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20 Amazing Tips for Desk Organization


Been having trouble completing your work? Can’t get anything done in time? Take a look around you, maybe it can be the mess on your desk. A disorganized desk is a visual tragedy as well as a harmful tool in your work life that makes it harder for you to get your mind to focus and process information about everything; hence we decided to help you out with how to on desk organization.

A disorganized desk causes a large clutter formation which is the top cause of stress, guilt, and anxiety. It is like people don’t have enough of that already in their normal work life. In simple words, Clutter has got to go.

We know that when there is a huge mess on your desk, it can be pretty daunting to get rid of it because you don’t even know where to get started on the cleaning mission. Fortunately, you live in a world where there are “Modern Solutions for Modern Problems”.

As long as you are willing to put in the work and follow this amazing guide to keep your desk organized, you will never have to deal with a messy desk ever and your work life will never suffer because of it ever again.

Here are 20 amazing desk organization tips and tricks to sort out your problems.

1. Create Personal Space

No, Not that personal space. This one is for all of the stuff that is necessary all day, just not while you are working in the office. This stuff can include keys, wallets, phones or any other personal items that might get in your way while you work or distract you.

For these items, there should be a little space on your desk where they can be stored easily and be out of your way to let you work in peace; idea #1 for desk organization.

2. De-Clutter your Computer Desktop too

You can always have a minimal desk that is spotless and pretty outstanding on the minimalism scale, but your computer desktop junk also counts in your report. Digital messes with unsorted files and folders also count as clutter which can be very distracting when you are trying to focus. This is our #2 desk organizer idea.

You should keep a cleaning regime, where you would clean your computer desktop every week. You can sort all of the files using different parameters more suited to your needs and requirements. Make your screen more streamlined and turn your machine into an organizational force to be reckoned with.

3. Do a Purge

If you are dealing with a small or a huge mess, A purge of your desk is a must whether you like it or not. You will have to go through every item on your desk and honestly ask yourself whether the thing that I’m seeing is actually necessary or not. If you don’t need something, toss it out and make room for necessary things that would make your work life easier and these necessary things can also mean a cleaner desk without anything on it.

Just start with the small stuff and once you’ll get going, you’ll be less hurt, if you are the person that associates a sentimental or monetary value to everything present on their desk; this was idea #3 to help you out with desk organization.

4. Do a Wipe Down of your Desk Everyday


You can wipe your desk just before you leave the office. This will let you come to a clean desk every day and make every morning just a bit happier. You can even clean your desk a couple of times a day which will let you have more peace of mind; desk organizer idea #5.

5. You should keep your focus on just one important task a day

A lot of people think that they are the pros of multi-tasking, but the fact of the matter is that they are really not. Thinking that they are the best at multitasking, makes them clutter their desks even more than normal.

This will have to change. A way to de-clutter your desk is to put away all of the unnecessary things that are unrelated to the project, you are currently focusing on.

6. Scan Your Documents

For an organized desk, in the organizational culture, you are constantly bombarded with so much paperwork that is bound to pile up into a mountain in no time. Want to get rid of that pile of paper? Start scanning your documents. Save the files on your computer that will help you have a more searchable and convenient file cabinet.

If you are big on storing the physical paperwork even after making the scanned copies, you must find a file cabinet that is not the top of your desk.

7. Utilize a Two-Tray System for all your Files

If you really are the person that needs their files in the physical form and not any digital alternative, you can use a two-tray system for them. One tray will be used to store files of the projects that have previously been completed and the other tray will be used to store files of the ongoing projects at hand; desk organizer idea #7.

8. Finish Tasks Quickly

This is one of our favorite desk organizer ideas and another obvious solution for your cluttering problem is to get rid of your procrastination problem. If something requires 2 or 15 minutes to complete, just get it done and get rid of the stuff associated with these projects as soon as possible. This will let you have a clean desk and mindset to work on other projects as soon as possible.

