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5 Best Habit Tracking Apps for 2020

Hi, this is Steve from Productivity Land. I decided to do an exclusive piece on best habit tracking apps. This might read like an unusual article because there are a few things that I wanted to share from personal experience.

If you are a millennial and you are reading this article in hopes of getting top habit tracking apps installed on your mobile…. Well, you will get that in a bit. I did pick up a few applications and reviewed them for our regular readers. After all, the modern demographics statistics to Productivity Land suggest that most of the online visitors are somewhere between 25 and 45.

What Does Demographics Have to Do with Top Habit Tracking Apps:

I guess you could say it is a matter of perspective. While it is true that I don’t come from a Baby Boomer generation (*you could see that from my profile picture), I can reminisce habits that my old folks had back in those times. We didn’t have mobile phone applications. There was no concept of top habit tracking apps or best habit tracking apps back then.

What exactly did people do to maintain their good habits and avoid the bad ones?

Should you know, we had a strong generation trend in the past. It was long before the advent of Android and iOS applications. We did have cellphones; I am not saying that I come from a long line of troglodytes.

However, those mobile phone devices were not capable of running applications. And by that I want you to think about Motorola, Nokia 3310 and such other button-based gadgets. All you got was cellphone connectivity to your friends and family, sans the addition of any Playstore thing!

baby boomers reportedly dont use best habit tracking apps for 2019

Baby boomers and a few generations that followed afterward maintained their habits by following a routine. For instance, when I used to hit the gym, I’d leave my cellphone home; kept behind a pile of clothes in the cupboard. Besides, those mobiles didn’t have a lot of distraction to offer.

These days, when you go to the gym, almost every other guy and girl are tapping their cellphone screen for various reasons. The soundtrack has to be perfect, the soul song has to start at the right moment, boom – I gotta’ enter my reps and stats in this cool new mobile phone application. God, I am doing awesome, all because of the help of this best habit tracking app.

The truth is, that you don’t need a habit tracking app to follow through any routine in life. Even if it is as menial as reminding yourself to drink 8 glasses of water every day. Oh yeah, there’s an app for that. I think it was called Water Buddy or something. You could find tons of best habit tracking apps on water glass reminders. Completely and utterly useless. Since when does anyone need to remind himself/ herself to drink water?

Best Habit Tracking Apps’ Effects on Modern Vs. Old Generation:

If we pick up a few of the top habit tracking apps and compare their effects on the modern and older generation, there are some very interesting findings. The results are astonishing because:

  1. For fact number 1, the older generation does not use that much of mobile phone applications to build habits. They are leaning on the concept and some of them do use these apps to some extent, but the majority is less.
  2. Younger generation usage stats for ‘best habit tracking apps’ is very high. Even the search volume for ‘best habit tracking apps’ and ‘best habit tracking apps for 2019’ is pretty damn impressive. Despite that, the modern millennial generation doesn’t have to much to show for it. As a matter of fact, a very small percentage of those habit tracking apps users can maintain those good habits.

Who’s falling behind in Top Habit Tracking Apps Race?

A study on Best Habit Tracking apps by T. Rowe Price reveals that baby boomers are way ahead of millennials. Not because they use the applications, but because of their intrinsic ability to maintain any good or bad habit. Likewise, the older generation was more likely to save money as compared to the modern generation.

Women, in both cases, came up a little short when it was about saving money. But then again, we all know that women can’t save money. They are easily tempted to buy all things bling. Okay, this is a generic statement and as an advocate for Productivity Land, I’d like to apologize to any women who may have hurt or offended.

Part of the reason associated with saving money as a habit is linked with salary median. An average American woman makes around $22,000 – that’s a median. Men, on the other hand, make more money, so they can save more.

Coming back to the point here, habit tracking apps iOS and Android are not the real game-changers. It’s you, in the long run. An application cannot commit you to any habit; you’re going to have to right the wrongs and remain consistent. The app is merely designed as a warm, but oftentimes, an irritating reminder.

Best Habit Tracking Apps for 2019 & Beyond:

Without further ado, here’s a list of handpicked habit tracking applications that you should look into. They were handpicked by me, of course, and some of the folks at Productivity Land. Have a look-see below!

5. Habit Tracker:

best habit tracking apps for 2019 and beyond

Starting from the 5th one on the list, we have got Habit Tracker for Android. It is a cool habit tracking app with a very sleek interface – best designed for people who like a clutter-free layout. Formerly known as Habit Bull, this application went through a major overhaul besides a name change.

If you have been using the app since its “Habit Bull” days, you know by comparison that the current version is loaded with many new features. There’s a reporting section for averaging trends for any habit that you have set in there.

There is a separate GUI for days where you have marked the habit as “Done”, “Skipped” or “Value Not Entered”. In that order, the application comes up with personalized suggestions for the end-users.

The only downside of this habit tracking app for Android is the limitation of creating 3 habits on the free plan. If you want more, you will have to subscribe as a paid user. However, the free version is just as much interesting and rewarding to use as the paid version. Most of the users reportedly switch to the paid version because of the overall satisfaction rate.

For more details, you can head over to your Android Playstore to download Habit Tracker.


  • Customized habit tracking.
  • Showcases random quotes every day whenever the app is started for the first time.
  • All in one tracking application with a very detailed reporting system.
  • Sleek interface and clutter-free design.


Details available in Android Playstore after app installation.

