10 Tips on Creating Attractive Banners for your Business

attractive banner

Custom banners are inexpensive but efficient advertising for your company or event. They may be used to welcome attendees to a fundraiser, waved about in front of a shop, or hung on a wall during a trade show.

If you aren’t a graphic designer, it’s pretty unlikely that you know the first thing there is to know about how to create a banner. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your printed banners are excellent and draw attention to yourself.

1. Select the Appropriate Banner in Both Size and Style

Banners are available in a wide variety of forms and dimensions. In addition, some are free-standing, some are planted in the ground, and others are hung on the wall. Determine which fashion works best for your requirements before moving on to the next phase.

Small Banners: If you organize an event for a relatively small number of people, you should only utilize minimal banners. If you require banners as part of a more considerable advertising effort, they are also an excellent solution for you to consider.

Medium  Banner: An alternative ideal for the wallet is a banner of medium size. Although it is big enough to be seen, you are not charged for the additional square inches it occupies.

Large Banners: Since this design is more horizontal than vertical, the text on your banner will appear from left to right. Especially if it is high on a wall, it will be pretty simple to detect and may be seen from a considerable distance.

Banners Displayed Standing Put a flag standing at the door, so it gets the most attention. Because the banners are longer than they are broad, the design you choose will be examined starting from the very top and working its way down.

Roll-Up Banners: If you need a banner that you can use repeatedly, you can’t go wrong with a roll-up banner since it can be folded up and stored away easily. It is simple to keep out and bring back out for another usage in the future.

Tent and Banner Combos: For outdoor events such as farmer’s markets, community fairs, and art displays, a banner tied to a tent may be a handy advertising tool.

Banners with Text on Both Sides Do customers often enter your business via various entrances? Use a large banner printing on both sides so the design can be seen from any direction.

Banner Flags: Using banner flags to decorate the outside of your business is a terrific idea. Be sure your design can be seen even if the banner moves about in the wind since this form has more significant movement than others.

Before you decide on a size and style for your custom banners, it is a good idea to devise a design that you want to put on them. Remember that if you have the money in the budget, you also have the option of investing in digital signs. In general, engaging in a little bit of proactive thought can assist you in selecting the banners that are most suitable for your requirements.

2. Turn the images on the banner into vectors.


Software programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Quark create vector graphics. When designing a banner, using vectored pictures allows you to scale, change, or resize anything in the design without worrying about blurriness or distortion resulting from the transformation. Because of this, the pattern or text will be much simpler to decipher.

There is no need to panic if you do not have access to software that can do vectoring. The vast majority of printing businesses, particularly the more reputable ones, will vectorize your design at no additional cost to you.

3. Be sure to provide pertinent information.

Being imaginative is encouraged, but you should be sure not to let it go out of hand. Make it a point to include the information that is most relevant someplace on the printed banners you have. These are inscriptions on a sign and your message in its intended context.

You shouldn’t only focus on the aesthetic aspect of your banner. It is essential to include at least one line of text, whether it is the name of your firm or a significant statement such as “50% Off Sale” or “Free Oil Changes.” Because people won’t want to wait around and read a book, you should try to limit the number of characters you utilize to fewer than 50.

Relevant Visuals

The speed at which our brains can comprehend visuals is 60,000 times quicker than the speed at which they can process words. Because of this, your banner must have some form of images that are pertinent to the subject matter. In addition, it is not a bad idea to include a brief call to action if there is space for it.

Take, for instance, the scenario in which you are about to announce the introduction of a brand-new kind of wine. Put the bottle or a wine glass on the banner at some location, along with the phrase “Pour Yourself a Glass.” Is a 5K being put on by your charitable organization? Alongside the text “Sign Up Today!” print a finish line or silhouettes of runners with their hands in the air. Consider which images most accurately convey the meaning of the information you’re attempting to obtain.

4. Print Your Company’s Name and Logo Near the Very Top

A logo belongs on the top.

