Building Forms Made Easy For Startup Firms: 5 Top Online Form Builders

Are you a startup company intending to grow your customer base? When you’re starting, it can be challenging to know where and how to take the first step. Building a successful startup company takes time and patience.

For many entrepreneurs, one of the best ways to get their business off the ground is by creating an online form builder tool. According to a study by CBS Insights, 95 percent of start-ups fail. Out of those 42% of them fail because there is no market for their product or services.

The reason is that the company didn’t do the right market research. Data is most important in this digital age to understand market research. You will grow your business by collecting and analyzing all types of data by using form-building tools.

These tools can help build forms online so that they can be filled out with customer information and feedback about your products or services. This information is exported for further study. There are many online form builders in the market. I will list the top 5 online form builders for startups.

Why should a startup use an online form builder?

There are many reasons a startup should use online form builders, but here are the seven most important reasons:

1. Optimize Decision Making Process

Decisions are crucial to the growth of your startup–especially when it comes to understanding what customers want. By using data from an online form builder, you can do research and learn more about customers’ demands for products or services.

This information will help improve decision-making within a relatively short period. Having basic information such as name, email address, contact information, and interests can assist you in making better decisions. The performance in lead generation campaigns drives decisions for future campaigns.

2. Save Costs

Forms created on an online form builder tool can be embedded or linked to your website and you will not have to hire a web developer. This is important for startups who are low on funds and it could mean saving thousands of dollars.

The market is full of new software tools. Purchasing software could be an unnecessary investment. Also, it is time-consuming to do offline surveys, gather people around, and ask them to record their views. Instead, you can save money by using online form builders.

3. Increase Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the most important ways to grow your customer base. By using an online form builder, you can use forms that can be customized according to your business needs. It can then be embedded into different pages of your website. The more people fill out these forms, the higher chance is that they can become your new customers.

Forms allow you to boost your lead generation in a more sophisticated way. Create a link to the forms on your website or include the fields by copying the snippet code. Forms are now set up to collect the responses from visitors. As a result of emails and notifications, lead generation grows substantially.

4. Sharing made Simpler

When you have data that is ready to be analyzed, it’s important to be able to share it with the people who need it. With an online form builder, this becomes much simpler. You can easily create custom reports and send them directly to the people who need them.

You don’t have to go through a lengthy process of exporting and compiling the data. You may create polls and share them with any of your preferred social media sites or emails allowing visitors to participate.

5. Create Unlimited Forms for free

Creating forms fast and without limitations can help save time for other important business tasks. Instead, online forum builders will do that job for you.

6. Get Email Notifications

You can receive notifications when the replies are posted. The replies are recorded in an Excel spreadsheet and notifications are delivered straight to your inbox.

7. Create Better User Experience

Online form builders allow you to set themes, create animated images, videos, and select fonts and theme colors.

Top 5 Online Form Builders For Startups In 2023

1. Wufoo


Wufoo is a very popular online form builder that offers free accounts up to five forms and paid subscriptions for an unlimited number of forms. Wufoo allows you to create custom fields, add images or videos, embed your CSS code into the website, and track users with Google Analytics.

You can use it on mobile devices and there is no limit on the number of responses. You can export data as a CSV file and track form views with Google Analytics. Wufoo offers more than 1000 integrations with other services such as Twitter, Mailchimp, Zendesk, etc. Wufoo supports multiple file types for uploads; including PDFs, documents, presentations, or spreadsheets.

The theme designer feature allows you to use or customize one of the preset themes or design your own. Custom Branding feature allows you to add your organization’s logo and brand to the online form.

Wufoo collects data, payments, and files while sending you notifications when anyone completes your forms. Wufoo has a very simple drag and drop form builder. It provides data security and integrity because it uses 256-bit SSL encryption and smart CAPTCHA to avoid spam and data theft.


  • Free – Up to 5 forms and 100 entries.
  • Starter Plan – $14.08 per month includes 10 forms and 1,000 entries.
  • Pro Plan – $29.08 per month includes unlimited forms and 5,000 entries.

2. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

HubSpot form builder

HubSpot offers a free online form builder that is very simple to use and allows you to embed a form into a website in seconds. It includes all the features you need to create forms, including custom fields, uploads, and tracking.

The free edition was created with small-to-medium-sized businesses in mind and allows you to utilize up to 1,000 form fields. It has 12 distinct field types, such as text, drop-down, radio button, checkbox, date picker, and more.

You can receive email notifications when people submit your forms and track how many views your forms get. This online builder is great for startups who are looking to save money by using online form builders.


Free – Unlimited forms and responses.

Paid Plans start at $45 per month (Starter) to $3,200 per month (Enterprise).

3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create unlimited forms and collect all data submitted. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder, full CRM integration, conditional logic fields (if this then that), PayPal payment options, file uploads with preview thumbnails for each file type, notifications, custom HTML insertion, and more.

Gravity Forms integrates with many CRMs, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Highrise, and Zoho CRM. Also, it has a Zapier integration for even more automation options.


They currently don’t offer a Free Trial but do offer a fully-functioning online demo. They have plans Basic to Elite starting from $59 per year. All these plans include unlimited forms but differ in the number of sites you can add this plugin for.

4. Typeform


Typeform is a survey and form building service that allows you to build beautiful forms. Typeforms are designed with beautiful themes, which allow you to fit in various websites. Images, video, and animated GIFs can be used to make forms more engaging.

The graphics are used in a way that encourages visitors to continue answering questions rather than distracting them.

You can embed your forms into any website or social media page by copying the code they provide. With more than 500 integrations, Typeform integrates with many software programs, such as Google Sheets, MailChimp, Salesforce, and more. Typeforms are mobile-friendly and can be used on any device.


  • The Free plan includes unlimited Typeforms and 10 responses per month.
  • The Basic Plan is $25 per month with 100 responses per month.
  • The Plus Plan is $50 per month with 1,000 responses per month.
  • The Business Plan is $83 per month with 10,000 responses per month.

5. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft offers a free online form builder that includes all the necessary features startups need. Its features include :

  • Unlimited questions and responses
  • Data validation
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Form themes

Microsoft Forms integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Excel, Word, Outlook, and Power BI. You can also export your data to a CSV file for further analysis. It can be accessed on any device, which allows you to build forms in the office or while traveling.


Consumer forms are free for anybody with a Microsoft account. To unlock “premium” features, users have to subscribe to Microsoft 365 Personal or Family. Premium features include an expanded number of respondents and more templates.

With these top 5 form builders for startups, you can collect data online to analyze customer needs and preferences.

These tools allow you to build forms that are easy to use so your customers will fill them out with minimal effort! The best part is that you don’t have to buy or know any web designing skills.

These websites do most of their work behind the scenes. Was this article helpful? Please let us know what we could do better by leaving feedback in the comments section. Read more of our blogs relating to Startup Companies:

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