Best A.I. Trends and A.I. Image Generators To Look For In Year 2023


Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town for ages.

We’ve all seen renditions of A.I in Hollywood movies. One of the coolest and most impactful presentations of artificial intelligence was in the ‘Iron Man’ movie series. Tony may have cracked the code on creating a living, breathing, artificially intelligent life, which may not be far from reality in the near future.

As businesses and individuals are busy unraveling all the possibilities that A.I. can offer, we decided to highlight some of the popular A.I. trends. More importantly, this post will also mention a handful of nifty A.I. image generator tools that are worth a shot.

Let’s start with 2 of the most popular artificial intelligence trends and then delve into A.I. image generation tools afterward.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence

From a broad-term perspective, generative artificial intelligence is capable of generating things on its own.

It could be images, writing text, text-to-image transitions, and even music. Speaking of music, many companies have also created short movies and movie trailers using nothing else but A.I. generative technology.

Most of these days, generative A.I. is used for artistic purposes. People limited by their capacity to create art often had highly imaginative ideas. Their lack of skill prevented them from using their vivid thinking to create visually striking art pieces until a few years ago.

These days, we’ve got generative A.I., a branch that focuses entirely on taking input from users and then rendering everything into whatever the purpose of that information might be.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement A.I. is a process in which artificial intelligence learns from the environment and then adjusts its behavior or suggestive results to maximize the reward potential.

Think of reinforced learning as a special branch of A.I. where scientists focus on decisions making and rewards-based training. Since we don’t always get positive reinforcement via human programs, artificial intelligence reportedly removes the negativity associated with the concept of reinforced learning and creates something much better – and far more rewarding.

What Is An A.I. Image Generator?

As mentioned earlier, A.I. image generators are pretty popular these days.

Conceptually speaking, these generators use machine learning and text-to-image magic to create art. In fact, Reddit and many other websites are littered with A.I. generated images. The attention to detail is so great that it isn’t easy for an untrained eye to distinguish whether digital artists or a mere work of artificial intelligence created those images.

The latest A.I. image generators have different styles and parameters to make the results unique in their own way.

Let’s see some of the best A.I. image generation tools below.

1. DALL -E 2

DALL -E 2 is a text-to-image artificial image art generator. Since its inception, the tool has provoked both sides of emotions – i.e., horror and awe, as the image creation depends on what the users are looking for during the creation process.

So, how does DALL -E 2 work? The basic premise is simple. It takes up to 400 character prompts as descriptors and then creates a visual rendition of the information. If you need to create images on a whim, DALL -E 2 is the perfect place to get started.

Honorable Mention: Before we go any further, we also need to mention ‘Creative Fabrica’ and ‘Promptomania’ as one the upcoming contenders in the market. The latter is more of a prompt generator for A.I. tools, whereas ‘Creative Fabrica’ is to a classic example of converting text to artificially generated images.

2. Craiyon

Up next on our list of the best A.I. image generator tools, we’ve got Craiyon.

Formerly, this tool was known as DALL -E Mini, but given the overwhelming demand from individuals, the program’s been labeled as ‘Free for Personal Use.’

Houston-based machine learning engineer, Boris Dayma, created Craiyon on a publicly accessible platform where tons of users create all kinds of images. Since it’s a free tool, it is important to mention that the cost of servers is recouped through online ads. More so, the website crashes occasionally if the traffic is insanely high at any particular time of the day.

Nonetheless, Craiyon is the resident protégé of DALL E 2, and nothing short of amazing when it comes to free best A.I. image generators. You can use any number of images, ranging from fantasy to dark macabre stuff, for T-shirt prints, cups, and cool-looking pinups. The possibilities are endless!

3. MidJourney

Lastly, MidJourney is an open community on discord where the community uses the art tool to create all kinds of surrealistic images.

MidJourney devs spent a long time testing the tool behind closed beta doors. Recently, they opened it for public access. Their Discord channel is also open to joining, i.e. if you’re looking for tips on how to use MidJourney on your evening’s quest for creativity.

MidJourney beta works by allowing users in the Discord channel to type different prompts into the chat interface. The bot sends them messages that show their image renderings in real-time. That’s a nice concept for an A.I.-powered tool that doesn’t require any local file installation or subscription fee… for the time being.

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A lot of orthodox digital artists aren’t huge fans of artificial intelligence. If we were being honest, digital artists would spend hours, days, and even months creating their masterpieces. On the contrary, for artificial intelligence, all it takes is a 400-character prompt to process information and create images in real time.

That being said, whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is here to stay in one form or another. Take it as a means to an end, where the quality of life and many other aspects can be improved to positively impact everyone.

What are your thoughts on the latest A.I. trends, and popular A.I. image generators? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below.

Good luck!

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