Slack is one of the most obvious choices opted for modern workplace communication for a generation of people who can’t stay disconnected from the world for a longer period.

As we’re speaking, there are over 8 million daily active users of Slack, 3 million teams being paid customers. This makes Slack one of the most popular online collaboration tools.

With such a huge turnout of users, it’s not a surprise that there are similar tools jumping on the bandwagon and are identifying themselves as best Slack alternatives.

If you’re looking for some Slack alternatives, keep reading as I’ve tried and tested multiple tools that can be used as alternatives to Slack.

Let’s explore what makes each of them stand out:

1. Microsoft Yammer

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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The first spot on this list of best Slack alternatives goes to Yammer. A social networking tool that facilitates communication within an organization. Yammer is available both as a standalone product and alongside Microsoft 365.

The ability to create private and public groups in Yammer greatly facilitate the users in effective team communication and easy file sharing at one place. Users can join team discussions to gain and share valuable insights regarding team tasks.

Other useful features include easy integration with Office 365, secured document sharing, archive conversations, Android and iOS applications.


  • Free Trial
  • Office 365 Business Essentials – at $5 per month, email hosting, web version of office applications, 1 TB of OneDrive storage, Microsoft planner, online meeting and video conferencing, companywide intranet, 300 number of users
  • Office 365 Business – at $8.25 per month, desktop and web versions of office applications, 1 TB of OneDrive storage, 24/7 web and phone support, up to 300 users, license for commercial use
  • Office 365 Business Premium – at $12.50 per month, everything in 365 business and business essentials + Outlook customer manager, Microsoft Invoicing, Microsoft and Bookings

2. RingCentral Glip

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

Glip is a collaboration tool which provides team communication, task management, and file sharing capabilities- all under one workspace. It can be considered as a central platform fulfilling project plus team communication needs.

With the built-in feature of accessing chat from anywhere and any device, Glip enables users to easily collaborate with their team members, even remote, to get things done faster. Furthermore, the tool also allows users to create customized project themes and manage tasks across teams efficiently.

Additional features include personal and group video calls, third-party application integrations, and screen sharing among others.


Glip comes with the following plans:

  • Free – unlimited posts, unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, unlimited guest users, and 500 minutes of shared video chat
  • Standard – at $5 per person/month, everything in free version + 1,000 min. of shared video chat per user/month, advanced administration controls, data retention policies, compliance exports, 24/7 priority support

3. nTask: Best Slack Project Management Alternative

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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Next up in this roundup of the best Slack alternatives is nTask.

This simple to use application comes packed with project management and team collaboration features neatly put together for you to seamlessly store, process, and monitor any kind of task-related activity. Track, monitor, and communicate project performance all through one platform.

Independent workspaces let you work on multiple projects simultaneously, and comments within tasks help in keeping everyone in the loop with the changes occurring over time.

Another feature of nTask is meeting management. You can easily create meetings and invite attendees from a single platform. The feature also lets you create and share meeting agenda and meeting discussion points for perfect execution.


  • Free – up to 5 projects, 5 free workspaces, unlimited tasks, unlimited meetings, 5 MBs file attachment size, 200 MBs of storage space, issues and risks tracking, timesheets
  • Pro – at $2.99, unlimited everything

4. Loop Email

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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We have a new entry at #4 for the best Slack alternatives! 🎉

Meet Loop Email, a great team messaging, collaboration and email platform. Loop’s philosophy is that email is the most preferred means of communication, and it’s becoming outdated. So, the folks at Loop brought real-time collaboration to email.

You get individual chat, team chat channels as well as discussion channels called Loops. Loops are used to discuss an email or anything important before an email is rolled out. Loop Email is really simple to set up, all you have to do is sign up and connect your email, and you’re in.


  • Free – Free forever, 20 users, 5 teams, unlimited storage
  • Business – at $7 per user/month, 100 users, unlimited teams and storage
  • Enterprise – contact sales for a quote, unlimited everything, enterprise API and priority support

5. Zoho Connect

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

#5 on my list of best Slack alternatives is Zoho Connect.

A team collaboration software that allows people to communicate with their team members, share ideas, and collaborate in real-time. You can create distinct Groups for multiple teams to collaborate on a single, unified platform and achieve team communication goals.

Zoho Connect comes with a live activity feed and team channels where team members can share updates and get a heads-up on what lies ahead. You can also manage all your events, whether they’re team meetings or any other social event, by utilizing the Calendar view.


Free Plan- 15 Groups, 15 Channels, 5 custom apps at a company level, Manuals, Tasks, Events, Forums, 10 Boards

Internal Network

  • First 100 users – $1 per user/month
  • 101-500 users – $0.8 per user/month
  • 500+ users – $0.5 per user/month

External Network

  • Unlimited users– $100 per Network/month

All the paid plans include all Pro features.

