4 Ways a VPN Can Increase Business Productivity in 2023


Running a business of any size is difficult, especially today when most work is online. While that was a huge step forward in maintaining productivity during the lockdown, remote work also brought many cybersecurity threats and dangers.

Business owners have a lot on their plate. They have to be concerned about hiring the best talent and creating brand new business plans. But there is also cybersecurity and preventing data leaks. It can be overwhelming, especially when managing a small team of employees.

Luckily, there are many tools out there that can help out. Apps like a VPN protect your network from cybercriminals. But did you know they may increase the productivity of your team? So let’s see what a VPN can do to increase business productivity in 2023:

1. Better internet connection

While some claim that a VPN can slow down your internet connection, there are situations when this service does the complete opposite. It all comes down to the choice of a VPN service, as well as the server.

If you are using a faster server, you will notice that your upload and download speeds are
significantly faster than they used to be. It means you and your team can complete and upload your tasks quickly.

Also, internet service providers can restrict internet speeds or throttle certain services. It is not uncommon to experience slower loading speeds for streaming websites. A VPN can bypass the throttling thanks to the use of encryption. The internet service provider won’t be able to identify the service. As a result, the speed will increase.

2. Security for remote workers

Internet security needs to be a priority for all members of your team. But remote workers are at a higher risk of a cyberattack. Team members who work from their homes or often move from one place to another need a VPN.


Antivirus software is a must-have in today’s day and age. It seems like cyberattacks are
happening every single day
. But securing your connection with a VPN adds a layer of protection that can come in handy in various situations. For instance, if you love working from cafes and public places, a VPN will ensure nobody can eavesdrop on your internet traffic.

A VPN will protect all the valuable data related to your small business with the help of
encryption. Therefore, you can relax, sip your favorite beverage, and continue to stay productive in public or wherever you feel comfortable. But if you feel you need extra security, you can consider an identity theft protection service that has provided the best coverage for years now.

3. Increased productivity for those on the road

Hopping from one side of the globe to another and staying productive while you search for secure Wi-Fi networks could be complicated. Most of us are familiar with all the dangers of free Wi-Fi and that you never know who else might be using the same network.

A VPN enables you to work pretty much anywhere. There shouldn’t be any fear someone might steal your company’s data and leak it online. The previously mentioned encryption is relevant here too. This VPN feature essentially protects your laptop, phone, and all the files you have stored on these devices.

You can log in from your hotel room or airport. Then continue to communicate with your team to remain fully productive while on the road. A VPN will do wonders for your overall work performance. But it will also ensure you that the information you carry with you won’t end up on the dark web.

4. Unblock geo-restricted content

Countries like China, Iran, or Sudan often use geo-blocking to prevent their residents from accessing the content that the government feels is inappropriate. The great firewall of China is famous all around the world.

But what can you do if you happen to travel to a country where you can’t access all the web pages you need? A VPN can change or hide your IP address and give you a whole new location. It means you will have access to all the censored content regardless of where you are. All because of a VPN.

Changing your location can also build trust with potential clients. If you are marketing your products to an international audience, remember that people are more willing to answer a message or an email sent from a business that is closer to them geographically.

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