4 Best Programs for Editing Photos on Windows 11

Need a photo editing program for Windows 11? This article will give you the best solutions. The programs we’re going to show you offer a variety of editing options and cater to different skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, they can help you enhance and transform your images on Windows 11. In this post, we’ll cover just 4 go-to options, but you can find more in this article about the  best photo software for Windows 11. Now let’s find out which program will work best for you!


GIMP is an open-source photo editor available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It offers a comprehensive set of tools and features for photo editing, including advanced options such as layers, masks, filters, and customizable brushes. It can handle complex editing tasks and provides a lot of flexibility. GIMP also lets you customize the layout and interface according to your own preferences, making it easier to work with for individual workflows. 

But the program has several disadvantages you should consider before downloading the software on your computer. For starters, GIMP’s extensive features and capabilities can make it overwhelming for beginners – it may take you some time and effort to become familiar with its interface and understand how to use the tools effectively. Besides, the program’s RAW image processing capabilities are not as robust as those of some dedicated RAW editors.

The photo editor lacks some advanced features, but with the help of plug-ins, you can still edit your photos the way you need. Here are some popular plugins for GIMP: the BIMP plugin enabling batch processing of multiple images; the Liquid Rescale plugin allowing you to resize images minimizing distortion; the Resynthesizer plugin used for content-aware filling and texture synthesis, etc.

Overall, GIMP is a powerful and feature-rich photo editor that can be a great choice for users who want a free and flexible editing solution.


PhotoWorks is one of the best photo editing software for Windows 11. Its intuitive interface and advanced tools make the program a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced professionals. PhotoWorks can become your best friend for quick and easy edits, and here’s why. 

PhotoWorks is full-packed with AI-powered tools for carrying out lots of different tasks, such as portrait retouching, sky replacement, background removal, and so on. This photo editor includes more than 200 one-click photo effects and 3D LUTs to apply to pictures – it will enhance their look and create a specific mood in a matter of seconds.  But the toolkit is not confined to just automatic features – you can manually change a picture’s look using Curves, use selective tools like the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush,  add an image to another photo, and more.

Another notable feature of PhotoWorks is its batch processing capability – its bulk editing mode will allow you to edit multiple photos at once. Additionally, PhotoWorks supports most of the commonly used file formats, including RAW, PNG, and JPEG. In short, this photo editor lets you enhance your pictures like a pro, but with just an iota of effort.


Another photo editing software for Windows 11 you should consider trying is PhotoScape. It provides basic editing functions like adjusting brightness and contrast, resizing, and cropping, as well as more advanced features like filters, effects, and frames. PhotoScape also includes tools for batch editing, creating collages, combining multiple photos, and even creating animated GIFs. 

PhotoScape is user-friendly software that is suitable for beginners and casual users who want to make simple edits to their photos. However, users who are new to photo editing may find it overwhelming to navigate and utilize the features in the software.


Luminar Neo is an automatic photo editor for Windows 11. Even though using it involves a steep learning curve, especially for newbies, the automatic features still make the process easier and quicker. The software’s AI technology scans images and suggests the best changes for your picture. The most popular features are AI Sky Replacement, Relight AI, and Mask AI. 

If spending the least amount of time as possible is a priority for you, you might also like the presets in Luminar. The preset feature provides 22 different preset collections, each containing 5-6 presets that may be used for almost any images – this is a quick one-click alternative to manual photo editing. By the way, you can make your own presets or purchase more from Skylum’s Market Place.

Besides, Luminar can help you make basic adjustments like cropping a picture, changing brightness, sharpening a photo, and more. So, this software can be a good starting point for an amateur photographer. 

Key Takeaway

Now you know 4 photo editors that can help you polish your picture on Windows 11. If you’re on a budget or prefer not to spend money on photo editing software, then you can try GIMP. To enjoy a bunch of automatic tools yet have control over the editing process, go for user-friendly PhotoWorks. Only need basic adjustments? Then check out PhotoScape. For quick, fully automated editing, you should try Luminar Neo.

Still not sure? To find the Windows 11 photo editor that meets your specific requirements and preferences, follow these steps: compare the functionality and usability of the programs, consider the pros and cons of each option, and try free trials. Then you’ll definitely figure out the best solution for you.

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