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9 Effective Business Marketing Video Intro Maker Strategies


In the last few years, most brands have ramped up their digital marketing initiatives. As a result, the customers are swamped with promotional emails, videos, and pop-ups. This has led people to tune out ads and ignore brand emails. To catch the attention of the viewers, brands need to walk the extra mile and create content that will stand out. For example, using the best intro maker tool is a proactive measure in increasing the chances of your video being watched.

Considering that video is the preferred marketing tool of modern times, such measures are an integral part of your digital journey. With video, brands can make the advertisement more personal and strike a chord with the viewer. A planned approach to video-making helps the target audience feel that the video was created exclusively for them. This helps them feel more connected to the brand, and the business can build on loyalty.

While the benefits of video marketing remain unparalleled, you need to understand that merely creating a video will not be enough. You need to strategize the video so that it supports your marketing goals.

Top tips for business video intro marketing

Understand Your Target Audience

Humans are visual beings, and that is why the retention rate of the video is significantly higher than that of any other medium. To make the most of your videos, you need to first understand your audience. Knowing their age, digital taste, and video viewing habits will help you figure out their expectations.

You can create buyer personas of your ideal audience to understand this better. With this knowledge, you can take a call on the ideal video length, the preferred platform, and other editing needs. When you give your viewers the type of content that they wish to see, you stand a higher chance of getting their attention.

Be a Marketing Video Tester

It is a good practice to test the promotional content on yourself before making it public. Take an impartial approach where you imagine that you do not know about the product. Watch the video and decide if it is poignant enough to convince you to purchase.

Also, try to watch the video after production to see if it expresses the idea as beautifully as it did before the editing. There are situations when overuse of special effects compromises the impact of a marketing video. Reviewing it at this stage will help you avoid such embarrassing moments.

Stress on the Key Points

The attention span of the average internet user is only a few seconds. You cannot afford to waste the crucial first few seconds on filler information. To do justice to your videos, list out the key points of your video. That way, you will figure out the core message of your video.

Use an Intro maker tool such as InVideo to create videos that highlight these key points. The use of high-quality visuals keeps the viewer engrossed, and they will focus better on the key points.

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Be Dramatic in the Video Production

Before you get to the video production, create a storyboard that details your expectations from each scene. Use high-quality images and add transitions to ensure continuity.

With brand colors, text overlays, and subtitles, you can personalize the video. If you have B-roll footages or wide-angle shots, leverage that to create dramatic clips. Realize that human beings love stories, and the more dramatic you are, the better they will listen to you.

Add Music to Your Videos

If you can have a piece of background music to the video, it will be easier for you to set the tone of the video and give context to the viewer. For example, light, soothing music calms the listener and makes them more receptive to your voiceovers. Similarly, the use of dramatic music will help you highlight certain elements of the video and cut down on the viewer drop-offs.

Invest in Talent

When you are operating on a tight budget, it may seem tempting to compromise on talent. Understand that the talent pool of your video will ultimately determine the quality of content.

For example, if your video has a voiceover, try to hire a professional speaker for the job instead of attempting to do it yourself. Having someone who is non-assertive will make the video come off as poorly made, and your viewers will lose interest.

Make the Videos Personal

Most brands create generic promotional videos, and you can win brownie points if you can make your videos personal. For example, as a small business, you can send out personalized season’s greetings videos to your key clients.

While it will take a minute or two to prepare such a video, it will strike a chord with the recipient. Such efforts will lay the foundation of a solid business relationship.

Decide on the Video Outlets

These days most content creators look for ways to cross-promote their content. Before you get to cross-promoting make sure you are clear on the platform that will be the main outlet of the video.

That way, you can plan the content type, video length, aspect ratio, and other features. For example, you will not want to send a 10-minute-long video via email marketing. However, such a video will fit your YouTube marketing strategies.

Bring Something Unique

Most video editing tools allow you to experiment with audio, text transparency, popups, and a host of other editing elements. Chalk out how you wish to utilize this to create a digital brand identity.

While it is acceptable to study the prevailing video trends, your focus should be on bringing something new to every marketing video. We also recommend that you incorporate your brand colors, logo, and tagline in all your marketing videos.

The success of any social media video campaign lies in identifying the right software and understanding its use. With the above tips, you can have a plan in place to have the viewers hooked to the content. As you venture into video marketing, make sure that you keep a tab on the analytics of your video to know where you stand and to plan your journey.

Some More Video Marketing Tools


Motionbox is an online video editing tool that exists to help creators and teams make better videos, faster.

Huge props, Motionbox added animated text, automatic subtitles, trim video, and much more.

It saves time by having high-quality content available at all times.

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