4. Aloe Bud:

best habit tracking apps for 2019 and beyond

Next up on the best habit tracking apps list is Aloe Bud. This one’s an iPhone/ iOS exclusive. One of the cool reasons for recommending Aloe Bud is the retro pixel design. Do you remember those old Sega and Arcade games with kind of bloated pixel designs? At least Aloe Bud’s icons are shaped that way.

I think this design strategy was intentional. One look at the Aloe Bud’s icons and you are reminded of the old days when people didn’t have to rely that much on habit tracking apps iOS and/ or Android. Anyhow, Aloe Bud is loaded with a multitude of habit tracking features ranging from drinking water, fueling car and all the up to complex daily rituals.

It is all about offering you a very friendly reminder to do whatever you plan on doing ON time! For this reason, Aloe Bud sneaks in cozy little reminders at the iPhone home screen. If your screen is off, and you turn it on, you will see a text message like notification – reminding you to commit to that particular day’s habit.


  • Wide variety of reminders available.
  • Created to offer a personal self-development experience.
  • Daily habits range from simple things, such as; breathing, drinking water, etc.
  • Available as both free and paid version.
  • The activity log can be maintained through a special dedicated section.


Free version of Aloe Bud starts at $0.00.

Premium version is available at $1.99 to $4.99.

Aloe Bud’s price may seem odd to you because they are not charging a fixed amount. There are different levels of pricing in the Premium feature. Let’s say you want to unlock one or two features, but don’t feel like paying the full price, you can do so for whatever the price is for those two features alone.

The developers of Aloe Bud probably designed the pricing bracket that way to offer a more personalized approach to Apple AppStore users.

3. Coach.me:

Coach.me is an Android exclusive habit tracking app. By my standard, it is not a perfect application, but it does the job well. So, why recommend this application in the first place? Well, there are some reasons for doing that.

First of all, if you are new to Coach.me, it is unlike your regular habit tracker. It’s about management, leadership skills, and personal development. The creators wanted to offer a broader perspective of habit tracking, so they went bigger. Besides, Coach.me is like that buddy friend of yours, who sends subtle reminders about doing things and maintaining habits.

The reason I stressed upon “subtle” is because you don’t have to buy the premium version of Coach.me. If you are interested in someone’s coaching style at Coach.me, you can follow that person. This way, you will get beneficial information about whatever latest stuff that’s being offered by that guy/girl.


  • Designed like your personal social media website.
  • Used by some of the leading industry personal development gurus.
  • Follow, unfollow a leader.
  • Option to pay, or simply tag along a coach to get updated highlights summary on a daily basis.
  • Very helpful community.

The only setback with Coach.me is that the mundane interface. Perhaps they should roll out a few updates to address this concern? I don’t know, but Coach.me is definitely one-of-a-kind habit tracking app that made to our list of best habit tracking apps in 2019 recently.

2. Beeminder:

Beeminder is one of the coolest applications that we recently labeled ‘recommended habit tracking apps iOS’. Yep, this is an iOS exclusive, but that does not have to discourage Android user. The latter can scour through this entire list to look for Android version of their favorite online habit trackers.

Moving on, Beeminder is like a warm fuzzy little reminder regarding all things habit. It combines incentives, and self-tracking habits to keep users on the right track. You remember those swear jars that we used to have when we were kids. If someone used cuss words, our parents would make them drop a few cents in the swear jar. At the end of the month, we’d have some personal savings, in exchange for an incentivized habit tracking system.

Beeminder is like that jar. It helps you to track your good habits and avoid the bad ones. If the idea of losing money is daunting to you, Beeminder can enable you to save more. You just have to enter some data and information about your knack for overspending on unwanted stuff! It’s never too late to start, so get Beeminder and see what this habit tracker app is all about.


  • Reports GUI showcases graphs and trends for each habit.
  • The app can be set up to perform in any way you want.
  • Contains many features related to money motivation!
  • Available for free.

Update: As of the most recent update, we found out that Beeminder is also available at the Android store. So, that’s a good thing for Android smartphone users.

1. Habitica:

best habit tracking apps for 2019 and beyond

The top of the list habit tracking app is Habitica. There are so many reasons to like and recommend this habit tracking mobile application besides the cool interface. My personal favorite is the videogame quest like experience. For every habit maintained and completed, you get a badge to show for.

These badges are like little quest rewards that are lined up at the end of a boss battle. Habitica also teases users by helping them to create “quests” / goals. If you keep up with that goal, you get XP! Exp points turn to levels, and that’s something that goes to your credit. Your profile grows strong, and you get to show off your levels, quest completion rate and overall habits in the Habitica community.

Above all, Habitica is an All-in-one habit tracker. Unlike any of the applications, Habitica features support for creating, tracking and maintaining any habit of any kind. Above all, it happens like a role-playing game. There’s drama, there are tragedies and happy endings.

Go explore Habitica at Google and Apple AppStore today!


  • Track your habits in a videogame-like interface.
  • Role-playing experience.
  • Earn reward points, XP and levels after the successful completion of each habit.
  • Get badges and visual reminders as a result of completing your goals.
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive interface.


The basic version of Habitica is available for Free!

Other four optional payment plans are available at $4.99 per month – $47.99 per year basis.

Which habit tracking apps you’ve been using in the past? Is this your first time using a habit tracking app? Let us know through the comments section below. If you’d like Productivity Land to review your favorite habit tracking apps, send us an email at [email protected] today. Thanks and good luck!

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