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4 Amazing Tips to Communicating Your Strategic Planning Across the Company

4 Amazing Tips to Communicating Your Strategic Planning Across the Company

The Organizational paradigm or any other paradigm for that matter is run by policies. Policies are what make a company successful because if you are doing everything by winging it, then you are never going to fend off the dangers completely, and they will keep coming back in different shapes and sizes.

Well, it is obvious that policies are essential for a company to function, but what if these policies are created by the company or the people in charge and no one hears about them? Trust me, that happens.

Many companies around the world have reported that when they created some specific policies for the employees to follow, they never heard anything from the employees about that policy because it was never communicated properly to them.

This is why, in this article, we are going to talk about how important strategic planning communication is for the company and its inhabitants, and how you can create or present the policy in such a way that it is easily communicated to the masses.

Importance of Strategic Planning Communication


Almost all of the companies around the world invest a lot of time and energy into developing an effective plan or a vision for their business that is going to make sure that their energy and resources are effectively utilized and nothing goes to waste.

But all of this planning and other efforts simply result in nothing if that policy or the rules that the company has created are not properly communicated to the very people that are supposed to follow them.

One of the worst things to happen due to the miscommunication of the strategic policies of the company is that the initial investment can be wasted.

And if your company’s development team doesn’t know about task prioritization, then you are basically leaving them hanging in the middle with no information about what is important and what is not, and what is the ultimate purpose of their hard work.

This miscommunication is a sure recipe for misalignment among the many different departments and resources across the organization. This misalignment is quite toxic as it causes a lot of confusion and inefficiency among the troops, and also causes disengagement among the resources.

So, to sum it all up, without a well-communicated plan of attack, the company can not function properly and all of its future endeavours are going to be filled with problems.

4 Tips for Presenting Your New Strategic Plans

We know now how important communicating a strategic plan is to the people in the company, but how can we present a strategic plan that is communicated quickly to the concerned people?

1. Explain the “Why”

The first thing that you have to explain to the employees of the company is the need for the strategic policy that you are trying to implement in the business. You need to do this because change isn’t easy and you need to explain why their routine is changing.

What we mean by their routines changing is that the new strategic plans are likely to disrupt the daily processes and approaches of the people towards their work.

For example, let’s say that the plan you are trying to implement includes some updates in the technology that the employees have using in the company.

While some employees see this as a welcome change, others might see this as an obstruction in their work. So, for these employees, you need to present the new strategic plans in such a way that they understand the need and importance of the new policies.

When you do this, you are respecting the employees’ right to know about the changes that are going to come into their daily routines and how their productivity is going to increase while implementing these changes in their work.

If you are having trouble explaining the need for the new policies, focus the conversation on these two topics.

Create Urgency for the Policy

The employee or the resource is going to ask you questions about the policy like why is it changing right now and why is it so urgent that you have to implement it right away.

So, to answer these questions, you need to properly communicate the purpose or the reason behind all of the new plans that you are implementing, and you need to create a sense of urgency as to why you are trying to push the new policies at them at an alarming rate.

When you communicate these changes to them, it will help them understand your need to implement the policies so quickly. It also helps them to adopt the same urgency that you have in your mind regarding the policies, which will help increase their productivity in their daily tasks.

Answer What’s In It For “me”

Many a time in a company, the new strategies or the policies of the upper management seem irrelevant to the people working below them.

This is because they don’t understand the future impact or the long-term impacts of those policies. After all, it doesn’t directly affect their work routines.

So, when you are communicating your new policies to the people working in the company, you need to make sure that they connect the dots between the purpose of the change in policy and the benefits that they are going to experience.

For example, if the new strategic plans or the policies that you are implementing in the company are going to result in a lot of happy customers for your business, you need to explain how that is going to translate into easier customer calls for the employees and how the sales quotas are going to get higher.

2. Hold an All-Hands on Deck Meeting

Whenever you need to communicate anything to the whole company at once, you must make sure that you conduct an all-hands-on-deck meeting that contains every resource at your company’s disposal and let them know about the changes coming to the company.

Of course, not everything can be communicated in a single meeting and you would have to conduct follow-up sessions, but this meeting is to generally inform all of the people about the changes that are going to come to the company, and they should be prepared for them.

This all-hands-on-deck meeting is incredibly useful as it prevents a lot of confusion or misinformation that can otherwise spread about the new policies not being helpful for the employees.

Another benefit of this meeting is that it gives you a unique opportunity to answer all of the questions and feedback that the employees of the company have regarding the new policies being implemented in the company.

So, when you communicate strategic plans to them, make sure that there is ample time left at the end of the meeting so that they can ask you relevant questions about the new policies and provide you with soliciting feedback.

This feedback can help you reshape some of the policies in such a way that the employees are happier and their productivity increases.

3. Reinforce the Strategic Plans in Future Communications


One meeting about those new policies is never going to be enough, as many people around the company might not be able to grasp the enormity of those policies in just one sermon.

You need some follow-up meetings.

These follow-up meetings are crucial for the communication between you and the employees, because many a time in the organizational paradigm, the upper management makes the mistake of creating new policies without communicating them properly to their employees, resulting in the failure of their future endeavors.

4. Clarify Your Presentation with Visuals

The strategic plans that most companies in the organizational paradigm create are quite boring because they only have charts, numbers, and projections.

If you want yours to become more appealing to the employees attending your meeting, you need to add a visual element to your presentation.

This visualization will help support your presentation and easily clarify everything that you are trying to communicate to your employees about the new policies.

Use different visualization elements like flowcharts, project roadmaps, graphs, and organizational models, so that all of the roles, processes, and accountabilities are crystal clear to all of the employees and they can get on board quickly.

One other thing to note is that when you collaborate and communicate visually, it will help your company employees to understand and adopt the new vision of the company more easily and without any hesitation.


These are some of the helpful tips that you can use to communicate your new company policies to your employees in such a way that they understand them easily.

If you think that we missed something and it should be included in the article, do let us know and we will look it over ASAP.

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