How food supplements are produced in the world?


The production of food additives is a complex process that requires precise control over many components. It starts with the selection of raw materials and ends with packaging and delivery of the finished product.

Food additives have become popular after people began to consider their lifestyle and chose a direction for improving their health. It is unrealistic for an ordinary person to obtain all the necessary microelements from food, as it would require constant weighing of all products, growing, and preparing them according to specific standards.

That’s why the concept of dietary supplements (or biologically active additives, BAA) emerged. Food additives allow satisfying the human body’s basic requirement for vitamins and minerals. However, in order for customers to prefer your brand, it is necessary to set the right goals already during the production stage. We will talk about this in our article.

Private-label nutritional supplements

Private label supplement manufacturing allows for cost reduction in the manufacturing process by avoiding the need for additional in-house staff and facility setup for private-label manufacturing. In addition to this, working with a private company offers a number of additional advantages, such as:

  • Distinctive product presence on store shelves due to the availability of custom packaging design.
  • The shorter development time for formula and order fulfillment is due to access to an existing library of formulations.
  • Having your own quality control team, which ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Flexibility in pricing compared to larger manufacturers with more rigid pricing structures.

The attractiveness of private labels for customers lies in the ability to choose. After all, everyone wants to get the best product while paying less for it. Therefore, the more products you release under your private label, the higher the profit margin.

Moreover, customers tend to prefer local manufacturers over foreign ones. Thus, you may develop a loyal customer base, which leads to increased brand recognition, sales stimulation, and consequently, profit growth.

Additive manufacturing services

At a contract manufacturer under a private label, you can order both full-cycle production and individual services for the manufacture of food additives. This can include recipe development tailored to the needs of the target audience, development of custom packaging design, labeling services including printing labels in accordance with requirements, logistics services for warehousing and distribution, marketing and advertising support, and customer service provision.

The main services that are ordered from a contract manufacturer are considered to be raw material selection, the manufacturing process itself, and monitoring the quality of the finished product.

  • Raw material selection is the first step in the production process. It involves selecting ingredients with appropriate nutritional value, stability of shelf life, specific sensory characteristics such as color and taste, and other qualities that comply with accepted standards.
  • Production. Next, the selected ingredients need to be blended according to specific recipes or formulas adapted for different markets or customer needs. There are two methods of manufacturing: using a ready-made formula or creating a new recipe. Which one to choose depends on your budget, input data, and expected end result.
  • Quality control is an important part of ensuring that food additives comply with required safety and effectiveness standards before they reach store shelves and ultimately the consumer. The quality control department that exists in contract manufacturing checks incoming ingredients for purity, tests production batches during the manufacturing process, verifies labels and packaging for proper handling, monitors storage temperature, and conducts shelf life studies and microbial testing.

Own brand add-ons

Within the scope of private-label supplement manufacturing, a multitude of services are offered, ranging from recipe development for the client to packaging and labeling of dietary supplements in accordance with commonly accepted private label manufacturing requirements.

Manufacturers specialize in creating custom formulations, efficient production, and even raw material and finished product quality control. They can develop custom product formulas for specific purposes.

In addition, contract manufacturers are capable of producing large volumes of product quickly and reliably, while adhering to strict quality control standards. Moreover, they can offer brand development services, including naming, primary and secondary packaging design, and logo creation.

When developing a brand, they always keep in mind the main goal of attracting the end consumer and aligning with modern trends. Private label manufacturing companies package products in various formats, such as bottles, jars, or sachets, and then store the finished products in their warehouses until they are ready for delivery or pickup by the customer. This ensures that the goods will be delivered to the destination on time and in proper condition.

The services provided by contract manufacturers of dietary supplements can be beneficial for companies seeking reliable solutions at competitive prices without compromising product quality and customer satisfaction.

With their rich experience in recipe development and packaging, as well as their commitment to providing technical support throughout the collaboration, private-label contract manufacturers enable customers to obtain high-quality dietary supplements quickly and cost-effectively.

How much does contract manufacturing of dietary supplements cost?

When it comes to the cost of contract manufacturing of food additives, it’s important to remember that it is calculated individually for each customer. The quantity and complexity of requested services, batch size, manufacturing time, raw material type, and packaging format, all are taken into account.

The most significant factor in determining the cost of food additive production is the type and quantity of additives being manufactured, which may require different processes, affecting the overall expenses. Similarly, if more complex processes are needed for the production of custom additives, it will also lead to increased costs.

Another factor that can increase the overall expenses is quality control measures. This includes ensuring that all products comply with safety standards, which may require additional resources such as testing equipment and personnel with specialized knowledge.

Packaging, labeling, and even transportation costs can also impact the total cost of contract manufacturing under a private label, especially if the products need to be transported over long distances before reaching the final destination.


The production of food additives under a private label is a process that should be carried out with maximum control. Therefore, it is worth entrusting it to a specialized company that owns production facilities and resources.

The advantages of collaborating with a contract manufacturer under a private label include short development times for the formulation, cost reduction in manufacturing the product due to the absence of the need to create your own production, and the possibility of obtaining a competitive brand design.

There are many factors that affect the cost of food additive production services under a private label, and each of them should be taken into account when determining the exact price for your business needs.

By considering all these points, you can ensure that you receive a fair price for your unique product that meets all safety standards and customer expectations, without the hassle of engaging your own production resources.

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