Groove Life’s Groove Belt Review, Features, and Pricing

groove life belt review

Over the last few weeks, we reviewed GrooveLife’s amazing Vulcan Trek series Apple Watch band. “Amazing” would be an understatement because that thing was pretty much a solid deal from my point of view.

Sturdy build quality, multiple sizes and color options, and a whopping lifetime warranty are always my cup o’ tea – whether it’s a band or any other product.

This week’s a wee bit different; we recently acquired GrooveLife’s Groove Belt after a bit of back and forth comm with the lads at the company. The two main intriguing factors for doing this review were:

  • The No Bullshit 94 year unlimited warranty
  • The belt strap being bulletproof or something along those lines

Although no one at PL was willing to pick up a gun and shoot a few live rounds through the strap, we had a lot of fun tugging and doing a lot of stress testing on the belt to see if it stood up to the mark.

For instance, while Frank wasn’t wearing the belt, he decided to use it as a rope for heavy objects. No offense intended here, but he wanted to see if the belt’s fiber is really high quality. Although I suggested using paracords from some of the hammocks we reviewed last year, he insisted that the belt’s a better option since it’s short and easily wraps around CPU case handles, kettlebell weights, and stuff like that.

Anyway, that’s a bit of dry humor on the side. Let’s move on to some of the serious stuff. Today, we will talk about Groove Belt in detail from a review standpoint. Whether you should buy it or not, our in-depth guide helps to rectify those questions.

So, let’s get to it.

Groove Life Belt Review| What’s The Big Deal About It?

Groove life belt quality

Over the last few decades, fashion has undergone several changes. I remember back in the ’90s, we used to have traditional belt styles. Big buckles, wide strap, and all the jangle you’d expect from it. Needless to say, men’s wearables have adopted a minimalistic approach as compared to what we used to have in the past.

“Narrow” in the sense that it’s not as wide as the early belt shapes from the past. However, by current standards, the strap is wide and thick enough to go through almost all kinds of pants loops. In that sense, the Groove Belt bodes a space tech design with a narrow, reinforced strap.

Groove Belt Pros:

The Groove Belt has the following plus points besides the subtle ‘GL’ logo in the lower-left corner. At least, in my opinion, they are; yours might be a little different. And that’s okay.

  • Standard magnetic buckle design with a high-quality clasp
  • Extraordinarily durable and overall sturdy build quality
  • Possesses some degree of stretchability
  • Multi-contact adjustable fit to accommodate different waist sizes
  • Multiple size options (*Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL)
  • Various color options for other parts of the belt.
    • Buckles: Light Chery, Gunmetal, Midnight Black, and Walnut
    • Straps: Camouflage variations, Olive, Black, and Deep Stone

 Groove Belt Cons:

Not so much of a drawback, but if Groove Life folks can add multi-buckle compatibility, that’d be awesome. In my opinion, that’s a fashion statement. Sometimes, you are craving a specific color, while other days are more about donning hues of black and blue.

But then again, this interchangeable buckle opinion is something that the so-called fashionistas at ‘Productivity Land’ would want GL guys to consider.

What’s In the Box?

If it’s your first time ordering the Groove Life: Groove Belt, your package will most likely arrive in a bubble-wrapped envelope with a map-themed design on the front and the backside. Groove Life adds these designs to resonate with a sense of thrill and adventure. You’d understand this feeling if you love outdoor camping or outdoor camping accessories.

Anyhow, the package will have the following contents:

  • Official Groove Life Sticker
  • Official Groove Life Warranty Card
  • Groove Belt

On the backside of the warranty card, Groove Life sheds some info on the company’s inception and a little bit of a background story. If you are into that kind of stuff, you’ll definitely find it an exciting read.

Groove Life: Groove Belt General Specs:

Depending on the size you order, there’s a very, very rare and slight chance that some specs might be different. But, overall, they remain pretty much the same.

  • Strap Width = 37 – 38 mm
  • Buckle Size = 68mm x 45mm x 10mm
  • Snap-Tech technology with neodymium magnetic latch
  • Groove Life’s flagship: Stiff Tech webbed fabric built to allow the maximum and comfortable stretch effect
  • Anti-flap keeper loop

On to the visuals and design aesthetics, it’s an overall minimalistic theme that you will be looking at.

The belt possesses a military-grade look, which is pretty much evident from the strap shape and style. In my experience, the usage is dubbed a ‘convenience factor’ because the belt is super easy to adjust. You can slide the free end through the open slot in the buckle and just snap it in place. It won’t budge due to the company’s proprietary Stiff Tech technology.

Lastly, the signature 94 years extended warranty is on the entire Groove Belt product lineup. Given the average age span these days, I think the belt will last longer, or perhaps a generation or two in your family, before it sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s worth a shot; the ticket price isn’t high, and the belt is absolutely better in terms of durability than other products in the market right now.

Where To Buy:

You can buy the belt through the following platforms:


  • $59.95 exclusive of shipping charges at

How to place an order for Groove Life’s Belt?

Visit the Groove Life’s official website at: and search for ‘Groove Life Belt’ on search bar or click “Belt” from the header menu. Visit this link to place order for new belts.

Price wise, the belt range from $59.95 to $69.95.

We look forward to hear about your experience with the Groove Life’s Belt. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or write to us at

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