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You might have pondered when you first saw a few of your Instagram followers upload a photo or video on their Instagram story with a filter on it. From that day to today, a lot of things have changed. 

Now, you are storing all of the cool effects you discover online to share on your stories or DM to your pals. Do you want to know some more funny Instagram filters?

If you are looking for some funny Instagram filters or photo manipulation online, we will help you. We have listed the top 12 funny Instagram filters for you. So, try them now and have a fun moment with your friends!

1. CHROMADYNAMICA By Felipe Patone

Felipe Pantone is an artist recognized for his frescoes inspired by the 1980s and 1990s. However, many have recently become fans of his stunning AR effects on Instagram Stories, which combine street art, neon hues, and geometrical distortion.

CHROMADYNAMICA is a quirky filter that uses multicolored squares to blur your face and a section of the background. 

It is indeed an Instagram filter for having a little fun with your followers in a mysterious tone while concealing your face.

2. Neon II By Nahir Esper

In the realm of AR filters, Argentinian photographer and artist Nahir Esper is a well-known player. She knows how to popularize a filter. It’s what she has done on Instagram well with the Neon II filter.

You could put a Neon sign inside your frame and have it glow on your face with the Neon II filter, much like a real nightclub sign would. 

So, you may reproduce that atmosphere at home. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on late-night concerts with your friends.

3. Groovy, Baby By COVL

COVL (Craft, Onward, Versatility, and Lifestyle) designer D’ana Nunez produced the bold and playful “Groovy, baby” filter, which pays homage to the psychedelic look of the 1970s inspired by her visit to Palm Springs. 

So if you are quirky and love to try new things, this filter is for you. You will witness vibrant neon yellow flowers around your eyes and above your head. 

Therefore, try it today and share it with your friends and let the world see your unusual yet hilarious side.

4. Guess The Gibberish

If you use Instagram frequently, you’ve probably seen stories from your friends where they’re playing the ‘Guess the Gibberish’ challenge. 

The filter got so famous even your favorite celebrities tried it. It’s a filter that you’ll never be bored of. 

Guess the Instagram Gibberish filter is an AR effect filter that presents a random text written in a bubble and placed over your forehead with a 10-second timer beneath it. 

Before the time runs out, you must figure out the phrase correctly. The card also automatically shows the correct sentence after the countdown has elapsed.

5. Space Face By Filt.ar

space face

Tristan from Filt.ar is worth following since he develops stunning face filters that sit flawlessly across facial contours, which is no small task when producing an AR experience.

First, the space design filter offers a bright and simple style. Second, the strokes are rounded and do not cover the entire face if you do not like using such filters.

Finally, this Instagram filter also has a skin-smoothing function that helps to merge the colorful space design better around the eyes.  

6. Find Out Your Genetic Heritage Filter

Lewis Craig’s Genetic Scanner filter is one of the most popular Instagram filters, and it’s still trendy in 2022.

The camera filter scans your face as if it were evaluating and comparing your traits to a database, only to change you into something comically incomprehensible animal. Wasp, bird, Dog, Sloth, Mole, Blobfish, Llama, Rat, Crab, and many more alternatives are available in this filter.

It even indicates the percentage of resemblance with the particular animal in the filter, which is hysterical. So, try this funny filter to see what your genetic heritage is.

7. Avocado Filter By Anne Travel Foodie

Avocados have been transformed into a filter for those who adore them. People can use the avocado filter designed by the Instagram account @anna_travel_foodie.

You can now snap a selfie with avocados all around you or even a video with avocados floating about your face. 

You can immediately post your image with the avocados on social media or store it on your phone to use later.

8. “Which Disney Are You?” By Arno Partissimo

Instagram user Arno Partissimo created this filter that asks, “Which Disney are you?” before assigning the Disney character you most closely resemble. 

When an Instagram user utilize the filter on a selfie video, plenty of Disney characters, including Olaf from “Frozen,” Cinderella, Captain Hook, and Simba, rush by in an oval above their heads. 

Finally, they stop at one Disney character’s face. It is the character you are assigned. However, the results appear more arbitrary than rational. So, do not get disappointed if you do not get the one you wanted. 

9. What Pokemon Are You?

Pokemon, like Disney, is a cartoon that most of us grew up watching. We hope you remember this nostalgic cartoon from our childhood. 

Remember how these cute and powerful Pokemons fought each other so that their trainer could take a step closer to their ambition of being a Pokemon master.

The new filter is comparable to the Which Disney filter in terms of functionality. It places a frame around your head with a Pokemon image. 

Again, this filter chooses a Pokemon at random, but it’s always interesting to see what you are assigned. 

10. Magnified Eyes Filter

The Magnified Eyes Reel filter, which is still trending on Instagram, doesn’t need explaining.

It’s a cute filter with two enlarging circles in the middle with the Baby Kaely-EW song playing in the background. 

You should definitely give this fun-loving filter a try and share it on your Instagram reels.

11. Floppy Nose Filter By Lewis Craig

Apart from the Genetic Scanner filter, another funny filter by Lewis Craig features in our list. It is one of the funny facial deformation filters that you can try and make your friends laugh. 

When you search “Floppy Nose” on the Instagram story filter search, you will find this filter. 

Apply it to your videos and photos. It will make your nose long, flexible, and hanging like the Pinnochio in our childhood stories.

12. Unstable By Oleg Pashkovsky

Oleg Pashkovsky created a unique and hysterical filter Unstable for Instagram users to try. 

The filter is notable for twisting your nose and eyes in all dimensions. You will get a few chuckles or laughing responses when you save and utilize this effect.


What is the most appealing aspect of Instagram filters? So many of these straight-up amusing story filters are created continuously. 

Use those filters to gain more engagement on your content, be it a post, reel, story, or ad. If you need an extra boost on a particular post or in general, you have the option to buy Instagram followers from reputable third-party platforms.

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As time goes by, you must have seen the use of filters has increased. It allows Instagram users and admirers to create and submit wild themes for you to use. To achieve that, more and more brands turn to organic Instagram growth services that don’t use bots or fake users to increase their brands’ growth rate.

Additionally, Instagram allows you to create your filters. You can make your artistic filter and post it on your profile. It will give your followers to try out another interesting new filter.

So keep trying out these popular Instagram filters. Your followers are looking at you for a fun element in their life. 

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