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Today, we are going to review the 14 best VPN services of 2023 and how they can help you protect your identity online.

The Internet is one of the most important technological developments in human history. Although one of the most important, it is fast growing to become an unsafe place. Increased cyber-attacks, phishing scams, and malware result in private and confidential information being leaked.

Your online identity is not completely safe anymore. This is why it is important to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.

What is a VPN Service?

A VPN service enhances your online security and privacy. It creates a virtual encrypted connection between your device and a server operated by your VPN providers. It not only masks your browsing patterns but also protects your sensitive data like credit card information, bank account details, etc.

A VPN connection also allows you to view certain websites that are available only in specific regions. Yeah, no more hassle of being locked out because you belong to a lesser favorite area.

With innumerable VPN providers in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. This brought us to review the best VPN services for you to find out the level of protection provided by each. After running tests on numerous VPN service providers out there, we’ve come up with our favorites.

Here are my top 14 picks for the best VPN services of 2023:

1. Surfshark

  • Best VPN Service for Chrome and Firefox
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 3200+ servers in 100 countries.
  • Maximum Devices Supported: Unlimited
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV

A rather new player in the sea of VPN services, Surfshark leaves a splash by providing a fast, reliable VPN solution to users, which is exactly why it earned a mention in the best VPN services of 2023.

With all the essentials of an effective VPN service in place, what caught our attention was the unlimited number of devices being supported by the platform. That’s a pretty good advantage keeping in mind the top contenders of Surfshark which come with limited support for devices.

If complicated add-ons and plenty of options are a deal-breaker for you, swim right into Surfshark as it could be one of the best VPN service providers for you. Keeping it simple, yet elaborative, the software provides a handy solution to keep you away from nosy hackers and spying eyes.

The whitelisting capabilities of the software allow you to identify the websites and applications you want to bypass a VPN. This is particularly useful when you’re accessing banking sites.

Key Features

  • Unlimited devices with 1000+ servers in more than 50 countries
  • Each server is equipped with a private DNS
  • Protection from online ads and malicious content
  • Whitelisting to identify the apps that would be filtered out from the VPN
  • Kill switch to eliminate the fear of information leak
  • NoBorders functionality to access any website from around the world
  • Camouflage mode to hide your online activity, even from your ISP
  • MultiHop feature to connect through two different servers for enhanced security
  • Yes, it works flawlessly to stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime videos, and oodles of other geographically restricted content.
  • Supports multiple payment options for end-users convenience.

What makes SurfShark a go-to solution for VPN users is the company’s own private DNS availability on multiple servers. In addition, they have recently integrated the core app with two brand-spankin’ new features.

  • HackLock: A useful resource to run checks on your personal email address. This helps to prevent future data breaches and unwanted spam emails from marketers etc.
  • BlindSearch: Go on an ‘all-you-can-search’ buffet with a very light profile search tool that shows up organic ad-free results! And yes, there are no trackers sniffing around your search history while you are explicitly roaming about the far corners of the world wide web.


  1. One month – $12.95 per month
  2. 12 months – $59.76 ($3.99 per month)
  3. 24 months – $53.28 ($2.05 per month)

2. Ivacy VPN

  • Best VPN Service for Mac, Android, and other OS
  • Our Rating: 4.9 out of 5
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Firefox

ivacy vpn, ivacyvpn

Right off the bat, Ivacy has got a really cool interface. Especially if you are using their mobile app, you will fall in love with the minimalistic UI and overall UX experience. We must say, it is intuitive.

Apart from design aesthetics, it is the core features of a VPN that make it really special. Because at the end of the day, even if the design is a little sloppy and UI is hard to navigate across, you will definitely stick with the said VPN if it works as advertised!

Anyhow, we test-drove Ivacy VPN for a couple of days and found out that the overall user experience is near perfect. Yes, we also checked it for a number of streaming services. Among those streaming services, there’s one cheeky little favorite of ours called: Amazon Prime.

The problem with Amazon Prime is that you cannot stream US TV shows, seasons, and content if you are outside of the U.S. The meat of the content is in the U.S. geographic location, so that’s why so many people lament the absence of features in many VPNs.

ExpressVPN is good but way too expensive for normal paying users who want to use Amazon Prime. Therefore, we tried Ivacy VPN on a whim and liked the fact that these guys are doing an amazing job. Beware, guys, because Amazon has got some pretty decent checks in place to lock out users from watching their U.S.-specific content.

On that note, Ivacy VPN not only bypasses Amazon Prime but also offers a ton of other features to support an anonymous browsing experience.

