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6 Tools to Maximize Productivity In HR Department

HR technologies are the nerve center of your HR department’s performance. Gartner estimates that 30% of mid-sized and large companies will use SaaS HR systems by the end of 2022.

Here are several tech solutions that will help your HR team automate repetitive processes, effectively address pain points, and focus on more challenging tasks.

1. Nextiva: Internal Communications

With the right internal communications tools, HR managers can now access a wider talent pool and attract international talent. However, acquiring, onboarding, and managing a remote team can be a tedious task.

Poor team collaboration, different time zones, distractions at home, the lack of workplace transparency, and inadequate employee feedback are just some of the numerous problems your HR department may face.

One of the most effective ways to boost productivity in the workplace is to equip them with the right team collaboration toolkit. The goal is to find an effective employee collaboration suite that will allow your staff to communicate effectively, irrespective of their location.

To connect their phone system with other employee collaboration tools and HR systems, many companies choose to switch from analog phone systems to their VoIP alternatives. Voice over Internet Protocol tools are delivered over the internet.

Nextiva is one of the top-rated VoIP solutions. It offers a team collaboration suite that allows your HR department to chat and share screens with employees in real-time, schedule online meetings, and host video conferences.

Most importantly, the Nextiva employee collaboration suite comes with a user-friendly mobile app. That way, it helps your HR department harmonize your in-house and remote teams and organize various team-building activities.

2. Bonusly: Employee Recognition

According to Gallup, 67% of employees are either not engaged or they are actively disengaged. Disengagement affects employees’ satisfaction, performance, and loyalty. Unsurprisingly, it often results in higher employee turnover.

One of the most effective ways to engage and retain employees is to reward them. Studies say that 84% of highly engaged workers were incentivized when they performed exceptionally.

Sure, the traditional “employee of the month” titles or monetary rewards are not enough to engage employees. That is where employee rewards and recognition software, like Bonusly, steps in.

Bonusly is a cloud platform for rewarding, celebrating, and retaining employees. It provides your HR team with a comprehensive view of employee performance. Bonusly offers more than 175 employee rewards options and integrates with a wide array of HR and team collaboration tools, such as BambooHR, Zapier, Zenefits, and Slack.

With Bonusly, peers can recognize each other, while managers can create direct reports for each staff member. The app’s social features, such as its public newsfeed, will motivate employees and make the recognition process more engaging and interactive.

3. BambooHR: People Management

HR management software helps your HR department stay on top of diverse activities, from payroll and performance management to candidate screening. By letting the HR management tool take care of all the tedious and repetitive work, your HR team will be able to focus on more complex aspects of your job.

BambooHR is one of the highest-rated people management tools. It provides an impressive range of intuitive HR management features.

Apart from easy task management, BambooHR lets you create a company’s central repository of employee data, such as their project history, salary history, current work status, job titles, responsibilities, location, emergency contacts, benefits, training programs, etc.

The directory lets your HR team create and view employee profiles, including their names, photos, dates of hire, and job titles.

What sets BambooHR apart from competitors is that it uses role-based access protocols. That way, you can establish custom user groups and make sure employee data is shared with authorized team members only.

It also understands the uniqueness of each organization. While you have access to a wide range of reporting templates, you can customize them using your previous data to make them more relevant for your team.

Alternatively, BambooHR offers a range of HR management features, such as:

  • Applicant tracking
  • Benefits administration
  • Time-off requests, approval, and tracking
  • Performance management
  • Employee satisfaction monitoring with eNPS
  • Training tracking
  • workflows and approvals
  • Staff calendar
  • Reminders
  • Electronic signatures

4. JobVite: Talent Acquisition

Acquiring and recruiting top talent can be daunting. It requires lots of manual work, such as designing job ads, sorting candidates’ applications, and reviewing candidate information. Fortunately, with the rise of cloud-based talent acquisition and recruiting software, you do not need to perform these activities manually anymore.

JobVite is an employee-centered and talent acquisition-focused tool that simplified the talent acquisition process.

First, it provides numerous marketing capabilities, such as recruitment branding or a fully optimized career website.

Second, you can add screening questions to your application form to learn more about candidates and weed out unqualified ones.

Third, JobVite offers social recruiting features. It integrates with LinkedIn and automatically searches for candidates there. It immediately pulls a candidate’s LinkedIn profile into your ATS system and lets you identify top talent.

Finally, JobVite integrates with a wide range of social networks, job board aggregators, candidate sourcing tools, eSignature software, onboarding software, etc. Many big enterprises, including Hulu and Schneider Electric, use JobVite to increase the effectiveness of the talent acquisition process.

5. factoHR: Payroll Management


Managing payroll is a tedious task, and it also consumes a lot of time. Calculating staff attendance and evaluating their performances is necessary before calculating salaries. And the organization must ensure that every pay aligns with the compliance laws.

A payroll management software can assist HR managers in handling all these activities, and it increases the accuracy of the salary calculation, thus increasing productivity.

factoHR is a prominent cloud software among businesses to manage payroll and compliance. It helps to calculate the total work hours of employees and links the performance metrics with the salaries. HR managers can rely on the software as it automates repetitive tasks and frees payroll executives so that they can focus on other essential tasks.

Payroll and salary calculations can be customized anytime, so managers can define earning and deduction rules to configure the calculation formula as per the need,

Additionally, factoHR offers a wide range of features to manage payroll:

  • Auto arrear calculation
  • Statutory compliance
  • Performance-linked salary calculations
  • Payroll records
  • Employee advance & loan management
  • Salary slip generation

6. ADP: HR Compliance Management

In the business ecosystem, regulations go through frequent updates, changing the way HR departments store and use employee data. An HR compliance management tool helps you minimize the regulatory burden, maintain ethical business operations, and avoid massive penalties.

ADP SmartCompliance is one of the top-rated software solutions in this category. It combines technology and service to meet your HR team’s compliance needs. The tool is organized into modules. Each module can be purchased separately, which makes ADP SmartCompliance easily customizable and scalable.

This HCM tool offers a wide range of features. For example, it helps your HR team manage the employment tax filing process, administer wage garnishments, manage unemployment claims, and use credentialed verifiers to access sensitive data.

Ready to Boost your HR Team’s Productivity?

Initially, HR software was a high-investment initiative for big-budget companies. Today, things have changed.

With the rise of SaaS, advanced HR technologies are now available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

You can now use a wide range of cloud-based HR tools and scale up at your own pace. Above all, you can easily integrate your HR tools to streamline repetitive processes to save time and gain a 360-degree view of your employees.

Which tools do you think are essential for your HR department? We are listening!

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