What is Middle Office Outsourcing?

Middle Office Outsourcing

In the evolving market cycle, asset managers are constantly under pressure to increase the margins of the investments for their clients. Coupled with high competition and regulatory changes, most of them must re-examine their business processes and include middle office outsourcing, especially for non-core activities. So, what is middle office outsourcing and how does it benefit a company? Read on to find out!

Defining Middle Office Outsourcing

Middle office outsourcing refers to the process of delegating non-investment decision-making functions to third-party service providers. These functions may include trade settlement support, client reporting, data aggregation, investment accounting (IBOR), and performance measurement among others. As the name suggests, the middle office is meant to support the front office and back office, thus a very vital element in any financial institution.

Delegating all these functions ensures that asset managers and other involved stakeholders can focus on the most important elements of the business without worrying about the non-core functions. With a professional middle office outsourcing provider, you can be sure that all your operations run smoothly as they employ modern technology and solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency.

The Benefits of Middle Office Outsourcing

With the understanding of the importance of middle office outsourcing, you might wonder why companies choose to outsource. Here are a few reasons why!

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing middle office operations gives asset managers a chance to minimise their operational costs. This is because they will not need to spend on infrastructure, overhead costs, human resources, and technology that might be needed by an in-house team.

Access to Expertise

Getting specialised expertise is a huge win for any financial institution. When a company outsources middle office operations, it gets access to a range of expertise that its in-house professionals may not have. It may include elements such as risk management, complex classes, as well as data analytics. This gives the asset management firm a competitive edge.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Everything comes down to improved operational efficiency. With a whole team of specialised experts ready to assist you with the middle office functions, your asset management firm has enough time and resources to focus on its core business. There is no worry about aspects such as data analytics, operational consistency and other complex tasks.


As you can see, middle office outsourcing plays a vital role in successful asset management. It ensures that you can focus on core competencies and maximise your returns while remaining agile in the industry. Get the right middle office outsourcing solution and scale up your business.

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