TL: DR – A fantabulous software for robust communication at multiple front ends!

Over the last few days, I decided to do a roundup of the best communication and productivity apps to use in 2021. Needless to say, I zeroed in on and absolutely fell in love with what it had to offer.

Beyond that sleek interface with stunning minimalistic visuals, it’s all about getting things done fast – and that too with, or without multiple people involved in simultaneous processes.

Okay Kewl, Is It Like Slack?

Well, when you put it that way, Slack, or any other communication app within that category, is an entirely different breed. How so? Let’s put it this way, focuses a lot on lean task management that not only helps to get things done fast but effectively offers a proactive clutter-free approach.

Too complex for ya?

Starters are usually met with a slick graphics interface that lines up different options to create, manage and deploy multiple tasks. These tasks are assigned to different people; think of them as necessary components for an internal and external workforce.

To that end, yes, stakeholders (*both internal and external) can be added to group/ individual tasks.

From then on, it’s all about keeping tabs on people responsible for different activities, and ensuring that everyone’s doing their job. That “ensuring” part is completely done via automation.

For instance, is used a lot by people in the hotel management industry. Let’s say, over the weekend, some guests squandered into the bathroom and ended up breaking the tap. <Don’t ask why>, but management is called in and someone is responsible for fixing the leak.

Here’s when communication software comes into play. Main users only have to open a new tab for a task; name it something like ‘Leaky Repairs’ and assign it to John Hancock.

Meanwhile, Hancock gets a heads-up on his cellphone via his copy of the application. He goes in, gets work done, and marks the task as complete.

Sounds simple enough, right?

But wait, there’s plenty more where the above came from.

Read on… Key Features:

  • Instant Chat/ Messaging
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Stunning UI & UX Visuals with a Sleek Interface
  • Clutter-Free Approach via Activity/ News Feed
  • Share Custom Photos for Easy Task Management
  • Multiple File Extensions Support
  • Employee Directory, Appraisal, and Photo Management
  • Screen Sharing (*Introduced In Some of the Recent Updates)
  • Retrieve Transcript/ Chat History
  • Dedicated Discussion Boards

Bear in mind that since this is an employee/ task force collaboration app, most of the features are dedicated to that platform.

To that end, if I were to speak objectively, Groupe.Io devs took employee and employer management to a different level. If you have used Bitrix24 and Miro before, the latter two applications don’t offer a dedicated hub for employee content management.

Neither is the content repository feature there. On the contrary, Groupe.Io not only has some pretty cool content-related features, but they also have many other feature-sets that aren’t being offered by the competitors.

In that sense, Groupe.Io has taken a very sound approach to offering micro-niche solutions that are often overlooked by many other applications in the market.

That being said, Bitirix24 and Miro are not poor examples of work and productivity solutions. It’s just that these applications have a broad spectrum approach to multiple issues that are often not covered in their entirety.

Detailed Insight On Some of the Best Groupe.Io Features: