Groove Life Silicone Ring Review


Productivity Land is back again with another exclusive review of the Groove Life products lineup.

This time, we got to sample some of their Silicone Rings. While buying or snuggling a silicone ring around any of your fingers might seem a little mundane – especially because there’s an abundance of bling jewelry already, we can assure you that it was well worth it.

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Feeling the ‘Groove’ In Groove Life Silicone Rings

Silicone ring features by GrooveLife

In general, silicone rings aren’t that great. They wear off quickly; if the build quality is low, the color starts to crack, and then there’s that itchy sticky feeling during hot summer days.

However, as we stated earlier, Groove Life’s silicone rings were way different from what we had anticipated. Despite approaching these little nuggets with skepticism, we found out that the rings were super light beside the apparent craftsmanship and a wide range of appealing colors.

It’s as if, once you have donned these bad boys, you won’t even feel them anymore.

Now, the question is whether Groove Life silicone ring is a perfect substitute for a wedding ring or an engagement ring?

We’d say, ‘it depends’ because the answer isn’t simple.

If your loved one is into outdoor camping and doesn’t hog you for buying them expensive gifts, Groove Life will definitely do its charm. We can’t say that it’ll woo the lass over like one of those diamond rings, but for what it’s worth, this ring could be a ‘starter’ ring until you have saved enough to buy them platinum, gold, or whatever.

But then again, if you ask any of the ‘Productivity Land’ peeps for their opinion about whether a modern-day lass likes elegant silver or silicone rings over bling, we’d always go for the former statement. It’s not only a matter of choice, but platinum, high-quality silicone, and silver look all too decent. There’s a sense of elegance to those rings.

And at least they’re all better than onion rings because that’s not going to set the mood.

So, with that in mind, let’s see what Groove Life Silicone rings are offering.

What’s the Big Deal About Groove Life Silicone Rings?

Ring specs

‘Legend’ has it that Peter Goodwin, Groove Life’s founder, and a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, realized that his metal wedding band was beginning to become a pain in the butt. The band was wearing off, but it also caused issues with mobility, flexibility, and other stuff.

Pete decided it was time to switch to something lighter with finesse and elegance. So, he came up with the idea of Groove Life Silicone Rings. The classic version of these rings reportedly didn’t offer that many customization options, colors, or variations in build quality.

However, the latest modern-day product lineup is littered with custom paint job options, multiple colors to choose from already created rings, and much more.

But Why Are These Rings So Cheap?

Silicone ring header

Yes, $40 – $50 is not that high for a ring.

Although Groove Life is a US-based company, most of its manufacturing is done outside of the country. It does help to cut the cost and enables people to buy their favorite products without any hassle.

For many people, the worrying thing about offshore manufacturing is the overall quality of the product. While the price is just about right, an average customer doesn’t really get the same product or how it’s initially advertised on the vendors’ website.

On the contrary, Groove Life is pretty keen on building and quality.

According to their company reps, this is with they had to say when we inquired about offshore manufacturing vs. the overall quality of their products.

“Dear Customer

All of our products are inspected, assembled, decorated, customized, and fulfilled right here in Tennessee by our in-house team. The base products are manufactured in China at our partner factories.”

They further continued, “We have an excellent ongoing relationship with these offshore facilities. We want to do whatever we can to ensure excellent product quality. More importantly, we also employ several Chinese nationals who continuously do quality checks while working with the on-site manufacturers and, eventually, the suppliers.”


  • Online color/paint customization options are available
  • Alternatively, you can select any ring from a wide variety of different designs
  • Select the perfect ring size for yourself and your spouse through Groove Life’s online sizing quiz
  • 30-day return policy – No questions asked!
  • Payment can also be made in installments
  • International shipping
  • Product comes with a 94-year warranty. (Just like Vulcan series Trek band and Groove Life Belt!)


  • Only a handful of customers complained about the color/ paint cracking around the ring’s body.

Other than the aforementioned issue, we didn’t find anything out of the ordinary worth mentioning. Now, in case it did end up with a similar experience, then you can always contact Groove Life’s customer support.


It’s definitely worth giving a shot, considering that Groove Life has done a bad-ass job at creating a wide variety of high-quality rings for people on a budget.

Especially if you are into fancy shimmering, pearl-like paint that gives off a jaw-dropping vibe, $40 isn’t too much to ask for. Besides, if you are into rings and other wearables, you can’t put a price on a hobby now, can you?

If you have tried any of the company’s products before, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Did Groove Life offer you a replacement item, or did you file for a refund?

Especially if you ran into quality issues, did your problem get resolved? We look forward to hearing from you.

How to place an order for Groove Life’s Ring?

Visit Groove Life’s official website at: and search for ‘Groove Life Ring’ on the search bar or click “Ring” from the header menu. Visit this link to place an order for new rings.

Price-wise, the rings range from $29.95 to $49.95.

We look forward to hearing about your experience with the Groove Life’s Ring. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or write to us at

Good luck!

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