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Italian Investor Visa Hacks For Success-Savvy Entrepreneurs


Success-savvy entrepreneurs think outside the box, which makes them different from the rest. Moreover, they never have qualms about stepping out of their comfort zone, even if it means establishing a business in another part of the world. But even as they take risks, they are wise when it comes to choosing the right business destination. Italy is among the best countries for global startups as it has easy regulations, favorable tax structures, and lucrative markets.

The best part is that you can rely on the investor visa route to make Italian immigration a breeze. According to Bersani Law Firm specialists, it is a low-risk option for aspiring entrepreneurs. You can get in within months and establish your dream venture sooner than later. Let us share some investor visa hacks for taking your global venture a step closer to success.

Be savvy with your funding option

Choosing the right funding option is the best place to start for smart business owners. Although the investor visa route is primarily for the elite, the Italian version is relatively cost-effective. The process has multiple funding alternatives, with €250,000 being the minimum, to begin with. You can go bigger with other options that run in millions, but everything boils down to your budget.

Get a head start with documentation

Although the Italian investor visa is one of the easiest, you still require documentation for the process. Bank statements are the cornerstone of the process because they serve as proof of funds. You need not bring the money first, but these statements validate your capacity to invest. Ensure getting the document ready before applying for the nulla osta so that you can get it easily.

Bring your funds right away

The good thing about the Italian investor visa is that you need not spend anything on investment until the investor visa process is complete. But you must have your funds ready on landing with it because you will require them within three months of getting your residence permit. Not depositing the money within the period can lead to the revocation of your visa and residence permit.

Prioritize family immigration

Setting up a business overseas is about starting a new life with your family, so you must plan to bring your loved ones. Italy is a great country for families as they have access to quality education, excellent healthcare, and an easy lifestyle. The best part is that you do not have to bring extra funds with the investor visa route. Proving your financial capacity to support them is good enough.

Think long-term

As a success-savvy entrepreneur, you will surely have a long-term vision for your enterprise. The Italian investor visa supports the goal, provided you are ready to invest for the long haul. A stay of a decade in the country opens the naturalization option. But you must stick with the initial investment and get timely renewals for your residence permit. Meanwhile, take the opportunity to expand your business across the EU.

The simple investor visa hacks set you up for success as an entrepreneur. Most importantly, collaborate with an expert who can help you streamline your immigration journey from start to end.

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