Credit and Billigste Kredittkort (Cheapest Credit Cards) Available

Having credit in today’s world is as commonplace as having money. It is a part of our daily lives and something that we regularly use. Whether it is used to gain favor with the banks or put towards the purchase of products like jewelry or cars. Having credit is an advantage that is available to almost anyone these days. But where should you get your credit from, and what companies are the best for you from which to ask for credit?

There are several credit card companies listed around the world, ready and willing to offer customers credit. However, there are a variety of factors that come into play when asking for it. Things such as interest rates, interest-free credit, interest-free periods, APR (Annual Percentage Rate), EIR (Effective Interest Rate), annual fees, potential rewards, and so much more. Indeed, it can be a lot to take in at first, and it may even seem somewhat daunting when considering which credit card company is best for you and your plans. We will be looking at the intricacies of credit cards, along with a number of cheap credit card companies in this article, and with luck, this will help you determine what credit card company is best for you.

What Are Credit Cards?

Credit cards, for those who may need a refresher, are cards that are issued by financial institutions such as banks. These cards allow you to borrow funds that you may currently not have. This card is used under the impression that you will pay those funds back after a certain time, along with interest, over time or by the billing date that is agreed upon. Most institutions in today’s world consider credit cards an acceptable form of credit, some might even prefer them.

However, as stated before, a credit card is not actually buying the item for you, it is letting you borrow it. The money placed on the card must still be paid back over time. Making payments on your credit card will help to keep you in good standing with companies and your bank. Failing to make payments, however, can have severe disadvantages, which include higher interest, and a poor credit score, among other things. This in turn can make it difficult for you to access more lines of credit, such as loans from the bank or even applying for another credit card.

Different Credit Card Companies

There are various amounts of companies that distribute credit cards like credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions. Some major retailers include Bask Bank, Capital One, Cit Bank, VISA, Master Card, and many more. While each company is different in certain ways, they all have their advantages when signing up. For Capital One, it is their cashback deal. For Bask Bank, it is their 5% APR. Whatever the case, these and other companies help offer incentives when signing up for their credit cards.

Advantages of Owning a Credit Card

In addition to having access to purchase items you may not have the money for at the moment and paying them over time, credit cards have a plethora of advantages when using them. There are credit card rewards, which can vary from company to company but will usually include things such as discounts, cash back on certain purchases, perk rewards for those who like to travel, fraud protection, and more. In addition to this, you are also able to build your credit score, which if high enough can give you access to even more perks such as more credit cards, an increased credit line, approval of loans from the bank, and others.

How to Get a Credit Card

Getting a credit can be as simple as applying for one. However, if you are a newcomer, someone who does not have any line of credit, banks are not as likely to give you any extra. Thankfully, there are options like opening a secured credit card, which offers little to no risk for the lender, and also helps you build your credit history and credit score. This in turn will give you access to possible other lines of credit from the banks. Another way is to become an authorized user on an already established credit account, but this can be risky if the person you are under has fewer than ideal credit habits.

What Credit Card is Best for You

When deciding which credit card is best for you, it can really come down to personal preference and affordability. Ideally, especially when just starting to build your credit, you may want to find a credit card that is more affordable and lax on things like interest rates and annual fees. Thankfully, there are references across the web that have such information on billig kredittkort, or cheap credit cards, that can help you in your decision. Here are some that are listed below, to give you an idea of things like advantages, disadvantages, interest rates, and perks.

1. Lendo Credit Card

  • Effective Interest Rate (EIR)- 18.13%
  • Interest-free period- 51 days

Lendo Credit is a credit card broker agency that helps clients find the credit card right for them by putting in applications to three other banks simultaneously. This helps you have options when deciding on the credit card that you want. Their specialty lies in providing options and choices.

2. Instapay Mastercard

  • Effective Interest Rate (EIR) – 18.13%
  • Interest-free period – 0 days

      Instapay is one of the most popular and cheapest credit cards. With no setup or annual fees, you are given an answer to your application with them almost immediately. Not only that but for every month with them, you are allowed a discount of up to 5% on certain items in a specific category. These can include but are not limited to fuel, garden furniture, building materials, clothing and shoes, home electronics, overnight stays, and so much more. The only downside here is that they have an interest-free period of 0 days, but with all they have to offer, surely Instapay Mastercard is a viable option for consideration as well.

      3. Santander Red

      • Effective Interest Rate (EIR)- 17.10%
      • Interest-free period- 50 days after purchase of goods and service

        Santander Red is also an excellent choice when looking at cheap credit cards. One of three credit cards owned by the Santander Consumer Bank, this credit card is listed amongst the lowest nominal interest rates in the Norwegian market. They are also part of an impressive loyalty program, which includes up to 15% cash back (money given back) for over two hundred online stores, and fixed discounts that can go as far up as 25%.

        4. IKANO VISA

        • Effective Interest Rate (EIR)- 21.92%
        • Interest-free period- 50 days after purchase of goods and services

          Ikano Visa is a credit card listed by Ikano Bank, a subsidiary of the famous IKEA furniture company. Another card listed some of the lowest interest rates available, including a good and diverse loyalty program. This features a discount calendar, with price reductions in certain categories every month. Though there is a charge for withdrawing cash from ATMs, this is another option to consider.

          5. Fee-free VISA

          • Effective Interest Rate (EIR)- 23.4%
          • Interest-free period- 50 days after purchase of goods and services

            Fee-free VISA, like the other credit card listed above, Santander Red, is also issued by the Santander Consumer Bank. Along with the other discounts and guaranteed cashback, a Fee-free VISA also contains other rewards as well, such as travel and cancellation insurance, along with free deductible insurance for car rentals. Listed as one of the most popular credit cards, this is one that is sure to meet your needs in online shopping and traveling.

            6. Bank Norwegian Visa

            • Effective Interest Rate (EIR)- 23.10%
            • Interest-free period- 45 days after purchase of goods and services

              Bank Norwegian VISA is a great contender for choice if you are a frequent flyer. Offering up to 10% in cash points when flying with Norwegian’s card, which can be put to use in services such as free flights. Though it is not one of the cheapest cards, it is still an option to consider, especially if you enjoy traveling.

              7. Chase Slate Edge

              • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)- 20.49%-29.24%
              • Annual Fees

                Chase Slate Edge is an excellent credit card to consider taking up. With 0% APR for 18 months, along with a lowered interest rate of 2% for each year, this card is excellent value for its acquisition. It may be a bit harder to get than others, however, as it requires a good credit score when applying.

                8. Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card

                • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)- 18.24%-28.24%
                • Annual Fees

                  Bank of America’s Customized Cash Rewards credit card is another impressive choice. One of its greatest perks is the cash bonus within the first 90 days after purchasing. In addition to this, there is 3% cash back in the categories of your choice, and an additional 25-75% cash on every purchase if you are a Preferred Rewards member.


                  Credit cards are an intricate part of our world’s economy. The advantages they offer are apparent, and they are readily available to the average consumer waiting to purchase them. When it comes to choosing one, it is about your own preference and what you can afford. But rest assured, the knowledge you take from learning about these simple, yet valuable pieces of plastic will help you make a choice that can only be in your great interest (poor pun intended). So, when considering getting a card, make a choice that is best and affordable for you.

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