6. Spike

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Our 2nd new entry for the best Slack alternatives is Spike! 🎉

With Spike, your email becomes a real-time collaboration and team communication hub.

Spike lets you chat with the people in your team just like you do in Slack – except it’s not just like any other messaging app. Spike simplifies your email inbox for this purpose.

There is no need for headers, email signatures which are always glitchy and unresponsive, or endless message threads that leave you wondering what just happened.


  • Free – free forever, personal email addresses only, unlimited personal accounts, up to 100K messages search history, 10 group chatrooms, basic email support
  • Business – at $5.99 per user/month (annual plan), work email addresses only, unlimited personal accounts, 1 custom domain account, unlimited search history and chatrooms, priority support

7. Fleep

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

Although Fleep has too much in common with Slack, it takes the cake by providing a few advanced features for team communication.

Unlike other Slack alternatives, Fleep lets you communicate with any other Fleep or non-Fleep user, across multiple organizations, through email integration – making it an open communication platform.

It helps in streamlining the team communication by allowing users to create, assign and manage tasks for seamless task management through utilization of numerous built-in intelligent features. One of these features is the Pinboard where team members can pin important messages alongside conversations so that everyone can see them.


  • Basic- €0 for full message history, unlimited conversations, 10 GB file storage, document/file sharing, native apps
  • Business- at €5, everything in Basic version + premium conversations, my tasks, admin authority, and status messages
  • Enterprise- at custom pricing, everything in Basic and Business + volume discount

8. Hibox

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

Hibox bags the #8 position on this collection of best Slack alternatives. An AI backed collaboration platform, Hibox makes communication among team members smooth through multiple chat variants and external integrations.

The artificial intelligence bot acts like a personal assistant to you and helps in daily task management by recognizing the patterns in your messages and suggesting the next course of action (pretty cool, eh?).

By integrating multiple applications and by keeping all the documents in one place, the tool makes sure that the shared files are secured and easily accessible.


  • Free – Up to 10 users, 2GB total storage, basic task management, basic online support, search for most recent messages
  • Pro – at $4 per user/month, unlimited users, 5 GB per user, advanced task management, advanced file organizer, on-line support, unlimited search, external app integrations, video conferencing, custom URL (with 20 users or more)
  • Enterprise – at $8 per user/month, everything in Pro + Advanced security settings, priority support, and audit logs

9. Flock

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

Flock is another team collaboration tool that conveniently passes as one of the Slack alternatives. With an interface strikingly similar to Slack, Flock differentiates through multiple advanced features, such as the audio and video calls.

The tool provides one-on-one, as well as team messaging options for project discussions among team members. Similarly, you can also utilize the audio or video calling feature to connect with your team.

With a simple drag and drop interface, Flock enables users to quickly and conveniently share files among the relevant groups and search for them whenever needed.


  • Free (for small teams) – up to 10K messages, 10GB file storage for your team, limited admin controls, and standard support
  • Pro (for midsize teams and companies) – at $4.5, unlimited messages, 10 GB file storage, enhanced admin controls, and priority support
  • Enterprise (for large organizations) – price upon request, unlimited messages, 20 GB file storage, enhanced admin controls, and dedicated support

10. Wimi

Rating: 4.0 out of 5

best slack alternatives 2019, top slack alternatives 2019

The last tool on my list of Slack alternatives is Wimi. It’s a cloud-based all-in-one collaboration tool which is equipped with team communication as well as project management features to help teams work better.

Coming with independent workspaces for teams, Wimi facilitates team collaboration and secured file sharing in one location. Furthermore, you can invite as many people to join your workspace as you want, through custom access rights.

Wimi also provides a central location, known as ‘Wall’ for team members to update the project activities, so that everyone knows about the project progress. With comments feature, additional feedback from each team member can also be easily taken.


  • Start – free for 3 users, 8 projects, 10 GB storage, Wimi drive, 20+ service integrations, email support, Google Apps & Office 365 integrations, and Outlook Connector
  • Drive – at $9 per user/month, 250 GB (up to 10 TB), unlimited guests, unlimited projects, Wimi drive, file sharing services integrations, email, and phone support, Google Apps & Office 365 integrations
  • Team – at $15 per user/month, everything in Drive plan + coaching sessions upon request
  • Enterprise – at $18 per user/month, everything in Team + 500 GB storage and priority support

What do you guys think? Are these Slack alternatives great to cater to your team’s communication and collaboration needs? Is there another tool that you think is a better Slack alternative than my list? Let me know in the comments below.

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