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How to Write an Email Which Would Get You a Response?


The world is a busy place. Everyone around us is busy and overloaded with different things they have to accomplish daily.

When there is such a continuous partial attention shift among the masses, we can’t concentrate on anything like on that email we received, or on those posts on social media, or something we saw on the internet.

So, when we take everything into account in this commotion, the email you sent to anyone might not be as important to them as it is to you. According to stats, your email will be read on a phone and you know how the emails are corralled in those email applications.

We get so many emails daily that we have developed our own screening system in our minds and onto our phones. For example, we skim through all of the irrelevant ones and only open those with the utmost importance to us.

That means that when you email someone, it has to be compelling enough that when the receiver takes a glance at it, they’re hooked and they read everything you say in that email. We’re not going to lie and say that it is easy, but don’t worry we have you covered on that front.

In this article, we will teach you some effective techniques to compose the most concise and actionable emails that will strongly demand a response from the readers when they take a single look at them. Let’s begin.

1. Start with the ask

Without being needy or pushy, it’s important that you put your ask at the very start of your email. If it’s possible, you need to put it in the first sentence or so. The goal is to get the recipient interested in the action that is being requested immediately.

If you put a whole other story about something irrelevant to your pitch before these important points then you might never expect any response ever. Why? Because the world is an impatient reader and it needs to be hooked at the first glance of your message otherwise it’ll all be in vain.

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2. Establish your credibility


Most of the readers, when they get your email think, “Why should I care with anything this person has to say?”. And that’s pretty sensible too because why would someone trust that they have known for only a few seconds.

This is why establishing your credibility is crucial when it comes to writing your email and getting it accepted. You need to make sure that the reader knows who you are, what is your objective, and why they should pay attention to everything you say in your email.

For example, if you’re contacting a brand to sponsor you, you need to get them hooked on your stuff by sharing all of your data points and fan following so that they would know what they’re dealing with and why they need to invest in you.

3. Remove any obstacles in your way

Most of the time we see that people while composing emails, tend to leave things in a puzzle and not clarify what they want to do.

For example, you get an email from someone saying that they have admired your work for quite a while now and would like to talk to you about it.

The problem with this request is that they didn’t specify the medium or the venue they would want you both to come to in order to have a conversation. That’s the puzzling part and you need to remove these types of obstacles from your way and be very precise in your email.

4. If you have a question, propose a solution to it too

Email as a medium is not a good venue for debate. You can’t go back and forth on it quite as well as you do so on let’s say a phone call. So, you should always refrain from asking simple questions like what do you think about this or that.

No, you need to propose a solution or multiple solutions to that problem yourself. This will help the reader choose from the solutions you proposed or come up with something themselves when they see how much time and effort you have invested in the email.

5. Keep it Flowing

One thing that you always need to keep in mind is that an email is not an essay and you don’t have to just load tons and tons of information in it that will frustrate the reader.

Instead, you need to use numbers, bullets, and other practices like bolding the important text which you need the reader to focus on. This will help them skim through the whole email and get the idea you wanted them to understand. If you can get email tracking in place, that will be a bonus.

6. Give the readers a deadline

Your work is as important as the reader and you need to make sure that they know it. When you know that your email is urgent and you want the work done within a certain amount of time, then you need to set a deadline for your reader.

It would surprise you to know that all the busy people in the world love deadlines. Why? Because deadlines enable them to prioritize everything and get things done easily.

The language of this deadline varies from recipient to recipient.

  • If you’re emailing a close colleague then you can keep the language of the deadline quite casual and straightforward
  • If you’re extending an invitation to a stranger then you need to keep the language polite and share a follow-up timeline that they have the option to adhere to.

7. Preview and edit all of the messages on your phone

As we said earlier, most of the emails nowadays are opened on phones and you need to make sure that your emails look perfect on phones more so than on computers. Why? Because text and animation look different on phones and computers, and you need to make sure they look good on both.

That’s why you need to preview everything you’re sending, on a phone and if it doesn’t look good, ruthlessly edit it and make sure it’s perfect. Other than the aforementioned details, have you tried anything else with your emails? If so, then we’d love to hear from you through the comments section below.

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