Call tracking – How can it boost your business?


If you’re looking to boost your business, one of the best places to start is with your marketing.

By incorporating call tracking software, you’ll have the right tools in your arsenal to help take your marketing to the next level.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what call tracking is, how it works, and how you can benefit from it.

Read on to find out more.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a useful software that gives you an easy and efficient way of tracking your customer calls, as well as accessing crucial data on each interaction.

On top of this, it gives you a range of extensive insights on customer engagement throughout your business, to help reveal how well your marketing is performing.

By incorporating the right software – such as call tracking with Mediahawk – you’ll possess the most effective tool to help you analyze your customer engagement, and elevate your leads and sales.

How does call tracking work?

To give you a full overview of customer calls, both incoming and outgoing, your software will provide information such as:

  • Caller’s area codes
  • Caller’s phone numbers
  • The length of time the phone rings
  • The call abandonment rate

Also, you’ll be able to use the detailed metrics from the software to gain an understanding of how customers are engaging with your marketing efforts.

You’ll identify things such as:

  • Sources that drive customer calls – Using dynamic phone numbers, you’ll know which marketing source a customer decided to call you from.
  • Pay-per-click ad performance – You’ll be able to see all the call conversions from your PPC ads, and identify which are performing well at engaging customers.
  • The effectiveness of your landing page – By tracking the sources that deliver calls, you’ll know how many callers are coming from your landing page, and therefore, how effective it is.

How can call tracking boost your business?

There are many reasons why call tracking is the perfect solution for a more successful business. This includes:

1. Increased visibility for customer interaction

By using the detailed insights and reports from the software, you can create journey maps for each customer.

As a result, you’ll have full visibility over interaction across each area of your marketing. At every touchpoint, you’ll know how many visits were made, and the number of leads and sales being generated from these activities.

The more visibility you have over your marketing performance, the clearer your strategies will be for improvement.

2. More engaging marketing efforts

You can also use your software to significantly enhance engagement across your marketing efforts.

By identifying the number of leads and sales generated from each touchpoint, you can analyze the different aspects of your most successful activities.

Therefore, you’ll know how to approach your new strategies and campaigns, to give them the highest interaction from customers. This could be a certain style of written content, for example.

By replicating these elements in each activity, they’ll share the same success in generating high numbers of leads and sales.

3. Greater return on investment

Call tracking will also help you achieve a greater return on investment (ROI) from your marketing.

Once you’ve established your most and least successful activities, you can then ensure your budget is directed primarily at developing your most profitable efforts. And reduced towards those areas which are underperforming.

This will result in your marketing investments paying off with increased leads and sales – and thus, an optimal return on investment.

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