A VPN Is Your Best Friend if You Want to Get Work Done Fast, Effectively, and Safely


Working remotely is a no-brainer. First of all, there’s zero cost for commuting. You can be more productive and have a flexible schedule. Now, people used to working remotely would rather quit than return to the office. However, there’s one critical issue that needs to be addressed – security.

Data breaches and hacking attacks are quite common if you’re a freelancer or if you’ve got a small business. All it takes is to download the wrong PDF file, and your device can become compromised. Most people working from home don’t overthink whether their connection is safe, whether hackers are spying on them, or whether they have multiple layers of encryption. For that reason, a virtual private network, or VPN in short, will be your best friend when working remotely. And it’s essential to choose among the top VPN providers to ensure utmost security and reliability.

What’s a VPN?

Internet communication works like sending a postcard. If somebody picks it up, they can read who sent it, where it’s going, and what’s written inside. When you’re interacting with websites, the same thing happens, and it’s the IP addresses that communicate. Without protection, anyone can see where you are, and they can even intercept your messages, especially on public Wi-Fi.

Virtual private networks mask your IP, which makes it seem like you’re a completely different person. It’s like putting a stamp on the postcard that protects your personal information. Not only that, but multiple layers of encryption make the message inside completely jumbled and unable to be deciphered.

Practically, it will be like putting a coat of armor on your internet activity that protects everything you do from prying eyes. This is vital if you want to work from internet cafes, libraries, airports, and even public spaces. None of your sensitive data will leak while you sip on a latte in your favorite Starbucks.

Aren’t VPNs supposed to slow down your internet?

VPNs are used to slow down your internet. The reason why that happened a few years ago is that most services didn’t have servers all around the globe. Because information needs to travel physically, that causes slow connections.

Now, everything is more advanced. VPN companies have servers in every country, and there’s no loss in speed. As a matter of fact, it’s more than likely that you’ll have faster internet speeds when you’re using a VPN. Internet service providers tend to intentionally throttle your bandwidth, especially if you watch a lot of Netflix or download movies.

Masking your IP hides the type of data you’re accessing, and you can bypass the bandwidth throttling. Download and install VPN for Chromebook and enjoy faster speeds!

Does it allow access to restricted websites?

The internet is a place that connects the entire world… Unless you live in China or a country with similar rules. Say goodbye to YouTube, Facebook, and Google if you plan on visiting countries with mass online restrictions. The only way to keep browsing your favorite sites is to use a VPN and have access to your files.

However, there’s a catch. Not all VPN services will work in those types of countries. If you plan to relocate for a while, it would be best to check if there’s coverage for the area you’re visiting.

How to choose the best one?

Most people want to save money and choose the cheapest deal. That’s a great mentality to have when buying clothes, but it doesn’t transition well when picking a VPN. The best-looking deal might be missing crucial components that will cost you way more down the line.

Speed and security should be your top priorities. They are the make or break of a good service. Next come the kill switch, logging policy, and server locations. A kill switch is practical because it disconnects you from the internet if a VPN fails. This ensures that no data gets leaked online.

You also want access to multiple servers to have the option to pick where you want to be located. Finally, there’s the logging policy. Since you don’t want your ISP to keep tabs on you, it’s important that the VPN doesn’t do it too. Always go for the option with a no-logs policy.

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