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If you are in the market for dedicated proxies providers that can easily fulfil all of your needs and requirements related to private proxies, then look no further, as Proxy-Seller is the best option for you. 

But what makes it so great?

Well for starters, you can buy proxies in bulk from them, and to make the experience more personalised and catered to you, you can specify the country, city or the decision process behind the purchase, and they will choose and design the best possible proxies suited for your needs.

And to put the cherry on top, they are offering residential proxies at the best rates, so that you can browse the web from a specific location as a real user in that area. How cool is that? 

Furthermore, their proxy arsenal contains different types of proxies, such as Residential, ISP, Mobile, IPv4, and IPv6 proxies, and every single proxy of theirs can be used with SOCKS, HTTP and HTTPS connections, but if you are a novice in the proxy world, you should really avoid HTTP.  

Proxy-Seller’s proxies have many different applications and one of the most important ones is if you need a boost for your online business, they’ve got you covered!

Proxy-Seller is excellent in promoting your stuff on social media, hitting up forums with tons of posts, juggling ad accounts across different platforms, and even SEO stuff.  Basically, anything where you need to appear in multiple places at once.

But it’s not just for work! Gamers can use them for online play, and if you’re into online gambling, these proxies could be your ticket in. 

Proxy-Seller lives up to its name as an incredibly dedicated proxies provider. What is a dedicated proxies provider? Well, it means that you get exclusive use of every single proxy you buy.


The pricing of all of these wonderful IP packages displayed below is dependent on the countries that the proxies are based in, and if you are buying the proxies in bulk and/or buying them for longer periods of time for personal use or for your team, you can enjoy great discounts.

You can see these discounts mentioned on top of the specific package that you are trying to acquire. For example, there is a 9% discount on 100 IPs and a greater 20% discount if you go for the 250 IPs package.   

If you are familiar with IPv6 proxies and IPv4 proxies, then you know that the IPv6 proxies are much cheaper than IPv4’s, just because of the sheer number of them, and also, because of the newly implemented standard being poorly supported. 

One of the most sought-after proxies in proxy-seller’s arsenal is the residential proxies. You can get these proxies in a few different ways. One of them is ‘Pay as go’ where you start off with 1 GB for $7 and pay any extra charges if you go above that volume. 

The second is the most popular where you pay a monthly fee of $235, and you get a hefty 50 GB bandwidth but at a rate of $4.7 per GB. Now that’s a pretty nice price cut. 

You can also purchase a Mobile Proxy LTE package of a desired country and pay as minimum as $22 for 1 week of usage for 1 IP. This price depends on the desired country and the duration of the chosen package. 

Payment Methods

There are a lot of different payment methods through which you can easily purchase these amazing proxies. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • PayPal
  • Visa / MasterCard
  • Binance
  • Coinbase: USDC, DAI

Among many others. 

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that proxy-seller proxies provide. 

  • All of the proxies mentioned in the article and the remaining on the company website are exclusive
  • IPv6 proxies from 16 different countries
  • IPv4 proxies from approx. 53 different countries
  • 24/7 technical support from an amazing support staff
  • Mobile proxies from many different countries like Ukraine, US and UK, etc.
  • Support for HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS connections
  • An incredible web console control panel for all of your different settings and activities

Privacy and Security

Let’s break down the privacy and security of Proxy-Seller in a more down-to-earth way:

Where’s Proxy-Seller From?

The company is from Cyprus, Larnaca, Agias Faneromenis, 143-145, PATSIAS COURT, Flat/Office 201.

Does Proxy-Seller Keep Tabs on You?

Proxy-Seller tracks visitors like most websites these days, keeping your account info and payment details on file. They don’t say if they monitor your online activity through the proxies, but since they’re just renting them out, they likely don’t have access to that specific info.

The Real Deal on Proxy Logs

Here’s the catch: the companies supplying the actual proxies might be keeping logs. But we’re not sure if Proxy-Seller keeps logs. You can inquire with them directly to get a definitive answer.

Proxy-Seller Support: Hits and Misses

Alright, let’s talk about getting help from Proxy-Seller. Their website has pretty good setup guides for most popular browsers and platforms. Big shoutout for having guides for all the usual suspects, but kind of a bummer they missed Microsoft Edge (RIP Internet Explorer, I guess).

On top of the guides, they have an “articles and news” section with even more info for other programs. Just a heads-up though, if you’re using Tor for ultimate anonymity, using a proxy with it might not be the best idea.

The Good News: No Leaks Detected! 

At least Proxy-Seller gets a gold star for security! We ran some tests and didn’t find any leaks – no IPv6 leaks, no WebRTC leaks (neither IPv4 nor IPv6), and no DNS leaks (IPv4 or IPv6). That’s definitely a plus.

Using Proxy-Seller

Hey! Setting up with Proxy-Seller is a breeze. Buying proxies is super easy, and the prices are always clear upfront.

Need a proxy to get on a specific social media site or game? Proxy-Seller has you covered! They even have 24/7 live chat support if you have any special needs. Just a heads up though, Netflix can be tricky. 

In Windows, for example go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Proxy -> Manual proxy setup.

Once you get your proxies, you’ll see a list of IP addresses. These can be used with tons of programs, from your web browser to games, and you can even set them up for your whole computer. 

They have instructions for setting things up on Windows and other systems, but there are also guides for pretty much anything you can imagine. 

You can sort through your list of proxies in different ways, and you can even download them as a file to use with other programs.


Proxy-Seller prioritizes user experience with a straightforward purchasing process and clear pricing structures. This makes it easy for both individual and bulk purchasers to acquire the proxies they need.

However, a 24-hour refund window is available, allowing users to recoup their investment if the proxies fail to meet their specific needs.

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