Key Features:

  • Very responsive overall user experience.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Multiple encryption layers for smooth uninterrupted streaming.
  • Unlocks, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer, and a bazillion more!

The only gripe we had with Ivacy VPN was that we couldn’t enable their Google extension because we have our own intranet firewall. We had to disable that to access Ivacy. If you are in one such organization, you could install Ivacy VPN mobile app to avail of full features without any hitches.


  • Starts at $1.33 Per Month if billed for a 5 Years Plan.

3. CyberGhost

  • Best VPN Service for Mac
  • Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 3,600+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 7
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Firefox

With 30 million users worldwide, CyberGhost has won this roundup of best VPN services. With more than 3600 servers across 60 countries, CyberGhost is a smart choice when it comes to picking the best VPN service for you. The tool serves the purpose it’s supposed to pretty well, and that too with maximum user ease.

The type of encryption provided is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a VPN service provider. By providing the highest and most advanced form of encryption (AES-256), this VPN service makes sure you have the maximum level of security when browsing through the internet.

A rather helpful feature CyberGhost comes with is the ability to choose geo-centric content you want access to. Doesn’t matter which websites from around the world you’re trying to access. Just identify them and leave the rest to CyberGhost.

There are other bells and whistles too, like an ad and malicious content blocker functionality, no logs storing in servers, and online activity tracking blocker.

Key Features

  • Automatic kill switch in case of loss of connectivity with CyberGhost servers
  • DNS leak protection to avoid revealing your browsing patterns
  • High-standard encryption, along with unlimited bandwidth
  • Geo-focused access to your favorite websites without a glitch
  • Ad and malicious content blocker to protect your browser from viruses
  • Protection on up to 7 devices with a single account
  • Online activity tracking blocker to protect your online data


CyberGhost comes with plans according to the number of months/years committed. These include:

  1. 1 month – $12.99 per month
  2. 1 Year – $71.88 ($5.99 per month)
  3. 2 Years – $88.56 ($3.69 per month)
  4. 3 Years – $99 ($2.75 per month)

4. TunnelBear

  • Best VPN Service for Android
  • Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: ~1,000
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 5
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

If your search is for free VPN Software whose design is centered on user-friendliness and simplicity, TunnelBear is for you. Coming with a cute bear-y interface, TunnelBear is perfect for people who’re tired of powerful, edgy-looking VPN services.

Although some limitations of the service can be a little deal breaker for some, for instance; limited geographical locations and limited room for customization, but there are plenty of basics to love the tool for. Just like CyberGhost, TunnelBear also provides the most effective encryption out there – AES 256.

The cross-platform support, along with browser extensions made it extremely convenient for us to connect to the service and made downloads easy. So, this is a plus for starters.

The service comes with a strict no-logs policy when it comes to storing information, giving us another reason to include in this review of the best VPN service. Besides, TunnelBear makes sure your data doesn’t have to travel long distances, therefore connecting you to the location with the lowest ping. They call it ‘Auto-Tunnel’ functionality.

To add an extra layer of privacy, this VPN service provides GhostBear functionality which makes sure your VPN traffic cannot be detected by suspicious entities. Another plus when it comes to security.

Key Features

  • Automatic kill switch for blocking unsecured traffic in case of disrupted connection
  • Auto start whenever launched, eliminating re-startups
  • DNS leak protection through un-crackable AES-256 encryption
  • GhostBear for making your encrypted data even more secured
  • Powerful servers in 22+ countries, with simultaneous support on up to 5 devices
  • Auto Tunnel to quickly connect with the nearest servers
  • Data protection when browsing through public ISPs and local networks
  • A team plan for connecting multiple devices


TunnelBear offers plans on the basis of months of subscription. These are:

  1. Free – for 500MBs of data a month
  2. One Month – $9.99 for unlimited data, 5 devices, and priority support
  3. One Year – $59.88 ($4.99 per month) for unlimited data, 5 devices, and priority support

5. Hotspot Shield

  • Best Free VPN Software for Windows
  • Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 2,500+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 5
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Firefox

A name that’s a little too familiar with most of us, Hotspot Shield has been around the corner for quite a while now. The free VPN service provided by AnchorFree was a first choice of many when it came to quick setting up and convenience of use. But now, the Premium plan of Hotspot Shield adds in a lot more than you’d expect.

Over the tests we ran on Hotspot Shield, we found it to be one of the fastest VPN services when it came to downloading speed. That was one of the deciding factors to place it on number 3rd of best VPN service. So basically, if speed and low cost are your prime concerns, go for it.

