4 Best Manufacturing Management Software To Use In 2023


It isn’t easy to be effective and productive in the modern industrial world without digital technologies.

The market is saturated with software, making it difficult to find the right solution for your organization.

Tracking and assisting a large business using methods entitled by outdated software becomes almost impossible and difficult.

As a result, numerous thriving businesses favor software that handles everything, from production to storage to sales recruitment to customer service.

If you find yourself in the same position as they do, it’s exemplary that you came here.

This formatting will assess and analyze the top enterprise resource planning (ERP) software alternatives for manufacturing businesses.

In addition to documenting their capabilities and including use cases and helpful integrations.

Here is the list of top Manufacturing Management Software.



Manufacturing management Software Katana is designed for managing inventory, production, and sales.

Thousands of SME manufacturers utilize an ERP for a visible, user-friendly, and simple-to-use dashboard that will assist them in managing their production.

It aids with this by enabling manufacturers to automate production planning, define ordering points, and interface the manufacturing management software with their preferred tools through native-built integrations or codeless templates.


  • The Inventory optimization and management you can rely on
  • Obtain complete inventory management for completed goods and raw resources
  • Automate inventory operations and reorder points to avoid stock-outs
  • Real-time monitoring of on-hand committed and expected stock levels
  • Manage product versions and materials from a central location
  • Inventory management across several warehouses
  • Gain real-time visibility to optimize your critical resources

Pricing & Plans


For small manufacturers seeking a straightforward, scalable method to run their company

  • $99/ Month billed annually
  • 500 dispatched sales order lines for each Month
  • One user with full access
  • Three warehouses
  • Add users with full access for USD 29 per Month
  • Availability of native integrations:
    • Shopify
    • Shipping
    • Email and live chat help


For growing businesses in need of cutting-edge solutions for intricate manufacturing processes

  • $299/Month billed annually
  • 5,000 shipped sales order lines maximum
  • One user with full access
  • Three users on the shop floor
  • Countless warehouses
  • Users with full access can be added for USD 39 per Month
  • For USD 9 per user each Month, add floor operators
  • All features of the Essential plan
  • Tracking batches and expiration dates

2. Sage 100

sage accounting app, sage crm software, sage 50cloud, sage cloud50, sage ms office 365

Manufacturing management software can help you manage your firm more efficiently and drive growth. Sage 100 is an advanced, adaptable option for expanding businesses.

Your productivity will go up because of the low cost of ownership, the user-friendly design, and the powerful features.

A wide range of modules, including finance, business intelligence, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), eBusiness, manufacturing, and distribution, can be combined to create your required system.

Innovate codeless customization can be used to modify your system and enforce your business requirements.


  • Reconciliation & Automated Bank Feeds
  • Monthly bank reconciliations that are quick and precise
  • Automatic identification of omitted transactions, mistakes, and discrepancies
  • A compliance system that monitors tax codes, audit history, government reporting, privacy, and security
  • Custom Office and Visual Integrator
  • To make sure you are gathering the data you need to optimize your business and stay compliant, customize your UI and add new data fields
  • Improve client experience, hasten transaction completion, and data integrity
  • Use any device to access critical customer and vendor information in Microsoft Outlook
  • Create specific permissions to give users access to data about a customer’s available credit, current balances, and the typical time it takes to pay a bill
  • Review recent customer correspondence, browse payment and invoice history, and read memos
  • Sage Business Insights and Intelligence Explorer

Pricing & Plans

  • $45/ Month

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3. Oracle NetSuite

oracle netsuite

A well-known cloud-based program called Oracle NetSuite is a manufacturing management software that aids manufacturers in managing their crucial financial and back-office processes.

Its strong financial management capabilities, which include revenue management, billing options, and inventory expenses, are the main selling point of NetSuite manufacturing management software.

This industrial ERP software contains a built-in business intelligence module that provides users with real-time data and analytics to make decisions more quickly and effectively.

However, it also includes crucial planning capabilities like inventory management, e-commerce hosting, and customer relationship management, much like the other applications.

  • You should look into Netsuite manufacturing ERP software if you’re a manufacturer seeking:
  • Business administration
  • Order control
  • Supply chain administration
  • Warehouse administration


  • With prebuilt, accounting-smart features, get complete visibility into your integrated financials
  • The book value and depreciation of the fixed assets in your business are tracked, managed, and reported
  • Close with assurance and provide timely, accurate financial reporting

Pricing & Plans

  • $999 per Month licensing price
  • $99 per month per person
  • Invoicing and payments
  • An Unlimited No. of clients


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4. Wrike


One of the most reputable project management tools available is Wrike, which has gained a worldwide reputation.

Numerous well-known companies have taken notice of the business, including Google, Okta, Siemens, Dell, and Ogilvy.

Wrike is continually improving its already outstanding range of features and functionality as a member of the Citrix ecosystem.

Despite not being created with manufacturing teams, Wrike is an excellent product for businesses looking for a dependable approach to empower their employees in any environment.

With the extensive enterprise collaboration software, you can easily streamline your processes while gaining full visibility into the business’s goals, successes, and even possible obstacles.

The Wrike platform helps to break down data silos and improve the flow of information if you frequently struggle to maintain all of your manufacturing information in one location.

Through chat features, you may work together in real-time with coworkers, distribute particular projects to different team members, and even speed up the approval process.


  • Any team can use Wrike to get all the tools they require. Create your custom request forms, dashboards, workflows, etc
  • Instantly exchange documents, tasks, and reports. By using automated approval processes and visual verification, you may speed up the feedback process
  • Instantly gain 360-degree visibility.

Silos can be eliminated thanks to unrivaled departmental visibility. Quickly locate information and make judgments in the present

  • Wrike offers the resources your teams require for continued development. Create a winning environment for your teams and establish best practices throughout your entire business

Pricing & Plans


  • $0/month
  • Best for newly formed teams
  • Centralized task administration


  • For rapidly expanding teams
  • Project organization and group cooperation
  • Features comprise
  • Every feature of the Free plan plus:
  • Dashboards you may share


It is difficult to pick the best software for your manufacturing management ERP requirements.

Several companies are to consider, including market leaders like KATANA, SAGE 100, and Oracle NetSuite.

There is a solution out there for everyone, whether you’re searching for ETO SOFTWARE or anything that can assist with supply chain management, process tracking, or financial reporting.

The best guidance we can give is to try out some of the tools with the free online sample versions.

Reach a staff member at the business you want to purchase from if you have any queries about the tools you require.

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