Is Print Marketing Still Important? 

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In an age of unprecedented digital communication, it’s easy to suppose that we’ve moved beyond ink and paper. If we want to get a message across, then it’s surely more efficient to express it through zeros and ones. After all, aren’t people now spending more than four hours a day, on average, on their phones? 

In defiance of this expectation, print marketing is still with us. It’s worth taking a moment to think about why this is the case. What advantages does print marketing still offer, even in 2023? 

Improves Trust in Customers 

Printed text can be absorbed more quickly and easily. It tends to also confer feelings of warmth in the person reading them. After all, this is a physical thing that has been generated in the real world and delivered to you – perhaps even by other real people. Whatever we might understand about digital technology, we know instinctively that it inhabits a different world from ours. So there might perhaps always be a level of unfamiliarity with it. 

Boosts Your Brand Visibility 

If your printed logo is out in the real world, then it stands a greater chance of being seen and internalized. For example, you might install a banner on a busy junction, which you know everyone will see. 

This kind of marketing is there for everyone to see, rather than just a handful of people who’ve been algorithmically selected. This means that it can help to bolster your public image, rather than just a very distributed, but still very private, one. 

It’s cost-effective 

Often, you can do a surprising amount with just a little bit of spend on physical marketing materials. You might have a stack of restaurant menus or printed booklets, for example, and post them through every single door on an estate. If the reach of your business is localized, this might be an excellent complement – if not a replacement – for your digital marketing methods. 

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When we consume printed media, we tend to be in a different state of mind than we are when consuming digital media. Consequently, we tend to be better at recalling information we’re presented with. This is obviously hugely beneficial as far as marketing is concerned. 

Whilst it’s easy to judge the quantity of attention a given message is receiving, it’s harder to measure the quality of that attention. There is good reason to suppose, here, that print has a significant advantage! 

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