8 Digital Marketing Tools You Need For Successful Business


Whether you are a digital marketer or a person who runs a small business, digital marketing tools can facilitate your marketing strategies and help you execute them properly. 

The days when only an expensive marketing professional was able to plan and implement successful campaigns to reach target audiences are long gone. Now, there are many new tools that serve the success of people.

Digital Marketing Tools: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

If you are craving something that does not require deep marketing knowledge and skills but will do everything for you, then digital marketing tools are for you. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • A digital marketing tool is an app or software that is designed to help you develop and adopt a marketing strategy, keep all the necessary metrics under review, and monitor and customize them to make your business successful on the Internet.

Whether you need to design a digital marketing campaign, track your e-commerce business, organize the workflow of members working on the content of your website, or analyze data about your competitors and website, opting for a suitable digital marketing tool will make things easier. 

Moreover, even if you do not have a marketing degree, a digital marketing tool will help you establish your presence on the Internet and increase leads. It was researched that approximately 70% of small businesses invest more in digital presence as it is considered to be the future of business and helps to increase leads and profit.

The 8 Best Tools for Marketers That Will Definitely Come in Handy 

If you want to start your own journey to marketing success for a small business, the best tools for marketers provided below will be essential for helping determine the target audience, creating appropriate content for them, and turning them into regular buyers:

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics home

It’s no secret that during any marketing campaign, tracking your key metrics should not be the last thing to pay attention to. Google Analytics is a digital marketing software that provides you with all the necessary data about your traffic so that you are able to analyze and improve your website optimization and marketing campaigns.

By analyzing an overview of your website’s traffic with the help of Google Analytics, you can get to know your target audience better, namely their demographics and interests. You will find out how many visitors you have per day, week, or month; where most of your visitors come from; how much time they usually spend browsing your site, etc. Moreover, if you are running Google Ads, you will even be able to know what keywords your visitors used to get to your website.

For example, you see that the Instagram campaign leads more visitors to your website than Facebook and Youtube, so you put more effort and budget into the Instagram ads. Thus, the more valuable data you analyze, the more useful changes you can make for your marketing campaigns and website optimization.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking Backlink checker

Once you type some keywords into the search bar, you receive a list of websites based on your intent. Most frequently, people visit the first five sites to find what they are looking for, so it is very important for the site to make it into the top five to increase organic visibility and traffic.

Here is where building backlinks can help. The search engine immediately recognizes the website as worthwhile when it sees it has many backlinks, as it gives a signal that others vouch for your content and think of it as valuable and accurate. As a result, search engines move your site higher on the SERP.

SE Ranking software gives you a lot of possibilities, including checking your backlinks, building a data-driven link-building strategy to create quality links, and improving the authority and trustworthiness of your website. Furthermore, you will find out where a link comes from and get detailed information about key parameters such as domain trust, anchor text, page trust, date when a backlink was last seen, etc.

3. HubSpot

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HubSpot is software that helps you keep all your marketing tools and data together without scattering them on different platforms. You all have probably faced an irritating situation at least once in your life when you had a huge pile of campaigns across many marketing channels and could not manage them because they were everywhere. 

With HubSpot, all your marketing tools and data are on one platform, saving you a lot of time and nerves. Moreover, it helps you create desired content that visitors are looking for; gain visibility in the top-ranking position in the SERP; turn your visitors into customers; and optimize your website for SEO, more traffic, better ROI, etc.

It is important to mention that HubSpot has become a complete CRM platform that includes marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations hubs. However, its full version comes with a paid plan.

4. Mailchimp

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Email marketing is always a good way to get in touch with your customers to nurture leads, encourage engagement, and grow sales. Mailchimp can help you with this by sending emails to your customers that have signed up to your mailing lists on a schedule. In addition, it provides you with customizable email automation that helps you reach the right people by sending personalized messages and notifications at the right moments.

Along with email marketing, Mailchimp helps you build social ads, landing pages, postcards, etc, on one platform without having to use other software. Using this tool, you get helpful insights that will enable you to see what works well in your campaign and make the necessary changes.

5. Hootsuite

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Nowadays, when we take our phones in our hands, we unconsciously abandon this world and waste approximately 147 minutes per day just scrolling through social media. Marketing campaigns pursue us in the flow of posts that appear in front of our eyes all the time. We need to pay attention to social media!

Managing all your social media is easier with Hootsuite, as it provides many opportunities such as posting content on a particular day automatically by schedule; looking through the posts in a calendar; creating delightful content specifically for your target audience; having an inbox that contains all your social conversations, namely comments and responses, in one place; giving insights about your content, providing you with an analysis of social performance, etc.

6. Loom

loom app

Oftentimes, you do not have enough time to write a wall of text to explain something to your colleagues, and you need a tool that will simplify your professional obligations and save you time. 

Loom is a video messaging tool that records your screen, microphone, and camera simultaneously so that you can share it with your team in a flash without long hours of texting. It is a much more effective way to communicate and, also, much more fun. With Loom, you will create a more laid-back and pleasant atmosphere for the team.

7. WhatsApp

Whatsapp chat app

In order to keep in touch with members of the team in a small business, there is a need for a tool that will provide you with a connection 24/7 and the possibility to send messages, videos, photos, or files via the Internet without any fees. There is already a plethora of customer chat platforms available both for smartphones and desktops, and one of them is WhatsApp.

The good thing about GBWhatsApp is that you can rename your groups, invite up to 256 people at once, and mute and customize notifications. Moreover, if you use this application on different devices, you can synchronize your chats with all of them. If you have an urgent unscheduled meeting, you can use the video call function free of charge, all you need is an internet connection. You can also share documents of up to 100 MB with this app, eliminating the need to send them via email.

8. Trello

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Let’s imagine, you are seeking a content management tool that greatly facilitates distanced work in a team, and then, after searching a long time on the net, you come across Trello. Consider yourself fortunate! Trello is a great way to properly organize your work on a project in a team and keep everything under control by tracking deadlines, productivity metrics, notes, etc.

Moreover, this platform offers you many options for managing your workflow with cards that consist of checklists, attachments, comments, conversations, etc, which simplify the optimization of workflow considerably. Thus, with Trello, you can organize marketing campaigns, allocate tasks among your team and control the process of their implementation, and make sure the remote workflow goes well.


Without any marketing knowledge or training, you can manage your digital marketing campaigns in an instant using the list mentioned above of digital marketing tools. Even without a marketing degree, these tools enable you to save time and money by optimizing your workflow. 

Although most of these tools are paid for, it is still much cheaper and more convenient for a small business to use them. Just opt for a digital marketing tool that can help you reach your business goals on the internet and on social networks and see for yourself.

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