10 Best Grammarly Alternatives to Use in 2023


If you are a working professional who has a close relationship with writing text pieces for the sake of copywriting or anything that needs stellar write-ups, then you may have heard about Grammarly.

This application helps millions of people all over the world to check their grammar mistakes and also check if their text pieces are plagiarized or not. The application is pretty feature-packed with things like numerous writing styles, suggestions for vocabulary and grammar, and also syntax.

But with every software in the industry, there are a lot of different applications on the market that might be a better fit for some users, than Grammarly. So, for those users, we have in this article, some of the best Grammarly alternatives that they can use in 2023.

10 Best Grammarly Alternatives

Here is a list of the alternatives that we are going to discuss in this article.

Let’s take a look at all of these textual tools in detail and find out how they are better than Grammarly.

1. WhiteSmoke

White Smoke

One of the best Grammarly alternatives that you can find on the market right now is WhiteSmoke. The application is full of different features like outstanding proofreading, word choice style mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and also meaning-related errors, among many others.

Key Features

  • You can use the application to detect hundreds of undetected errors
  • The application allows you to rebuild the ground up to improve productivity and performance, and it also offers additional information about each error that is present in your text
  • The application has a redesigned layout and improved user experience to increase efficiency


  • This tool is free to use

2. Slick Write


Another Grammarly alternative that helps you highlight all of the mistakes that you made in your text like passive voice, common starting words, adverbs, and other redundant sentences is called Slick Write.

Key Features

  • Prepositional Phrase Index
  • Using the application, you can also monitor the flow of your content structure, sentence length, and word length
  • Display key Statistics
  • Allows you to check Readability Index


  • The applications are free to use right now as no premium plans are being offered by the company

3. Hemmingway

Hemingway app

The next item on the list is Hemmingway. The application is a great Grammarly alternative that was designed in such a way that it doesn’t bother much with punctuation and spell-checking. Instead, it checks lengthy sentences, complex and complicated words, and lengthy sentences.

Key Features

  • Doesn’t require an internet connection
  • Improves readability for the average user
  • Clean, and easy to use interface
  • This application helps you to break your large size sentences into small part to make it more readable
  • Suggestions and pointers are very detailed


  • If you want to use the basic web application version of the tool, then you don’t have to pay a single dime to the company
  • If you want to use the application, then you will have to pay $19.99

4. Virtual Writing

Virtual writing tutor

This is an amazing text-editing tool that is widely used all over the world by bloggers, other professionals, but most of all writers. The applications check your text for spelling errors, grammar issues, punctuation problems, and many other issues like paraphrasing and stuff.

Key Features

  • Clichés and power words
  • Target structures
  • Checks and enrich vocabulary
  • Field-related vocabulary
  • Grammar error correction games


  • This Grammarly alternative is free-to-use

5. Druide Antidote

Druide Antidote

Probably one of the most powerful Grammarly alternatives on the list is Antidote. The application is an incredible English and French language grammar checker that offers other services like error analysis, online dictionary, and grammar diagnostics, among many others.

Key Features

  • Multiple dictionaries with powerful search tools
  • Detailed syntactic analysis of sentences
  • Advanced corrector with smart filters
  • Clear and detailed language guides
  • One-click correction of all typographical errors
  • The application allows you to display bold, italic and emoji’s on its interface


  • You can use the English and the French version of the application for $129.95, which will buy you a one-year subscription
  • If you want to continue the subscription after one year but for one language, either English or French, for $59, and both, you will have to pay $99

6. ProWritingAid

ProWriting Aid

The next alternative on the list is ProWritingAid. The application is great for the power users but also when you are concerned about the pricing. The application enables you to check your grammar issues, plagiarism-related issues, and other readability issues that are present in your text using an AI Detector.

Key Features

  • You can also run a readability analysis, which allows you to test how easy it is to read and understand your draft for the reader
  • Supports Mac and Windows devices
  • Offers detailed report on all grammar errors
  • Provides a thesaurus for word suggestions


  • If you want to get the premium account of the application for a single year, then the price is $79
  • But if you want to purchase the software for a lifetime, then you have to pay a single payment of $299

7. Scribendi


Another great example of a great text editor is Scribendi. The application provides a professional editing service, which you can use for all types of content that you are writing. This content can be any blog post, social media posts, or some other writing materials that you are working on.

Key Features

  • Essay editing service
  • Grammar check for document editing
  • Proofreading service for students
  • Proofread for corporate material
  • Manual and brochure Proofreading


  • The company builds a custom subscription for you according to the number of words you process

8. Sapling


Another great tool to aid you in improving your writing skills is Sapling. With Sapling’s wide array of features, you can perfect your writing most flexibly. Whether it is a spell, check, sentence correction, or autocomplete suggestion, this tool has it all.

Moreover, it has learning technology (akin to GPT-2/GPT-3), which can provide you with the best recommendations. Therefore, increase your productivity and add clarity to everything you write.

So, just add the Sapling extension to your chrome or any other browser and you are set to create a perfect document.


  • Correct spelling and typos
  • Grammar checks to rephrase sentences
  • 60% better grammar check than other tools
  • Secures Data processing
  • AI-powered autocomplete
  • Canned message and macros
  • Snippets to automate common phrases and expand search
  • Autocomplete sentences
  • Quick copy editing with the help of pop-ups


  • The tool is free to use at that moment.

9. SentenceCheckup


This is another great Grammarly alternative to help you create flawless documents. Moreover, the best part is that it is online and free to use the tool. SentenceCheckup helps you to not only improve your grammar but also helps you check your sentences for increased clarity and conciseness.

Thus, it is a great place to create documents that are readable, clear, and engaging. After all, who doesn’t like to create content that gets the most traffic and awesome reviews, right?


  • Improves sentence structure
  • Detect grammatical errors
  • Makes use of advanced algorithms to check and correct errors
  • Different languages and dialects are available
  • Ignore the errors features for the ones you don’t want to be removed


  • It is a free and available online extension for all browsers.

10. Ginger

GingerGrammarGinger is one of the best Grammarly Alternatives to speed up your writing process and create the most fluent documents. This tool has been created by the Israelis that uses Natural Language Processor to improve your docs. It is aided by Artificial intelligence that not only assists in checking grammar but also improves your sentence structures as per the context.

Moreover, the best is that it is not limited to Word Docs only, it works across all websites, tools, and devices effectively.

Thus, you can add its free chrome extension now and begin creating documents that are errorless and engaging. So, why wait right?


  • The Sentence Rephraser tool helps to create unique text and enrich the existing one.
  • Checks for grammatical errors with a grammar checker tool
  • Correct punctuation and increase fluency
  • It can also be utilized for translation purposes.
  • A personal trainer is available to improve your writing skills
  • Online proofreading with a single click
  • It can be used on all types of browsers including Chrome, Windows, iOS etc.


  • Free plan with limited corrections
  • Monthly-$19.99 per month
  • Quarterly-$15.98 per month
  • Annually-$ 12.48 per month


These were our top picks for the most incredible Grammarly alternatives that you can find on the market right now, and if you want to check out our recommended pick apart from these ones then go to Winston AI.

As you know that not every piece of software is for every user, and there might be some of you that don’t like the applications that we have proposed in this article, and want to browse your own choices.

If that’s the case and you find something good in your quest, let us know about those software’s so that we can feature them in our articles next time and help more people.

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