Benefits to equipping your staff with community support skills 

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Research shows that half of Canadians aged 40 and older have had mental health struggles. Having support in place in the community to help these people overcome their challenges is essential. Whether it is addictions or helping older people navigate their lives, community support skills are some of the most valuable ones to have.  

But did you know that community support worker courses can also benefit any business? Offering training to your employees can have a number of benefits for your organization. Here we’ll offer you some tips on getting your staff up-to-date to be the best support they can to others.  

What topics do community support worker courses cover? 

Community support worker courses cover a wide range of skills needed to care for vulnerable individuals who are struggling. What employees learn in class can make a significant difference in any organization. Some of the main skills that community support worker courses teach include: 

Psychology basics 

Learning more about how the brain works and develops helps people become more understanding of different viewpoints and perspectives. Employees with these skills can build a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Community support worker courses also cover memory and cognitive functioning.  


Courses will also include a deeper look at society and various elements including culture, race, gender, and more. Examining these topics can prepare employees to manage a diverse and inclusive workplace. It can also build an appreciation of those who come from different backgrounds, which leads to a positive workplace.  


Developing communication skills in a business setting, including report writing, is another valuable aspect of community support worker courses. Learners will cover proper writing constructs and gain experience with incident reports, interviews, and case notes. These skills come into play in a variety of business settings, even in day-to-day communication such as emails.  

Advantages of community support training for employees 

Community support workers are those who work to make life easier for those in vulnerable life situations. These are the individuals who offer support and advice to those who are overcome by challenges in their lives. With the help of community support workers, people are able to rebuild their lives.  

A community support worker course can benefit anyone by giving them the tools to help others. Here are some of the main advantages that a community support worker course offers.  

Tools to help 

There are some significant challenges in our society and many people are hurting. Training in community support work can teach you how to help those people. A community support worker course can benefit those who have the heart to help but don’t know where to start.  

Build community 

Assisting those who are struggling builds connections and networks, which, in turn, cultivate stronger communities. When communities come together, it can create positive change and ensure that everyone has what they need to enjoy life. In short, offering community support worker courses to your employees can make a big difference in society.  

Enhanced customer service 

Regardless of the sector you’re in, customer service is key. Equipping employees with community support skills can enhance their customer service abilities. They will be better prepared to recognize customer challenges and empathize with others.  

Reputation building 

For many companies having a strong sense of community and volunteerism is vital to its reputation. Employees with community support training are often also very involved in the community and have the tools and know-how to be good advocates. Having these employees represent your business will reflect well on your organization.  

Stronger internal support 

Employees with community support training can also help support co-workers who may be struggling with life challenges. There are many different ways they could do this, including mentoring programs or peer counseling. If your company does not already have these types of programs in place, workers who have completed a community service course can help get it started.  

Boost employee engagement 

Investing in employee growth and development through learning opportunities will boost employee engagement levels for your company. Employees will feel like they really matter to your organization. Moreover, the positive changes these individuals bring to the workplace will cultivate a positive atmosphere.  

Attract talent 

Offering employee learning opportunities can also help you attract new talent.  People want to work for companies that value growth and development. These individuals make ideal employees as they value learning and expanding their capabilities. With employees like this, your company can safely navigate whatever the future holds.  

Be trendsetter 

There are so many advantages to having staff trained in community support work, that it can even give you a competitive edge. Moreover, when your competitors see the benefits for your organization and your employees, you may set a new industry trend.  

How to find an online community support worker course?

Finding a community support worker course that works for your employees may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some things to look for in a training course.  


One of the first things you should look for in a community support worker course is a good quality training center. Education facilities that are well-regarded offer the highest level of training and skill building. If you want to give your employees the best learning opportunity, check out the school’s rating and reviews to hear what others have to say about the program.  


Look for a course that offers flexibility so your employees can easily fit learning into their schedules. It’s also best to find a community support worker course that allows students to work at their own pace.  


While there are some online courses that offer training for free, you’ll often be missing something in the skill training. In other words, you often get what you pay for and online courses that are free will usually cut corners.

However, there are ways to save on the costs of training. Talk to the organization running the course to see if you can get a discount for your employees. There could be some cost-savings that come with group training. It’s also important to keep in mind that online courses tend to be more affordable than in-person training.  

Level of training 

Before you sign up for an online community support worker course consider the type of training your employees need. Are you looking for specialization in one aspect of community support work, such as addictions?

Do your employees already have some background in community support work? It’s good to assess the level of training you need before deciding on a program to be sure you’re employees will get the skill-building they need.  

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