Everything You Need To Know About Mobile App Development Cost


Today’s demand is for app development. A mobile application is the first thing that constantly springs to mind when we think about ordering meals, booking a cab, speaking with a buddy, getting in touch with others, or buying tickets online since it renders our lives easier.

Startups oftentimes grapple with inferring how ample it will cost to develop software.

When leasing an app development agency, businesses search for high-quality and adequate expenditures.

As a conferring provider of mobile app development services, we can affirm the vast variance in mobile app development costs.

Naturally, the cost to design a mobile app depends on its complexity and requirements; there is no set cost.

While some apps can set you back as much as $250k, others may only set you back $10k to $30k. These elements are influenced by the complexity and simplicity of the apps.

Your gross app development costs are influenced by numerous facets, not just one or two, so let’s look at what these factors are and how they affect pricing.

  • Simple App Development Costs around $40k to $60k in time duration of 2-3 months
  • Average App Development Costs around $60k to $150k in time duration of 3-6 months
  • Complex App Development Cost from $300k in time duration of 9+ months

Due to the App’s functionality, the cost to design an app might easily exceed expectations.

There are numerous ways to acquire an estimate for your app project. Contacting the developers is the most credible alternative.

However, you can also utilize the cost estimator in the App.

Without adequate documentation and terms of reference, the cost will probably just be an approximation if you ask the development studio to assess the average cost range of developing a custom app.

The right and accurate cost estimator, however, must take into account a wide range of mobile app development services as well as

  • The essential amount of time.
  • The number of screens and how intricate the design is
  • Growth procedure
  • Quality control stage
  • Number of characteristics and functions
  • The features’ complexity
  • The difficulty of the database
  • The quantity and complexity of integrations with third parties
  • The use of security protocols like HIPAA or GDPR
  • The size and expertise of the development team

Cost of App Development Depends On?

Before developing the mobile application, you must grasp how to build an app, select a coding procedure, and conduct a target audience and accurate business analysis.

The application’s buttons, screens, and other segments give it its temperament and amenity, but each component increases the project’s cost.

Therefore, it is crucial to pre-develop a prototype and consider every factor of functionality.

Three factors will determine how much it will cost to create an app:

  • Type of App
  • The Region where you developing App
  • Design and Structure of App
  • The platform where you want to run your App

Statistics Of App Development Cost

The popularity of apps and the price of app invention are both impacted by the global growth of mobile development.

Over seven million apps are available for download in total through app stores.

Researched figures on mobile app development present fascinating information heeding the industry and costs in 2022.

Here are some statistics to deem, based on numerous sources and methodologies:

  • Every month, as usual, more than 100k new apps are made available on the Google Play store and more than 30k on the Apple App Store.
  • The market for developing apps is monopolized by free apps. Free and freemium pricing perspectives are the most triumphant ones. For instance, the Apple App Store’s free assistance makes up almost 92 percent of the total.
  • According to DOIT Staffing, basic app development costs $10,000 – $15,000 on average, while a marketplace app like TripAdvisor can cost you up to $150,000 – $300,000. 
  • In 2021, the mobile app market generated $632.7 billion in revenue. The industry’s sales will almost inevitably touch $1 trillion in 2023 if this trend persists.
  • By 2026, the mobile app development market is foreseen to bolster by more than 18.4 percent, and it will yield an industry worth $407.31 billion.
  • People spend about ninety percent of their time on apps. Shortly, people will use a mobile device for 4 hours each day, with application use accounting for 88 percent of that time.
  • Smartphone users download games in 66 percent of cases. Over 95 percent of all users are simultaneously downloading web browsers, messaging, and communication apps.

Which Type Of App Cost The Most?

Another essential facet that must be considered is the application type. The most widespread app categories are inscribed here, with an estimate of their typical development costs.

App Type, Approximate Cost & Time

  • Mobile App: $40k to $300k; 1,200 hours
  • iPhone App: $70k to $300k; 1,200 hours
  • Android App: $60k to $300k; 1,200 hours
  • Web App: $80k to $300k; 1,200 hours
  • Startup App: $70k to $400k: 1,600 hours
  • Taxi App: $80k to $400k  1,600 hours
  • Game App: 60k to $280k 1,600 hours
  • Food Delivery App: $40k to $150k; 900 hours
  • Hybrid App: $40k to $250k; 900 hours
  • Healthcare App: $60k to &350k; 900 hours
  • Typical App: $50k to $300k; 900 hours

Does Region affect how much it costs to develop an app?

Yes, due to variations in the salary demands of developers, the cost of developing an app varies by country. A high salary demand doesn’t imply high quality. Here’s the comparison of programmers’ rates in different tracts.

Region & Hourly Rate In USD

  • The United States 130-180
  • The United Kingdom 120-150
  • Australia 110-130
  • Western Europe 90-110
  • Eastern Europe 40-60
  • India 40-60

The price disparity is significant, as can be seen.

While a similar development can cost you $40–60 per hour in India, the United States has the most costly app development process, costing $130–180 per hour.

But it’s crucial to assert that the hourly rate will fluctuate according to the following facets:

  • The programming language used in the production of the application (Swift, Java, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, Golang)
  • The project’s complexity, the experts engaged (such as programmers, testers, scrum masters, business analysts, and project managers),
  • Their qualifications (senior, middle, or junior)

You will be more equipped to analyze the idea in more detail.

By wielding these key app cost factors, You will get an initial design for an application that satisfies your objectives.

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Who Should You Hire For App Development?

The team you assign is the last aspect to consider when figuring out how much it costs to develop an app.

The notion that the type of development one selects is irrelevant is invalid.

On the other hand, picking the right team has several motives. Lower prices and enriched quality is one of them.

As a startup, you have a small budget, but you must have a unique product.

So, pick the team carefully if you want to achieve the most value for your money.

Here are some directions from experts to assist you in determining an app’s price.

  • The choice of a team will significantly impact how much money goes into creating an app.
  • Three things should always be kept in mind while selecting developers for your solution:
    • Concentrate on the product
    • Don’t tinker with the design
    • Continuous marketing

Who should you hire?

1. Contract a Local Agency

You can always go with a reliable local medium-sized firm, that offers a variety of assistance, including SEO optimization. You can find some development companies like this Miami app developer who will be able to provide quality service and cares about the success of your project. You’ll need to ask yourself a few critical questions before deciding which company is right for you.

2. Create an In-house Team

Small businesses with full-time IT staff that can manage both the support and development of internal information systems are the most compatible candidates for an in-house app development team.

3. Go for a Freelancer

You can connect with a freelancer, or any off-shore firm if you need to test a theory or complete a short project quickly. If you go this route, keep in mind that presiding over the project and harmonizing with contractors will require much of your time.

4. Choose wisely

You must go through a variety of phases during the process of developing a mobile app, which includes

  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Development procedure, front-end, and back-end
  • UI / UX design
  • App testing, optimization
  • Deployment
  • And often app maintenance

So, it’s better to be confident about the company you prefer.

Final Touch

Start designing a mobile application anywhere you prefer, but first, think about your company’s needs. Creating an app is not a big deal nowadays, but it still demands some critical thought and the necessary resources.

Be astute enough to contract with a business or a freelancer to complete your assignment. The price varies depending on the complexity and uniqueness of the program.

The App you decide to create will undoubtedly take some time to develop, but the result is what matters most.

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