7 Ways to Improve Your Company Marketing Strategy


Upping your marketing strategy can be a fearsome task, especially in a world where your audience is bombarded with over 4000 ads every day. What can you do to stand out, and how can you ensure that your audience remembers you for longer than a couple of scrolls?

Here are seven ways to improve your company’s marketing game without having to break the bank at the same time.

Stand for Something

The first tactic on our list will perhaps require the most investment, but it is also the one that can potentially yield the biggest return in the long run.

By clearly mapping out and demonstrating your values, you can appeal to audience members who share your same principles. Standing up for what you believe in means 82% of customers who share them will prefer doing business with you over your competitors.

Of course, what you stand for is completely personal: climate change, women’s rights, equality, human rights — your choices are limitless.

Take the example of Dove, a brand that is now synonymous with real beauty. Their campaigns promoting what women’s bodies look like at all ages and all sizes have inspired thousands of women to trust and love them, as they themselves believe beauty is so much more than what we see on social media.

dove home page

Do and Teach

It goes without saying that your product or service needs to do something, and do it well. The better the quality you offer, the more people will want to do business with you.

That’s not all, though: in order to boost your marketing efforts, you also need to be able to teach.

Teach your customers how to use your product. Teach them how to achieve other goals that are related to what your product can do. Teach them anything that falls within your expertise and experience.

The more valuable, instructional, educational content you have, the more organic links you will acquire, the better you will establish yourself as an expert, and the more trustworthy your product will become. By getting the ball rolling with your content, you’ll allow it to live a life of its own and reach places you don’t necessarily intend it to go.

Ahrefs is a great example of this kind of marketing. Their guide on affiliate marketing has earned them backlinks from 750 websites, and they see nearly 30.000 visits per month. They haven’t done anything to earn most of that — other than (obviously) writing an amazing post.

Create Interactive Content

Speaking of content, take the time to create an interactive piece of content that will help your visitors solve a specific problem. That way, they will feel more engaged and be far more likely to remember their experience with you than if they’d just read a blog post.

Calculators are a great option if you can create one. Take a look at this protein calculator from ATH. It’s completely on-brand, and it’s very easy to use, plus definitely something that every member of their audience will need at one point or another.

ath calculator

Or, check out this one from MarketBeat. In a niche as competitive as theirs, this simple tool can help them stand out and demonstrate their expertise. After all, this was not easy to create, without a doubt.

marketbeat calculator

You can also do quizzes or interactive infographics and even design a game if you have the resources for it. As long as it gets your audience clicking and talking and provides either educational, problem-solving, or entertainment value, it’s a great resource to have!

Say It With a Video

Another content format you should consider is video. While it’s certainly more difficult to create than written content, it also lets you promote it across numerous channels, is easier to share, more memorable, and has a much higher chance of going viral. You can also use the research for the video to create other types of content, including blog posts.

Aim to stand out with said video. Do something on-brand that will stick with your audience. Like John Lewis, if you’ll allow the very seasonal example. Their Christmas adverts are eagerly anticipated every season, and while they have nothing to do with the brand’s actual products, they are a massively effective marketing tool.

You don’t have to play the tender emotion card. Your videos can be funny, insightful, educational, and even a bit controversial — as long as they appeal to your target audience and their sensibilities.

Write Outside the Box

When writing your “regular” content, aim to make it stand out. Don’t write the same dull sales copy most brands do. Do something different.

Nothing will demonstrate this point better than an example. Innocent Drinks have all the pages you would expect from a beverage manufacturer. But their copy is nothing like you’ve seen elsewhere.

innocent drinks

For starters, they describe their products whimsically. Their menu has none of the usual keywords. Nonetheless, they are perfectly clear about who they are, what they make, and what they can do for you (and the planet).

Or, read this post about dogs and AI. The blog has found a great way to appeal to dog-loving people who normally don’t read dog blogs by creating a bunch of hilarious images using AI.

Use Social Proof to Demonstrate Your Worth

Your visitors will want to know that you can be trusted with their personal information and their money. The simplest way to do that is to show them what those who have already made that leap think about you.

Social proof comes in many forms: reviews, testimonials, customer logos, customer videos, before and after images, case studies, and so on. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your audience.

Rezdy featured their Capterra reviews in the hero section of their homepage, and they feature some of them just above the footer.


A great way to signal trust from the word go, but also offer visitors a chance to read more in-depth reviews after they have learned a bit more about the brand and scrolled down.

Offer Social Support

Finally, make sure to make the most of social media by offering social support to your customers. It not only gives you a chance to help your customers, but you can also demonstrate how much you care.

Twitter is the best platform for the job, so make sure you monitor your mentions and reply to as many (if not absolutely all) of them as you can.

Dominos does a brilliant job. They are both attentive and understanding. Obviously, they tailor parts of their reply to each individual follower, as opposed to just providing a blanket statement. They are great at making you feel heard and will actually take concrete action to make their customers feel valued.

Dominos tweet thread

As a smaller brand, you will naturally not see as many mentions nor have nearly as much work on social media. Make sure to reply as soon as possible and to hear your customer out even though they might be in the wrong.

Wrapping Up

Before you deploy any of these marketing tactics, carefully consider what your audience is most likely to respond to best. Remember: the best strategies are perfectly aligned with the intent and needs of the people they are being served to.

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