The sleek design and smooth navigation of Hotspot Shield is a real treat for the artsy kid inside all of us. After the easy installation, you can quickly adjust your VPN settings according to your requirements through an intuitive interface. Although there’s not much room for customization or advanced settings, there’s still a lot to play around with.

Like the first two services reviewed, Hotspot Shield also provides AES-256 encryption, and fully supports anonymous browsing. So, the lurking eyes can mind their own business because your browsing patterns are completely safe.

Key Features

  • Fast downloading speed, with anonymous browsing and downloading
  • AES-256 encryption for advanced data security
  • Unlimited bandwidth, with access to 2500+ servers in 25 countries (Premium Plan)
  • Auto Hotspot Shield protection in case of a public Wi-Fi connection
  • Malware detection to protect you from phishing content and spam
  • Works smoothly with Netflix


  1. One Month – $12.99
  2. 6 Months – $53.94 ($8.99/month)
  3. 1 Year – $71.88 ($5.99/month)
  4. 3 Years – $125.6 ($3.49/month)

6. NordVPN

  • Best VPN Service for iOS
  • Our Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 5,100+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 6
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Linux

With its dizzying array of servers and advanced features, NordVPN is the next best VPN service we tested. The service is best suited for accessing geo-restricted content anonymously. The service seems to fit in almost every feature that you need for secure browsing through internet. From basic encryption, to more advanced security measures, NordVPN puts all your security concerns to rest.

The software allows Peer-to-Peer networking for safe document sharing among multiple people, making it secure to collaborate with a large group of people.

For accessing geo-restricted content, make use of SmartPlay proxy server feature and uncover your favorite websites. The feature is enabled by default, so you don’t really have to do much effort.

NordVPN provides a military-grade encryption for your online data, claiming that they use AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 2048-bit DH key.

An interesting feature the service comes with is the Onion Router. To enhance your online privacy, NordVPN encapsulates your data in extra layers of encryption and sends the traffic through an encrypted tunnel. Practically leaving with no chances of activity tracking.

Key Features

  • Double layered encryption for providing maximum security
  • Double VPN to mask online activity behind two servers instead of one
  • No log storing to maintain anonymity of your data
  • Automatic kill switch to cut access to websites when connection is lost
  • DNS leak protection to hide your online browsing patterns
  • Super-fast download and upload speeds
  • Ad and malware blocker for protecting your system from malicious content


  1. Monthly – $11.95
  2. 1- Year Plan – $83.88 ($6.99 per month)
  3. 2- Years Plan – $95.75 ($3.99 per month)
  4. 3- Years Plan – $107.55 ($2.99 per month)

7. ExpressVPN

  • Best VPN Service for Linux
  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 3,000+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 3
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux

Out of many VPN service providers, ExpressVPN is probably the only platform providing a wide scale support extending up to 160 locations across 94 countries. The phone applications and browser extensions further make it easy for you to protect your data across multiple devices.

The native speed test feature of the service lets you choose the fastest VPN server location to fit with your network (pretty amazing, right?). The only downside is that the service is available only for Windows and Mac.

Through VPN split tunneling feature, you can direct some of your online data to move through the encrypted tunnel, while the rest of it moves directly across internet. This is principally useful when you want only certain types of data to be protected.

There are plenty of add-ons to, including no traffic logs, hidden IP addresses functionality, option to choose the best VPN protocol for your network, and many more.

A rather eye-catching deal ExpressVPN comes with is the 30 days money-back guarantee with each subscription. You can easily try the product and if it doesn’t work for you, no worries! Get your refund without any hassle.

A downside of this best VPN service is that it only supports 3 devices at a time, and the price can seem a little costly compared with other VPN providers.

Key Features

  • Secure access to all the websites, including Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, and more
  • Kill switch in the form of Network Lock to maintain anonymity even when connection fails
  • DNS leak test to ensure if your DNS is being protected or not
  • AES-256 encryption as an advanced security measure for your data
  • A random password generator for each of your devices
  • Split tunneling to identify distinct types of data to be protected


  1. 1 month – $12.95 per month
  2. 6 months- $59.95 ($9.99 per month)
  3. 12 months – $99.95 ($8.32 per month)

8. StrongVPN

  • Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 650+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 12
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac

Probably not as strong as it might sound, StrongVPN is perfect if you’re looking for a best VPN service that has all it all, but doesn’t overwhelm you with unnecessary sparkly features to look cool. There’s the usual bunch of core features, like powerful encryption, DNS leak protection, and the likes of other privacy functionalities.

