11 Best Voice Recognition Software For Agile Teams

best voice recognition software, voice recognition software 2020

In today’s world, accessibility and ease-of-use are crucially important for any professional or personal endeavor. The faster and more easily you can perform a specific task, the more successful you will be.

And what else is faster than using your voice to perform everything. Voice recognition has been improving for quite a while and it stands now at a position where we can honestly recommend voice recognition software to take care of your needs and requirements.

But why use a voice recognition software? Well, the physical act of scribbling or typing down every little detail of your day, your professional work, or any potential ideas can be tiresome and even bad for business.

That’s why voice recognition software are better because the brain’s processing speed is much faster than you writing stuff down.

Voice recognition software are quite intuitive nowadays because of constant data mining from the commands given to them by their respective users and they are bound to get more excellent over time.

As there are so many software in the market nowadays, how can you select the perfect one for your work or personal activities?

In this article, we will tell you about the 11 best voice recognition software that you can find on the market. They are immensely capable to fulfil your needs and requirements but what would be the ideal fit for you? Let’s find out.

11 Best Voice Recognition Software’ to Use in 2021

Here is a list of all of the applications:

  • Google Docs Voice Typing
  • Dragon Professional Individual
  • Braina Pro
  • Speechnotes
  • e-Speaking
  • Voice Finger
  • Google Now
  • Siri
  • Amazon Lex
  • Microsoft Bing Speech API
  • Cortana

Let’s look at all of these applications in detail.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs is an important productivity tool for nearly every writer nowadays if they are not writing on a typewriter.

Belonging from Google’s amazing family of software, Google Docs is an incredible software but, in this article, we are more interested in the amazing Voice typing feature of it.

One of the most powerful dictation tools in the market right now, Google Docs Voice Typing tool is an incredible piece of software that helps you not only type everything that you want to say, with your voice but also, you can use up to 100 commands to edit and format that document in any way you like.

These editing and formatting options include:

  • Making bullet points
  • Changing the font size of the text and also the type of font that you want to use in the document
  • Making the text a little bolder to make it stand out from the other stuff
  • Moving your cursor to where you want to take it, throughout the whole document

If you want to use Google Docs Voice Typing feature then you simply have to open docs on your browser or the application and go to “Tools” where you will find the section “Voice Typing”. Enable it and give Google permission to use your Device’s microphone.

You can access the application via the Internet.

Pricing: Free

2. Dragon Professional Individual

As the leading software in this genre, Dragon Professional Individual is an amazing voice recognition software that will take care of any and every requirement that the customer has to make their work easier without them ever touching a keyboard.

One of the reasons that the application is so amazing and intuitive is that the developers that work on the software use a technique called deep learning. Using this technique, the software can learn all about the user and how they work and go about their business.

The software recognized the voice of the customer, how they search for things, what are the things they like and in what form do they like these things, and how is their work environment structured. All of this makes the software craft a document for the user with a 99% accuracy.

You can also use the software to do a lot of other things like:

  • Transcribing different recordings from multiple sources into the text
  • You can also use the software to control your devices like computers and the actions you can perform using those machines like creating a report and emailing it to the desired recipient, all without touching a keyboard

This incredible software can be easily integrated with different applications like iWork, MS Office, and many other professional applications so that if you purchase this application, you don’t have to get rid of any other applications that you use in your workspace.

It is available on both Mac and Windows.

Pricing: $300

3. Braina Pro

Braina Pro is an amazing voice recognition software that is quite different from the traditional software of this genre. How? Well, it’s more than just a voice recognition software as it can be your assistant whose brain is filled up with data through the power of artificial intelligence.

One of the most amazing features of this application is that it has over 100 languages stored in its database, which means that you can perform all sorts of dictations on it in over 100 languages from all over the world.

Some of the other features that this amazing voice recognition software has to offer are:

  • The software can take control of your computer’s operations and can perform certain computer tasks for you through the use of automation
  • Using the software, you can set alarms to wake you up whenever you please and it can also set reminders to remind you of a certain activity that you have to perform later on
  • It can also keep you updated about all of the current events that you have entered on your daily calendar
  • This software can also act as a comprehensive dictionary with over 100 different versions of the words, thanks to its database of so many languages
  • It can also serve as a thesaurus which can help you find vital information when you need it
  • It can also play different songs and videos to entertain you when you are tired and need a break from all of the work, or during your work to keep you entertained
  • It can also read e-books for you out loud so that you can perform other activities like driving a car or doing something else while you learn new things from your book
  • It also can scan your whole computer and find out any and every type of files that you want to find

Sadly, this application is only available for windows but we have a powerful application for all Mac users reading this article. So, don’t go away and go through the entire article.