As was previously noted, the significance of your company’s logo cannot be overstated. Make sure it is pointed towards the top of your banner, making it easy to see. People must notice it. It is beneficial when participating in a crowded event.

It also prevents it from interfering with any pertinent information or graphics included in the remainder of the design, thanks to the logo located at the top. The message you are attempting to convey must not be hampered.

5. Use a Legible Font

legible font

Use a readable font: Nobody wants to have to strain their eyes to read the banner you have displayed since nobody wants to do that. In addition to this, you don’t want there to be any embarrassing blunders or misunderstandings. Because of this, you should limit yourself to using only the most acceptable typefaces for your banners.

The following typefaces are quite legible when they are printed:

  • The Gothic of the Century
  • Helvetica
  • Verdana
  • Georgia
  • PT Sans & PT Serif
  • Quicksand
  • Rooney
  • Karla
  • Roboto
  • Futura
  • Arial
  • Lato

Remember that you are not restricted to only these fonts, even though they are lovely. Georgia has a business-friendly climate which makes it easy to register an LLC in Georgia. If you want to promote a new haunted home, you might pick a typeface that gives off a spooky vibe; bubble letters may be amusing for a fair geared at children, and cursive could appear very elegant for a formal dinner or anniversary party. Ensure that it is readable, and you should be ready to go!


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6. Ensure that it is symmetrical.

Achieving balance and harmony in your design should be the primary focus of your efforts. Consider it to be similar to the wings of a butterfly. Everything on the left or the top will also be identically on the right or the bottom.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith poster is an excellent example of symmetrical design. A person standing to the left and another to the right are striking the same position. Meanwhile, there is text at the top of the film’s title and at the bottom of the release date. Additional excellent examples are the films 127 Hours and 1917. They make varied use of the available space yet maintain the exact aesthetic symmetry and harmony level.

Make your customized banners with these movie posters serving as inspiration. You want them to be well-balanced but not unduly hectic simultaneously.

7. Keep an eye on the overall color scheme.

The use of color is essential in marketing. It is not the time to be bashful or to stick to muted tones when designing custom banners; instead, they should be bold, conspicuous, and vivid. Bright colors like blues, yellows, purples, reds, pinks, or any other bright hue will attract people’s attention.

Suppose you have no recollection of your high school art class. In that case, you may utilize the complementary colors on the color wheel to direct your design: Colorized advertisements get up to forty percent more attention than their monochromatic counterparts. The same holds for banners. In addition, events held outdoors benefit from the use of vibrant colors since attendees will be noticeable.

8. Make Sure to Pay attention to the Layout and the Spacing

Because symmetry requires some space, you shouldn’t feel like you have to pack an excessive amount of content into your design. Keep the banners that you have produced straightforward.

Make your selection from one of these two formats:

Find out in advance where your banners will be by scouting around the location where they will be displayed. You may use this information to select whether you want a portrait or landscape view. After all, choosing a landscape print for your concert notice and then having a large shrub outside obscure your banner would be a terrible idea, wouldn’t it?

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9. Avoid Being Unexciting

Don’t be such a bore! You have been given much guidance about the design of a banner, but if there’s one thing you want to remember about the process, it’s to ensure that your banner is never monotonous!

A business banner’s dual purpose is to tempt visitors into wanting to find out more about your company while also motivating them to come and see you in person. People will ignore it entirely if it does not have an engaging print or message.

10. Remain Faithful to the Persona of Your Brand

It would help if you didn’t wander too far from the essence of your business while designing your banners. It would be strange for a zoo or water park to utilize a professional typeface and color palette, for example, and law firms should avoid giant printing clowns on their banners.

Forbes estimates that maintaining a consistent brand presentation might result in a revenue gain of up to 23 percent. Do you identify as sincere? In your banner, make use of colors and graphics that are earthy. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of angled corners and aggressive typefaces.

Banner advertising is much more cost-effective than billboard advertising, yet it works just as well. You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you follow these design suggestions, and you’ll be able to put something on the show that is difficult to miss if you do so. Happy printing!

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