StrongVPN tries to make things as easy for you as possible and therefore, is a minimalist at heart. As soon as you launch the application, it tries to detect the closest server to provide you with best possible speed. If you don’t want that option, you can easily pick the ‘best possible location’ from the list available.

StrongVPN is apt for beginners or for someone new to VPNs, and provides reliable speed too, so there’s not much to complain about. It doesn’t limit bandwidth and uses its own private DNS servers to ensure maximum data protection.

Key Features

  • More than 650 servers in 26 countries and 46 cities
  • DNS leak protection, along with AES-256 encryption
  • Peer-to-Peer networking allowed
  • Auto-connect when launched, but setting can be changed
  • Automatic kill switch for killing the internet activity when connection is lost
  • Logs are not maintained for your online browsing patterns


  1. 1 month – $10 per month
  2. 12 months – $69.99 ($5.83 per month)

9. VyprVPN

  • Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 700+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 5
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac

With 73 server locations and a surprisingly advanced feature set, VyprVPN is the #8th best VPN service of our roundup. The 200,000+ global IPs allow you to unblock websites that are normally blocked in your region, providing you quick access to them.

VyprVPN claims to be the fastest VPN service, which doesn’t let your ISP throttle your internet connection. It does so by allowing the ISP to view only the encrypted data, consequently, providing you with better speeds.

Another plus when it comes to this VPN service is that it doesn’t put any cap on downloads and enables you to connect to any servers at any time, and that too without any unnecessary lags. The software also provides zero-knowledge DNS service.

As a part of their data security procedures, VyprVPN does not retain any user data and follows a strict no logs policy.

VyprVPN also comes with a dedicated solution for gaming network, named Outfox. The solution is aimed at providing best experience when it comes to gaming. The service facilitates it by reducing lag, lowering ping, and increasing speed.

Key Features

  • 70+ server locations, with 200,000+ IP addresses
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no download caps
  • Unlimited server switching without any additional charges
  • In-house DNS servers, with AES-256 encryption
  • Easy access to geo-restricted websites
  • Multiple protocols to choose the preferred one for encryption
  • NAT Firewall to add an additional blanket of security to your connection
  • Can be integrated with multiple third-parties, like Boxee and Viscocity


  1. Standard Plan – $9.95 per month, with up to 3 devices support
  2. Premium Plan – $12.95 per month
  3. Business Plan – starting at $299 per year, multiple user management and more advanced features
  4. Business Premium Cloud Plan – starting at $349 per year, dedicated IP and dedicated server

10. IPVanish

  • Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 1,300+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 10
  • Supported Platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Fire TV

Integrating all the core functionalities centered towards standard VPN services, IPVanish is the next best VPN service for Mac that we got our hands on. Although the service claims to be the world’s fastest VPN, we have our doubts.

Great for anonymous browsing, IPVanish provides an impressive 1300+ servers in more than 75 locations around the world. There are also no constraints on bandwidth, with unlimited server switching available too.

When it comes to downloading speeds, the service provides an above average speed on every server. You can also unblock US Netflix and BBS iPlayer. Like most of the best VPN services, IPVanish also stands behind a strict no logs policy to mask your identity at all times.

The software claims to provide 24/7 customer support and a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, you have plenty of time to experiment and then make a decision.

Key Features

  • 256 AES encryption, plus unlimited bandwidth
  • Peer-to-Peer networking with unlimited traffic
  • Censored apps and websites unblocking
  • Anonymous browsing, along with zero logs policy
  • Real IP address masking to protect your privacy
  • Multiple VPN protocols, with SOCKS5 proxy


  1. 1 month plan – $10 per month
  2. 3 months plan – $13.50 ($4.50 per month)
  3. 1 Year plan – $77.99 ($6.49 per month)

11. Windscribe

  • Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 400+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: Unlimited
  • Supported Platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Linux

The decent feature set offered by Windscribe helped it to find its place in our collection of best VPN service. The low cost VPN service, which doesn’t bombard you with pointless complicated features, but still gets things done without making you pull your hair.

The standards of a sophisticated VPN service are well placed inside the software and all extremely easy to use too. So, if your hunt revolves around the privacy basics and affordability, this software is for you.

With a network spread across 110 cities in over 60 countries, Windscribe provides a genuine coverage and can be a decent choice for starters on a budget. The user-friendliness of the app further acts as a cherry on top.

Managing organizations is a breeze with Windscribe. The service comes with a ScribeForce solution to help teams manage their VPN accounts from one place.