Pricing: $239

4. Speechnotes

best voice recognition software, voice recognition software 2020

This software was designed on the shoulders of the speech recognition engines powered by Google. It is a minimalistic application that has a clean interface with an online dictation tool built in that can transcribe your speech into text with an accuracy rate of over 90%.

One amazing thing about this application is that you don’t have to buy anything, you don’t have to download, register, or install anything. It is truly the most accessible voice recognition software out there right now.

Some important features of Speechnotes are:

  • Automatic Capitalization of the beginning of sentences
  • Dictate and type at the same time
  • Autosave your documents

It is only available on Google Chrome.

Pricing: Free

5. e-Speaking

best voice recognition software, voice recognition software 2020

e-Speaking was designed in the shoulders of Microsoft’s amazing creations that have revolutionized many things we take for granted these days. These creations are:

  • Speech Application Program Interface
  • .Net Framework

Both of these creations play a pivotal role in the workings of this software. e-Speaking is an incredible application that allows you to gain control of your computer and perform certain tasks for you.

You can also dictate all of the emails and documents that you want to work on and make the computer read all of them aloud.

One incredible thing about the application is that there are more than 100 commands built inside the software and you can even train it to add more commands in its database.

It is only available on Windows.

Pricing: $14

6. Voice Finger

This is a very different application from all of the other ones that are listed on this page. It is a voice recognition software that allows people with disabilities to control their external devices connected to their computers, such as mouse and keyboards.

Using this application, they can easily click all of the buttons that are on the mouse to perform their desired action on the computer screen.

They can also drag and drop different items from one place to the other, on the computer and they can also double-click or triple-click to perform different actions on the computer.

You can also perform activities like holding and hitting the keys of your keyboard and speak commands to be typed into the computer.

This application is available only for Windows.

Pricing: $9.99

7. Google Now

Google Now is the voice recognition feature of the Google search that you can perform on the Google application. Yeah, we know that was a lot of Google’s, but bear with me. It is an amazing piece of software that is available for devices that are running iOS and Android.

Although it is available for iOS devices, the application is best suited for Android. Why? Well, Google has the advantage here and Android being its native firmware, they were bound to keep somethings on a tight leash.

Some of the features that these application offers are:

  • On Android, you can use this application to perform a lot of different tasks like answering calls or sending texts
  • On iOS, this application can perform different search operations but nothing too advanced

Pricing: Free

8. Siri

best voice recognition software, voice recognition software 2020

We told you we had something unique for the iOS users to be happy about in this article. Siri is one of the best applications we have on this list. It is a virtual assistant that is only accessible through devices that are running iOS.

Siri’s database is immensely vast and you can perform dozens of different functionalities just by saying them in the microphone of your device. That are about 21 different languages that are supported via Siri.

It is sadly not supported by Android devices as it is native for iOS devices. On iOS devices this software is pre-installed and you can change a lot of different things about your Siri like the voice, the accent, and the way it will respond when you call for it.

Some of the features that this application has are:

  • Siri can help you connect a call to your contacts not just from the phone directory but from many different applications like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, etc
  • You can set it up to announce the name of the person who is calling, which is quite helpful for disabled users
  • You can set up alarms, reminders, and timers according to your needs and requirements

Pricing: Free

9. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex is one of the key ingredients while making an application. The developers use this to create a more conversational interface of every application that fits the description.

This bot, when developed, can be used in various entities like IoT devices, chat platforms, and different mobile clients.

Some of the features that it offers are:

  • It provides 8 kHz telephony audio support
  • It has the ability for multi-turn conversations
  • It can be integrated with AWS Lambda

Pricing: Visit the website to create your custom package

10. Microsoft Bing Speech API

best voice recognition software, voice recognition software 2020

This API is used in applications that want the ability to transcribe the audio it receives into text. This text can then be displayed in the application or shared if the user wants to. It has an immense database that allows into performing the transcribing function into many different languages.

Some of the features that these application offers are:

  • Its database contains the support of over 15 different languages
  • It can be crucial to perform a real-time continuous recognition

Pricing: You can contact the company to get an estimate

11. Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Siri. It’s a virtual assistant with voice recognition capabilities that enable it to perform different tasks and functions. This software is available on Windows, as well as, on android and iOS.

Pricing: Free

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