6 Steps To Succeed With Omnichannel Fulfillment


Omnichannel fulfillment is a tactic that allows you to utilize several selling channels to dispatch client orders, irrespective of the channels your customers use. This strategy will enable you to simplify and smoothly carry out the order fulfillment process, like receiving, warehousing, processing, picking, packaging, and shipping clientele orders.

As such, you can enhance customer satisfaction and foster your bottom line in the highly competitive marketplace. 

There are various benefits to using this technique in your e-commerce business. For instance, it leads to enhanced order management, increased customer experience, and boosts revenue. However, it comes with challenges, which necessitates finding the ideal solutions that best suit your company. 

With that in mind, here are six steps to succeed with omnichannel fulfillment:    

1. Leverage The Power Of Technology

The order fulfillment process involves various tasks that can be tedious when performed manually. For example, manually taking customers’ orders can be challenging, especially when your business is growing and receiving several orders.

You may end up recording the wrong orders or delivering the wrong products to your clients, destroying your reputation. That is why it’s best to streamline your supply chain operations using tools like Distributed Order Management System (DOMS).

Tools like this will enable you to deliver orders on time and cost-effectively. The financial health of a company remains stable as these robust tools optimize tasks like shipping, order splitting, inventory forecasting, and order routine. Some benefits of using DOM include the following:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Enhanced network inventory and availability
  • Cost-effective fulfillment and sourcing
  • Automated manual processes and decision making
  • Improved order management
  • Improved order visibility
  • Lower inventory levels

Make sure the software provider you choose is reliable, like the DOM from Softeon and other providers in your reach. Engaging in their service will introduce you to new processes without altering the existing systems.    

2. Recognize Channels And Evaluate Impact

Customers use different channels to reach your business. So, it’s vital to identify these channels and get to know your customers better. Remember to look at your clients’ devices if you check online channels. Some may find your company on social media through their phones and choose to collect your goods from local distributors. Others may find you through search engines and purchase from your online store. 

Another critical thing to do is to identify your touchpoints and how to assess them. For online presence, such common grounds include product pages, checkout pages, customer service chats, etc. Alternatively, for in-store settings, it may be client interactions and storefronts. For a successful omnichannel, you must know the latest things happening in these touchpoints and how to measure them. That way, you can provide a more customized customer experience instead of creating a one size fits all technique that works for one or some channels.   

3. Streamline Communication

With the advent of technology, communication channels between businesses and their clients keep evolving. Therefore, it’s vital to be in the loop with the latest trends. Remember that client habits and priorities change alongside technology. Thus, you must offer constant effective communication to ensure that clientele obtains the best experience. 

For all the channels you have identified, evaluate how your firm is presented and the information displayed to every user. You must unify your message so clients can see personalized data customized to a specific channel. Consider enlisting the help of IT professionals like Exigent Technologies LLC to keep up with the ever-changing communication needs.  

4. Establish An Extensive Inventory Management System

An inventory management system enables you to monitor your products across your whole supply chain, from purchasing to selling products. With an extensive inventory system, you can accurately track and control your stock to ensure you don’t overstock, understock, or run out of stock. Some advantages of this system are:

  • Accurate Order Fulfillment: A comprehensive inventory management system gives you exact details of the available stock. This allows you to identify the stocks in demand, the ones you have overstocked, and those you need to replenish. 
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: An inventory system provides you with your stock at hand, improving customer satisfaction. You’ll always ensure you replenish your stock to prevent disappointing your customers by running out of stock. 
  • Organized Warehouse: An excellent inventory management plan results in an orderly fulfillment center. With this, you can effectively make fulfillment plans.
  • Timely Deliveries: As outlined above, inventory management ensures you don’t run out of stock, thus enabling you to place timely orders and deliver them on time without making any excuses for delays. That way, you’ll meet customers’ expectations, increase their trust, build customer loyalty, and ultimately increase your customer base.  

5. Provide A Smooth Shopping Experience

Another significant step to succeed with omnichannel fulfillment is to offer a seamless shopping experience. This kind of experience combines client data to personalize their interactions and provides a constant, linked journey as customers switch from one gadget to the other. To create a smooth shopping experience:

  • Have An Intuitive Shopping Platform: An intuitive platform is easy to use. Your customers won’t require any training to navigate it, but it’ll work familiarly. 
  • Link With Your Clients Through Several Channels: Engaging with your customers on multiple channels increases their chances of buying from you. Therefore, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and has a high loading speed. 
  • Provide Several Safe Payment Options: A seamless shopping experience involves providing various payment options for your clients to choose their preferred method. If customers can’t find their preferred way to pay, they can easily quit the checkout process and pick your competitors.

A seamless shopping experience boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, which helps create relationships and establish positive lasting impressions of your brand. Therefore, connect your physical store, mobile app, and website so visitors can access similar product information, customer service, and pricing throughout all channels.    

6. Offer Diverse Delivery Options 

Providing your customers with a wide range of delivery options lets them choose their preferred methods. Some popular selections include the following:

  • Same-Day Delivery: This option enables customers to receive their goods and services within the same day after ordering.
  • Buy Online Pick Up In-Store: In this type of delivery, clients can order from their comfort zones and pick up their goods in your store or any picking location when the order is ready. With this delivery option, customers won’t have to pay shipping costs, wait for long delivery timelines, or return items below their expectations. 
  • Rush And On-Demand Delivery: This is much faster than same-day delivery, as customers can receive their goods up to half a day after their order. Customers who need them as soon as possible can use this option.
  • Buy Online Ship To Store: In this option, clients order online via a local store even though the products aren’t in stock. You then ship the products to a store, where clients pick them up, usually for free. 
  • Home Delivery: Home delivery involves shipping items to a client’s home instead of the customer picking them up in a local store or delivery location.

Customers can be satisfied by choosing their preferred method of obtaining orders. This will help boost their experience and foster patronage of your business.


A solid omnichannel strategy plays a vital role in the growth and success of your business. It allows you to meet customer demands, make timely orders and deliveries, and increase order effectiveness and accuracy.

However, developing a successful plan can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, with the right methods, you can quickly achieve your goals and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consider enlisting the help of specialists for better results. 

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