ShortForm Review Recap: Is It Still Worth Hanging On To a Book Summary App?


What’s not to love about book summary apps that provide knowledge – simply and concisely?

Well, if you put it that way, there are a bunch of things.

For starters, not all book summaries or reading apps are alike. We’ve dabbled in plenty of them, and it’s safe to say that the overall experience was a triad of negative and positive feedback.

It’s sort of like a tough love situation when it comes to finding the best book summary app in the market. While there might be plenty of features to go with it, something peculiar, such as a high price point, puts you on the back foot.

Fortunately, that’s where ShortForm comes in. It’s a book summary app for people who want to get the gist of a book that they’re not willing to invest in completely. This post is the continued iteration of our experiences with the ShortForm book summary app and why it’s one of the best platforms from the get-go.

ShortForm Book Summary App In General – Is It Worth It?

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Book summary apps are more like spark notes of non-fiction literature.

They deliver knowledge and key highlights of any book in either broad strokes or in a condensed form. After our brief experience with many book summary applications, we’d say it’s safe to go the latter way. Condensed knowledge is the best form of knowledge in the ever-growing modern-day world.

For ShortForm, we’d say that a bunch of key aspects made us fall in love with the application.

ShortForm Cuts Through The Fluff

You got that right.

The first and only objective of a book summary tool is based on summarizing a full-length book. These days, as much as people love the idea of gorging through thick non-fictional accounts of someone’s tips on increasing productivity – frankly speaking, no one has the time to go through the anxiety of a long paper trail. We’re talking about hours spent in chapter, after chapter of a book that you might not remember a few months from now.

On that account, ShortForm has the audacity to cut through the fluff and deliver key points of non-fictional books. You can read the book, in a way, that doesn’t force you to go through the minor details. The entire experience is much more like having the effect of reading a full-length page-turner, minus the nitty gritty that spans multiple passages.

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It’s Reading On-The-Go

ShortForm shines best when it comes to reading on the go.

Imagine a long train ride, or the wait time period outside a doctor’s office. That’s where you decide to put those 30 minutes or an hour to good use by reading a book. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through multiple chapters in a haphazard fashion, you want the fine details.

Luckily, for book enthusiasts, knowledge can be absorbed through Shortform without compromising on the book’s ability to deliver on the key aspects of the subject matter.

Especially when you are crammed back to back with hot sweaty commuters, that’s where there’s always a space issue with pulling out a physical book. It’s times like these when a book summary app can render help, without you worrying about anything else.

Second Hand Info Vs First Hand Info?

With many book summary applications, knowledge is more like second-hand information. You are depending on learning from the app’s algorithmic ability to interpret the key ideas of the book. Unfortunately, this is one area where many online and offline book summary apps fail to shine.

In apps like ShortForm, the summarise is pretty adept at deciding on the important information, while keeping the chitter chatter of unimportant clutter at bay. Readers, reportedly, don’t run the risk of missing out on crucial ideas that’d have been missed otherwise when reading the physical version of the book.

In a nutshell, we’d say that ShortForm believes that there is too much white noise and information in the literature world, where people are hard-pressed for time. This app takes vital information from books, and converts them into precisely written summaries for you to “read” or “Listen to.” The more you understand and the more you remember is better than hanging on to an entire book in hopes of achieving the same. The choice is yours. Period.

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Yes, But How Does It Improve Productivity & Learning?

Was it Newton who said that if you have an idea, and I have an idea, it’s two ideas? Hence leading to greater goods and improved chances of learning and exploring…

We don’t know. But we do remember the idea-sharing part.

The principles always come first with ShortForm – and that too, through the app’s esteemed community. The people behind ShortForm believe that when you are learning with others, everyone gets to share their valuable insights. As a result, sharing knowledge and information leads to a faster learning experience.

Since learning itself is an art and more of an archaic form of passive productivity skills, you can gain a lot from ShortForm community members. Users can learn and interact together by bringing a diversified experience from a different world where people have variable feedback on the same book.

Instead of mindlessly going through books on the summary app, we recommend sticking with action-oriented applications. Whether you choose to go with ShortForm or any other book summary app, the choice is yours. Rest assured, in ShortForm’s case, it’s money well spent on an application backed up by a massive community and a sheer volume of some of the best books that are not that easy to find on other apps.

Good luck, and happy reading!

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