the perfect technology partner for your business by fulfilling all your business requirements. It is the most effective way for cost savings and in no time you will be reaping the long-term benefits of offshore software development.

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