Pareto - The 80:20 Productivity Principle
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Some time ago, a general conversation about the daily productivity led to one of my friends recommending the application of Pareto or popularly known as the 80/20 Principle to life.
My first instinct, like any other person, was to think of it as another fancy productivity enhancing technique, with little to no practical application. But boy was I wrong!
So, here I am! About to share something extremely useful to your life, without asking a lot from you in return.
The introduction of the concept stirred the productivity enthusiast inside me and I decided to dig deeper into what exactly is 80/20 principle?
A little heads up before fully indulging in the concept: 80% of your productivity is derived from 20% of your tasks. That is, you can achieve a lot more in less time if you prioritize your tasks, and change the way you work.
Pareto Principle is a famous theory that aims at improving your general productivity and helps you manage your time better. It does so by simply asking you to focus on the most vital of your tasks and dedicate most of your time to them.
The whole idea has an interesting historical touch to it. It dates back to the 1900s when a famous economist Vilfredo Pareto realized that 80% of Italy's land was owned by just 20% of the population.
He also observed that 80% of the healthy pea pods on his farm came from just 20% of the crop. This realization led to what we know about the Pareto Principle today.
The Principle fits with every industry and is applicable to all walks of life, whether professional or personal. A few examples being, 80% of the company's profits are derived from 20% of the sales.
80% of a sportsman's performance is affected by 20% of the training. The list goes on.
Of course, having too much on your plate can drain you of your good energies and may result in burnouts. To avoid this, it is important to put Pareto to good use and maximize productivity, just like I did or at least I try to.
So, how exactly can you make 80/20 work for you? A small drill and you're good to go.

Sit down and make a list of all of your top priority tasks. The critical 20% of the lot you need to focus on. Try to get them done first for maximum productivity throughout the day.

Safe to say, I’ve been following the technique for some time now and it worked wonders for me. It put the procrastinator inside me to rest, all the while getting even the teensy weensy things done.
Plus, I always end up with some spare time left at the end of the day to watch my favorite series.
In a nutshell, you only need to reassess your priorities and put your energies to where they matter.
Have a great, productive week! 
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