What is a sprint planning meeting?

Planning sprint is one of SCRUM’s five events that previously used to be described as ceremonies.

The start of the planning sprint marks the beginning of the sprint and the purpose of sprint planning is “to perform with an aim of doing things quickly and effeciently”. Sprints are like short bursts of speed in an SDLC and non SDLC environment, where sometimes, an MVP needs to be pushed out as soon as possible.

“This plan is created by the collaborative effort of the entire SCRUM team at Productivity Land!”

Few of the key inputs to a typical Sprint meeting are the product backlog, the latest product increment, the project capacity of the development team during the sprint, and the past performance of the development team.

A product backlog in scrum comes with a certain amount of assumptions. The assumptions include: the items are ordered, prioritized and at least estimated.

Long story short, the Scrum Master calls the meeting and the development team and product owner are part of the meeting.

In an ideal scenario, the development team collects high priority items from the product backlog. It’s important to know that they may or may not select the items which are at top of the item list.

Part of the art of scrum is selecting items that are coherent; the kind of items that make sense if they are developed together. So far it looks like this planning sprint meeting is boring for the product owner… The reality is quite the opposite of boring.

One of the Main Issues of Sprint Retrospective Meetings:

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The main issue with Spring Meetings is any number of people not showing up! Yeah, this happens a lot. When you are dealing with a handful of team memebers, they are all not very punctual at times. Some memebers show up early, others show up late.

As a result, the late memebers ask the project manager to highlight the minutes of the meeting. This hectic activity results in wasting more time, instead of resulting in productivity. These issues are common. Given that Sprint Meetings span over 15 minutes, tops, it becomes a hassle to keep everyone