Key Features

  • Powerful AES-256 encryption, making it impossible to decrypt data
  • Cannot track your data on the basis of IP and timestamp
  • Malware and ad blocker to protect you from viruses
  • Static IPs in 13 locations to reduce the chance of blacklisting
  • Windscribe Firewall to eliminate all kinds of data leaks
  • Unrestricted and private access to geo-restricted content
  • Split Personality feature to reduce the chances of basic fingerprinting


  1. Monthly Plan – at $9 per month
  2. Yearly Plan – $49 a year ($4.08 per month)
  3. Custom Plan – $1.00 per location, per month

Bottom-line? Choosing the best VPN service can be a tricky business. So, keep all the key factors you want from the service in mind, and then make the decision. Is there any service that you would like us to review and add in this list? Don’t hesitate to share your views.

12. VeePN

  • Best VPN Service for Simultaneous Connections
  • Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 2,500
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 10
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Apple TV, Chrome, Firefox


Another great application on the list is VeePN. The application has over 2,500 servers that are moderated from over 50 different locations across the globe. These locations ensure that the users get the maximum connection speeds that they want surfing the internet.

The application helps you to stay safe while being online using the AES-256 military-grade encryption, and it also has some advanced features that we are going to discuss below.

Key Features

  • The application with its encryption capabilities allows you to use it on 10 different devices so that you are protected on every device that you use throughout the day
  • The application also applies a double VPN encryption that doubles the protection that you typically get from other VPN applications


  • The paid subscription for this incredible VPN application starts at $10.99/per month

13. TorGuard VPN

  • Best VPN Service for Multiple Devices
  • Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 3,000+
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 6
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Wifi Router


The application is an incredible VPN tool that allows you to select from over 50 different locations, whichever helps you to get the best connection speeds for your internet browsing.

The application has an excellent add-on, which offers different streaming and residential IPs for various states around the United States.

Key Features

  • The application provides an incredible feature called stealth VPN that bypasses VPN blocks and DPI Firewalls
  • It also provides an anonymous proxy service that allows you to hide your IP address within different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and BitTorrent


  • The application offers an incredible selection of subscriptions according to the needs and requirements of the clients, and the basic version of those subscriptions’ costs around $9.99/month

14. PrivateVPN

  • Best VPN Service for Torrenting
  • Our Rating: 3.9 out of 5
  • Number of Servers: 100
  • Maximum Devices Supported: 6
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, iOS, Kodi


If you need an application that has all the tricks that a premium VPN has but still manages to keep its operations and its interface simple, then you should check out PrivateVPN.

The application also offers AES-256 data encryption which basically makes sure that your data is safe from any prying eyes. Let’s take a look at some of the other features that PrivateVPN has to offer.

Key Features

  • The application offers an advanced version that basically lets you customize the application according to your needs and requirements
  • The application has no bandwidth and speed limits that help you download big files in no time at all (a problem in many premium VPNs to this day)


  • The application offers many different subscriptions which you can get according to your needs and requirements, but one thing to note is that all of them have all of the features that the tool has to offer, and the paid subscription to this application starts at $7.67/month for this incredible arsenal of features

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  1. You did an amazing job with the VPN list. I bet it is not an easy task to gather all the information. I tried a few providers that you mentioned, now I am testing Surfshark. So far had no troubles.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review! Choosing a VPN is quite hard due to the sheer number of competing providers. After exploring the web (including your article), I came up with 2 suitable VPN providers for me: TunnelBear and NordVPN. I’ve tried both and honestly, I noticed very little difference in terms of performance, both work and change the IP. In the end, I went with NordVPN because it didn’t struggle with Netflix and vas faster.

  3. Would love to see the same detailed list just for business providers, I saw that you mentioned that VyprVPN has business plans available. I am still choosing between them and NordVPN Teams (I guess it’s Nords version of a business plan) so would love to get some insight!

  4. This was a really informative article, thanks for all the insights, it definitely helped me to make up my mind. Since I’m a student price wise I went with Surfshark and it works decent, no major disruptions or anything. Also I discovered it has CleanWeb feature, which blocks ads on my browser!

  5. yes but i think you need to do some review about free vpn for ios.
    There are a lot of interesting things like
    Its free, have more that 2000 servers.
    + they provide wifi passwords.

  6. Thank you for your interesting analysis. I have only one question: how secure and reliable can VPN services be considered in general? As far as I know, users ‘ information is stored on servers and therefore their owners can always access them.Is it true? Is it possible to consider decentralized ecosystems such as Utopia , where data is not stored on a third-party server, more secure?

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