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Academic writing requires the use of paraphrasing.

There will come many situations where you will need to convey information that was already published by another author, including ideas, facts, numbers, discoveries, and much more.

In academic writing, you often need to gather information, explain your ideas, support them with evidence, and make other kinds of arguments.

It is completely unacceptable in the academic world to use exactly identical words or concepts as another author.

To summarize such contents in your own words, paraphrasing is an ideal approach.

Manual paraphrasing can be a time-consuming task, and if you don’t know how to do it well, your efforts can be mistaken for plagiarism.

Use the best online paraphrase tool to prevent this issue and save time and effort.

Google provides more than 100 different online paraphrase tools in the search results.

However, not all of them can be relied upon for academic writing.

For your information, we have carefully chosen the best one and reviewed it below. → Best Paraphraser for Academic Writing head is a free online paraphrasing tool that is available to all kinds of users.

The tool has won the hearts of thousands of users from all around the world only because of its accurate results and simple working.

This paraphrasing tool can easily create different versions of the same content and ensure that all of them are original and different from one another.

With this paraphrasing tool, you cannot only rewrite it but also create summaries and check grammatical errors.

How to Use This Online Paraphrase Tool for Academic Paraphrasing?

If you have never used a paraphrasing tool online before, you should probably read the steps we have discussed below:

1.    Copy & Paste Text in Input Box

copy paste screen

The first step is to copy the text that you want to paraphrase in different words.

The copied text has to be pasted into the tool’s input box.

Users can also insert whole document files instead of just text for quick rephrasing.

2.    Select Your Desired Mode

desired mode

Once you have entered the text in the input box, you have to select your desired paraphrasing mode.

If you want to rephrase assignments, essays, research paper content, and other academic material, it is best that you use the “Academic” mode.

Students can also use the general mode of the tool if there are no citations used in the copied text.

3.    Click the “Paraphrase” Button

paraphase button

After selecting the mode, you have to complete the security captcha and click on the “Paraphrase” button.

The tool would take a few seconds to recompose text in unique words and a different tone.

Why Use the Academic Mode for Paraphrasing Academic Content?

In-text citations and references are commonly used in academic assignments, essays, and other types of documents.

Using any other rewriting mode would change and damage the references and citations when paraphrasing academic literature.

By choosing the academic mode, you can prevent this error and preserve the cited sources.

You can easily freeze the in-text citations in academic mode.

The same citations and references would appear in the tool’s upcoming paraphrased content.

Working on the

Because the tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, it can rewrite the text in a manner that is extremely reminiscent of a human.

When you type text into the input box, the tool will first analyze it to determine the text’s original context, important ideas, and key points.

The AI technology would generate a whole different draft by replacing words with synonyms and changing the sentence structure and word forms.

The fact that this paraphraser provides the same idea is its best feature.

Features that Make a Good Option for Students!

Here are some of the top-notch features which make this tool a reliable option for students of all ages:

1. Get Text Paraphrased in Different Styles

The tool exists in five different modes.

Students can use the creative, fluency, formal, and academic mode and get differently written outputs.

The tool has two absolutely free modes and three paid ones.

Users can decide which mode is best for them.

2. Learn New Writing Styles & Synonyms

Students cannot only rephrase text with this free paraphrasing tool but also use it as a learning resource.

The tool can show students new synonyms for different words, which is a source of improving vocabulary.

In addition to this, the tool can also teach students how to create rephrased text without committing plagiarism.

3. Get Uniquely Rephrased Text

The biggest feature of this paraphrasing tool is that it provides unique outputs.

The content rephrased by this tool is free of all sorts of duplication.

Students can use online plagiarism checker tools and confirm the originality of the next text.

4. Get Error Free Content

Students can use this online paraphrasing tool to simply rewrite their own written content in simpler words and in better quality.

If you think that your drafts are not up to the mark, you can easily polish them with the help of this paraphrasing tool.

5. Create Quick Summaries

The is home to a very reliable text summarizer.

Students can use the summarizer to create clear and concise summaries, and that too within seconds.

Users can summarize lengthy papers and get a brief overview by reading the summaries.

Is Free for Students?

Well, you must know that this paraphraser is a freemium resource.

This means that users have access to the basic plans for free.

Two modes of this tool are available for free, and students can use them to rephrase 250 words in one go with them.

To avail of premium features such as premium modes, extended word limit, etc.

You would have to buy the premium plans.

The paid plans are available at a very affordable price compared to many other top-rated paraphrasing tools!

Bottom Line

In the end, we can assure you that this is a great AI tool and is one the best options for academic paraphrasing based on our experience with its academic mode.

We are convinced that it outperforms other available online paraphrase tools in terms of precision and correctness of the rephrased text.

After reading this review cum guide, you can easily use

It should go without saying that you can use the tool without any hassle if you are having trouble improving your writing skills in order to rewrite academic content.

Other than rewriting content, you can also use the text summarizer and the grammar checker as your proofreading assistant!

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