WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run Review, Features & Usage Guide (2023 Edition)

Tiktokers have been gushing all over this hybrid treadmill for a handful of good reasons. Here’s what’s so special about the WalkingPad R2.
WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run treadmill

We don’t know whether Steve’s a sucker for TikTok videos, but he does seem to maintain a reputation for following fitness models’ profile pages.

Of course, his reasons for leaning on fitness profiles are purely for inspiration, but Steve, if you’re reading this Pal, we won’t call you out on being an avid TikTok lurker.

It’s just that, over at ‘Productivity Land,’ we have bigger fish to fry.

The social media platform has been plagued with these new hybrid treadmill videos, where people seem to be having a lot of fun, pace walking on a whim. The product’s called the ‘WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run 2IN1 Foldable Treadmill’, but we’ll call it WalkingPad R2 for convenience.

It’s compact, it’s fun, and it brings the realization that you, like many other men and women, aren’t getting enough steps during the day.

This post completely overhauls the WalkingPad R2 in terms of a review, features, pricing, and what to love and what not to like about it. We would like to extend a special thanks to the kind-hearted folks at ‘WellBots.’ 

WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run Review: First Impression

WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run Review

People call it the ‘Hot Girl Treadmill,’ probably because of the way that some of the social media influencers are from the fair sex community.

But, after we got our hands on this marvelous piece of technology and did some digging around, it turns out that guys are equally into it. The point is that Xiaomi created a product that comes with an indiscriminatory design aesthetic, capable of catering to the fitness goals of both men and women.

If it’s your first time with the WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run treadmill, you should know that it’s a rendition of the WalkingPad R1, the real OG released some time ago. The R2 is more of an improvement of the ancestral features that needed revision.

We took out our fitness trackers, or rather, Steve dusted off his sneakers and cracked the whip on walking and running a few miles for a couple of weeks before helping us to nail down this WalkingPad R2 review.

WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run Specs, As Advertised:

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

Motor:  Brushless motor

Rated Power: 918W

Power: 1.25 HP

Power cord length: 6.56 feet

Panel Craftsmanship: Metallic spray paint

Display Feedback: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Steps

Speed Range: 
Walking Mode: 0.5 – 3.7 MPH
Running Mode: 0.5 – 6.2 MPH

Double Fold Technology: YES

Unfold Size: 57.1 x 28.3 x 40.6in

Folded Size: 39.4 x 28.3 x 6.3in

User Capacity: 240 lbs.

Walking Area: 47.2 x 17.3 in

Modes:  Walking (Manual or Automatic, handrail down) and Running (Manual, handrail up)

Net Weight (treadmill): 79.36 lbs.

Gross Weight (package): 89.28 lbs.

APP: Available for both IOS & Android

Connectivity: Bluetooth, BT 4.2

Color option: Silver

What’s There To Like?

  • Dedicated KS Fit App for weight loss goal management, calorie breakdown, and distance workouts.
  • Interactive front panel LED display shows the most important stuff – i.e., time, distance covered, speed and calories burned, etc.
  • The new and improved carpet is made of 4 different layers to support comfort and endurance.
  • Unique foldable design exudes ergonomics and space compatibility
  • Wheels at the base of the WalkingPad R2 are designed for in-house transportation
  • You also get an integrated luxury frame. It can be pulled up as a handrail when walking or running.
  • Dedicated foot sensors to manage speed control.

Automatic mode detects the current pace and adapts the speed curve accordingly. Manual override sets a speed at a preset number where you must maintain your pace throughout the workout duration.

  • Overall safe and solid build quality

The company chose a combination of aluminum and steel to maintain a lightweight profile. Besides that, the belt has an anti-slip texture to prevent fall accidents. If you have unattended minors in the house, you can enable the ‘Child Lock’ mechanism to prevent anything unexpected from happening in your absence.

Safey-standards-wise, we’d say it’s a solid build with equal levels of protection for elderlies, adults, and kids.

WalkingPad R2 Walk&Run

What’s Not To Like?

  • Overall, regarding the revision aspect of the WalkingPad R1, the R2 doesn’t really have significant evolution.

The support bar is sturdy, and the carpet has a stable anti-slip grip. In that sense, it’s a good improvement because your feet have a solid grip going on, which is good for auto-detected pace walking and offers security from a safety point of view.

  • Those support wheels at the bottom of the treadmill are awfully small!
  • Makes a loud noise when unfolded.

If you have neighbors on the ground floor or in the room next to yours, ensure that you set up the WalkingPad R2 when everyone’s not sleeping.

WalkingPad R2 review

Our Overall Experience With The WalkingPad R2 Treadmill

Over the last few years, the concept of indoor-workout kicked off to a nice start, owing to the COVID-19 lockdown period. Many of us rediscovered the leisurely pleasures of home gyms and living an average normal day without too much white noise.

People started buying home workout equipment, and the folks behind the WalkingPad R2 2IN1 machine realized it was the right time. The treadmill is equipped with all the physiological benefits of a regular ‘walk in the park experience, despite the weird grunts from the sweaty fellow next to you in a real-life gym.

This time, you take control by defining your workouts through KS Fit App, and dip your toes into pace walking or running simultaneously. The choice is yours.

We recommend starting with a nice sweaty, 12.3.30 workout schedule.

You should set the incline to 12, your speed to 3 Mph, and the workout to thirty minutes. Of course, there’s an issue with the ‘incline’ factor because WalkingPad R2 is flat, and you can’t exactly set it on an up or downward trajectory.

However, it makes up for that by offering a combination of different workouts, custom walk/run regimens, and an overall comfortable environment where you can break a sweat without any distractions or disturbances going on, for that matter.

The run-friendly version of the WalkingPad R2 is $899 on online platforms. Depending on dollar conversion and the overall features, some companies may have a lower or higher price range. However, the run-friendly version has a higher speed capacity, with an adjustable handrail we mentioned earlier.

We switched to the ‘Samsung Health’ app to verify whether WalkingPad R2’s KS Fit App has an accurate step count. It turns out that the machine’s app is pretty much accurate. You won’t have any issues with inaccuracies or distance tracking as far as you are concerned.

The only thing that matters is whether you are looking to depend on the WalkingPad as your full-time workout companion or whether you have an on-and-off relationship from time to time. The choice is yours.

Social awareness and interaction are good for mental and physical well-being. We recommend signing up for a gym recommendation because, after all, home workout equipment is meant for the worst-case scenario. You depend too much on it, and you’re basically turning yourself into a hermit.

Overall, it’s a good machine with a nimble touch. You can walk for ages or run briefly to burn a few calories here n’ there.

If the wheels and wobbles are too obvious after a few weeks of rigorous use, or you’re concerned with the WalkingPad R2 maintenance factor, sign up for the extended warranty at the ‘WellBots’ WalkingPad R2 product page. The 2-year and 3-year extended warranties are available for an extra $55 and $85, respectively.

Wish you all the best, and have a great workout.

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