How to boost productivity with real-time vehicle ​​​​monitoring 

When it comes to running an efficient transport network, boosting productivity can make a significant difference. 

So how can this be achieved? 

With the introduction of intelligent transport systems (ITS), you can now incorporate real-time vehicle monitoring into your operations.  

Read on to learn how this works and why it’s important for productivity. 

How does real-time vehicle monitoring work? 

Real-time vehicle monitoring is one type of ITS. These systems are designed to improve transport through advanced software insights that gather and analyse data from several areas of your operations.  

Real-time vehicle monitoring provides an accurate way of tracking all vehicles in your transport network. 

The ITS will relay positional information for your vehicles using advanced tracking devices that are placed on board.  

These devices can provide useful insights for your transit agency, such as vehicle speed, location, distance from the next stop, and much more. 

This information is delivered in real-time to your command center, allowing a simple and effective way to monitor and manage your fleets. 

But how can real-time vehicle monitoring boost productivity across your transportation network? 

More efficient journeys 

Using real-time vehicle monitoring can create more efficient journeys for vehicles in your fleet. 

You’ll see not just the positional information for your vehicle, but can be provided with insights that reveal the best routes to complete the journey as efficiently as possible. 

These insights can factor in real-time data based on past performance such as the reliability of the service or the most common times for delays. You can then potentially adapt vehicle routes to ensure maximum efficiency is maintained regardless of how surrounding factors impact the journey. 

Since journeys are completed faster, you can transport more riders each day without incurring further delays or creating customer dissatisfaction. 

A better flow of vehicles at stops 

Creating an increased flow of vehicles at each stop can also increase productivity, by using real-time vehicle monitoring.  

This ITS can monitor how long each vehicle will take to reach its next stop, and therefore predict the arrival times for several vehicles at the same stop. 

As a result, you can decide on a suitable timetable to ensure no vehicles are arriving at a stop too soon or too late compared to other vehicle arrivals. 

This aids towards more productivity in meeting rider demand and avoids missing out on revenue from passengers waiting too long for a vehicle or being unable to board a crowded vehicle. 

Quick identification of issues 

With real-time vehicle monitoring, your ITS can quickly identify if there are any issues involved in the movement of your vehicle, and allow you to promptly resolve them. 

For instance, you’ll be able to see if a vehicle in your fleet has broken down and is no longer able to complete its journey. 

As a result, you can have a repair service or a replacement vehicle sent out to the exact location to resolve the problem. 

This can help minimise the delays and disruptions that certain issues cause to journeys, and help every vehicle complete their journey as efficiently as possible, even in the face of certain challenges. 


Now may be the time to review your transit service and see if you can identify any key areas that we explored in this article. 

Are you in need of more efficient journeys for your vehicles? Could you benefit from a more optimal flow of vehicles at stops? And might real-time vehicle monitoring be a crucial addition to your transport network? 

If so, ITS such as real-time vehicle monitoring may be the right decision for your transit agency, as you move towards a more productive future. 

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