What Analytics Tools Can Help Your Business Flourish? 

There are many things which can help your business to flourish, but when it comes to your marketing efforts, few are as effective as marketing analytics tools. 

With the right software in your business, you will unlock limitless potential for your marketing – but what is the ‘right’ software? 

Let us take you through one particular analytics tool — call tracking — and show how it will improve your business in a variety of ways. 

How does call tracking software work? 

Call tracking is expert software that allows you to track all your customer calls with precision, and receive detailed insights into your marketing performance. 

With each customer call, you’ll be able to trace the specific journey of each visitor using dynamic phone numbers. This reveals the specific touchpoints visited before, during, and after a customer called. 

What features does call tracking have? 

Call tracking will provide a wide range of features aimed at improving various areas of your marketing. This can depend on the specific platform, but for the most advanced features we recommend an expert provider – such as Mediahawk’s marketing analytics tools, for example. 

Such features include: 

  • Customer behaviour analytics 

You can track the entire customer journey to see how each area of your marketing is affecting customer behaviour. For instance, you might find certain channels are generating more calls, such as the majority of your leads and sales coming from your Facebook page. 

  • Campaign insights 

The software offers extensive insights into your campaigns’ performance, showing you things such as the number of leads being generated, the ratio of visitors to callers, and the average time to conversion. 

  • Speech analytics 

This feature allows you to transcribe every customer call, as well as identify any keywords or phrases mentioned in the conversation – such as those related to prices, purchasing, or product usage. 

  • Marketing automation 

You can receive automated insights from the software, all of which can be accessed and organised on one central platform. This includes things such as a campaign analysis, call logs, keyword identification for your paid ad searches, and more. 

What can call tracking improve in your business? 

Using the intricate features of call tracking, you’ll enhance your business in a range of ways, such as: 

  • Optimising campaign conversions 

The software will highlight the campaigns which are generating the most calls for your business. You can review these activities to find out what aspects make them more engaging to customers. Once discovered, you can then apply these findings to your new campaigns to boost conversions across each channel. 

  • Uncovering customer needs 

Using things like speech analytics, you will easily keep up to date with customer needs and trends. For example, you can identify common queries in your calls, revealing things your customers need from your business. As a result, you will address these needs in your campaigns to solidify your customer relationships. 

  • Managing leads effectively 

Call tracking will accurately monitor each customer journey, helping you find out where your most valuable leads are coming from. This could be the shortest sales cycles or even customers who show interest over the phone. You’ll then direct more resources towards these areas producing the most profitable leads to maintain and increase them. 


With expert software like call tracking in your business, there’s no telling how far you can take your marketing or how much you could benefit from the software’s advanced features. Why not implement the software now, so you can find out for yourself? 

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