9. Go Digital

A major entity in cluttering your desk is the huge amount of Post-Its that cover the entire surface. This is because of the fact that you need a dozen of them per project to write stuff important tasks or any other stuff related to one project and when there are multiple projects at hand, well, you do the math.

To get rid of your yellow problem, you should go digital and get rid of the post-its. You should start using reminder apps and the digital to-do list apps that are littering the smartphone app stores that will help you get rid of the pages and get you one step closer to a serene work environment.

10. Keep a Notebook at Hand

Going digital may not be easy for everyone at a moment’s notice. So, for those people, a handy notebook is the next best option. It will still get rid of the post-its but let you have a physical connection with your words and expressionism because realistically not everything can be bolted down on smartphone apps.

11. Sort Everything by Importance


One of the major work desk organizer ideas is to sort and file everything by the amount of importance you give to that particular entity. This is can be pretty scary because you won’t want to lose anything important to your life or work. But still, you have to get rid of some of the things to make your desk more manageable.

To do this, you need to ask yourself, how often do I really use or need the entity at hand? If the answer is not positive enough, you need to get rid of it and in time you will be happy with your decision.

12. Get a Garbage Can

Desk organization idea number #12: Another important thing to consider is getting a garbage can for your desk. Place it right next to or underneath the desk and make it your best friend. As soon as you are done with a file or anything that is covering valuable desk-space, chuck it into the bin otherwise it will hang around on your desk for generations to come; which is definitely not good if you want an organized desk.

13. Tether your cables

Cluttering isn’t just papers crumpled on your desk or files spread all over, it can also be a giant load of untethered wires that are within eye range. They can cause the person, whose desk it is, to be distracted from their work. Get some zip ties and tether your cables into neat little bundles which will let you hide them comfortably behind the screen or under the table and not be eyesores to be seen every day.

14. Keep all of your Electronic items Hidden Away

Another desk organization idea which we find really helpful is there is really no need for you to have anything electronic on your desk other than your PC. All the other items like routers and modems should really be put on a different surface like on the floor or in a drawer maybe, that will give you a more minimal desk space to work on; in our experience, this desk organizer idea is really important so do give it a try.

15. Throw Away the Stationery You don’t use

Pens and Pencils have their own way of stacking up on your desk and cause mayhem. They need to be taught a lesson and for that, you need to pick your favorite ones or the one that you think is more useful to your work strategy.

16. Create a charging station

Desk organization idea #16: In a more ideal situation, you could effectively change your desk drawer into a powerful charging station where you would charge all of your mobile devices. This will let you get rid of your messy charging station on your desk that is full of all of your devices and their cables spread everywhere.

But if that’s not possible, then you can make a charging station behind your screen that will keep all of that electronic stuff tethered, a little away from eyesight and hopefully out of mind.

17. Segment your Desk

If you really like stuff on your desk and are not a big fan of the desk purge, then you can segment your desk. This will let you have a more organized assembly of all of the stuff according to the criteria you set for yourself. There would be areas dedicated to everything, so you can move around and do everything at its designated place on the desk.

18. Sort Your Paperwork Daily

To keep all of the mountains of paperwork that you process every day sorted, you need to do a once-over of all of it, daily. Go through the whole thing and find out which ones need to be filed, scanned or shredded. This will keep you updated on all of the paperwork and you can take the required action before heading out of the office every day.

19. Put Away your Office Supplies

If you are keeping your office supplies in a desk caddy or just going all out and spread them everywhere, you need to stop. This visual clutter is damaging your performance and to tackle this problem, you need to use a utensil tray or just a special place on your desk for all of your office supplies. This way, it will be easier for you to find everything quickly and also de-clutter your desk.

20. Do a Weekly Cleansing of your Desk

Upon doing all the stuff mentioned in this list, we conclude that you should probably keep a weekly cleaning schedule for your desk too. This will make sure that all of your hard work decluttering your desk or workspace, wasn’t in vain.

This weekly schedule will keep you on top of things and remove everything that somehow managed to slip through the upper mentioned checks and clutter your desk; so now go ahead and try out these practical desk organization ideas.

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