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What are the key features of React?


Every developer has heard about such a platform as React. This is a very famous library that is actively used all over the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at its features and find out what the secret of its popularity is.

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that was launched in 2013 and has taken an important place for web designers and developers.

This library, also known as React.js or ReactJS, offers efficient solutions for building Single Page Web Applications (SPAs). With this tool, we can create Miscellaneous components through virtual DOM controls. If you have problems with development, then there is always the opportunity to contact the react software development company.

Another feature is that React is an efficient solution for managing application UIs, as it resolves the presentation of components with great speed. At its core, this library is based on declarative mode, which makes code easier to read and debug.

It is always important to be updated, and during a crisis, it is simply necessary. Those people who are looking for new job opportunities, or developers who want to learn new technologies to have better job opportunities, have probably read and heard about React.

Top Benefits of React

  • Options: One of the factors that make React very attractive is its versatility, as we can find it as a tool for front-end web development (ReactJS), as well as the ability to work together with other back-end products (for example, with Next.js or Gatsby .js among other alternatives). Also worth noting is the mobile development-focused option known as React Native, which allows you to create apps for iOS and Android.
  • Reactive programming. This trend in the programming world is based on asynchronous data flow. It has gained wide acceptance lately and many libraries and frameworks use this concept.
  • It is component-based: the ability to create components in React is one of the keys that allow for better scalability in the applications you develop. With this library, you can create both very simple components and more complex structures. Everything will depend on our knowledge and the requirements of the project.
  • It has a large community: on social networks and the Internet in general, this platform is more popular and discussed than ever. It is used by a large number of developers around the planet, which means that we find a good amount of documentation, examples, and tutorials. It is also worth noting that this library is used in the development of important websites such as Facebook and Instagram, among others.
  • Evolution and renewal: If we plan to enter the world of React, it is important to remember that this is not a product that stands still. And that’s one of the features that keep this library alive, it has frequent updates that fix and improve the product. This also means that developers need to be up to date with all the news.

When developing with simpler libraries like jQuery or “Vanilla Javascript” itself, we use an imperative programming style. In this style, scripts are made that, step by step, should tell what actions or changes need to be made in the DOM. You should be very concise in these steps, detailing each of the changes you want to make. The imperative way of declaring causes us to write a lot of code because every little change has to be defined in the script, and when the change can be called from many places when we add events, the code becomes unsupported.


However, the React style is more declarative, where we have the state of the application, and its components react when that state changes. Components have a given functionality, and when one of their properties changes, they make a change. In our application code, we will have this component, and it will be declared where the data it needs to perform its behavior comes from. We can use it as many times as we want by declaring that we want to use it and also declaring the data it needs to work.

For example, if you want to make a learning project, then React is perfect for this. The only thing you still need is an e-learning software development company that will turn all your ideas into reality.

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