Streamlining interaction: the API approach to multi-channel messaging

Streamlining interaction

Any multi-channel interactions between your business and customers are considered a challenging task, regardless of the sector. Lately, many businesses have been considering the integration of online chat as a primary communication channel alongside call centers, hence the need to facilitate and support multi-channel interaction.

The Popularity of Multi-Channel Interactions

The digital market is ever-changing, with new communication channels being invented every day. This evolution extends to the transformation of traditional communication channels. Consequently, there is a need to create strategies and use suitable channels to enhance your engagement with customers across all channels. For example, integrating WhatsApp and LinkedIn through one of the best massaging APIs, such as, can transform your customer communication.

Both customers and businesses are getting used to multi-channel communication. Therefore, businesses must distinguish between various channels and select the optimal combination for effective customer interaction, like SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook. Customer expectations, like 24/7 availability, make business alert and juggle between several communication channels at once.

Excellent Distribution and Routing of Communication

Communication is the backbone of any business. Interaction builds a strong relationship with your audience, keeps people engaged with your business and brand, and enhances revenue. The question is: How do you ensure proper and effective interaction? Customers can choose to use Messenger to express a concern, WhatsApp to ask a question, or a phone call to show their frustration.

It is your work as the company to ensure each interaction is routed to the right agent. Also, each interaction should be routed to the designated channel and at the right moment. API will ensure the use of a smart routing engine to make a connection between your internal systems to create a single streamlined workflow. This single platform will ensure all interactions are routed accordingly and distributed to the right channel based on CRM attributes, customers and needs.

Improve User Experience across All Channels

People nowadays spend more time online. Also, needs keep changing depending on where they are: at home, out and about, or in the office. Because of that, businesses need to research the channel that their customers use the most. Businesses can then tailor their marketing and service efforts accordingly. In return, they will be able to offer the best and consistent user experience across all involved channels. For instance, your customer prefers text messaging. You can improve the services and software before integrating other channels.

The number of communication channels keeps on growing, making it hard for businesses to offer a consistent user experience. This means that businesses will be trying but end up with separate conversations with zero connection between them. The right API will make multi-channel interaction easy and productive with real-time tracking across multiple platforms.

In a Nutshell

It is not easy to manage multi-channel interaction with your customer, considering the fact that you know their preferred interaction channel. This is because there are many ways to talk to a tour audience. Choose the right API to support multiple communication channels!

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