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Since its introduction to the commercial market in 2004, when it became accessible to companies for the first time, Basecamp has been an ingenious tool for project managers worldwide.

Over all these years, many innovative and cutting-edge project management solutions have arisen, many of which are now capable of simply outperforming Basecamp in various respects.

However, people’s imaginations are readily drawn into wondering whether or not Basecamp would be able to match our project management requirements due to the company’s inexpensive cost and enormous customer base.

Is it as good as the folks who are behind it say it is going to be?

In all candor, Basecamp is, without a doubt, one of the software programs with the most competitive prices that can be used to manage your teams as well as your projects.

However, before you leap to the conclusion that it is the best, you need to be aware of how Basecamp assists you with the management of projects.

In addition to this, you need to be familiar with the various alternatives to Basecamp that are available all over the Internet so that you may manage your projects in an even more effective manner.

What Is Basecamp?

Productivity Land, Basecamp-best project management software

Basecamp is an all-inclusive project management and team communication platform.

The software markets itself as an “all-inclusive toolset for remote work.” It distinguishes itself from other remote working solutions due to its abundance of built-in collaboration capabilities, such as group chat, message boards, and team calendars.

However, compared to other project management software, the price for all these additional capabilities is somewhat lofty.

What is Basecamp Used for?

The application is intended to assist remote workers in overcoming common obstacles such as dispersed projects, lengthy email threads, spreadsheets, conversations, etc.

This real-time collaboration technology helps geographically distributed teams to stay on the same page, organize their work in a central location, and communicate efficiently.

Using Basecamp, you can build projects, enhance your workflows, and keep track of all your tasks, files, discussions, and other work-related information.

Furthermore, the software helps you view the current status of your work, understand what everyone is working on, and prepare everyone to be aware of upcoming events.

Now we will move to the handy features of Basecamp Project Management Software, which are what will ultimately sway our opinion on the software.


Basecamp consolidates into a single, simplified package all the tools necessary for teams to complete their tasks.

With everything in one location, your staff will know exactly what to do, where things stand, and where to obtain the necessary materials.

To-Do Lists

Create to-do lists for all the work you need to do, assign tasks, and set due dates. Basecamp will follow up on overdue tasks for you.

  • Add notes and file attachments
  • Comment directly on tasks and lists
  • Track work with Basecamp exclusive Hill Charts

Message Boards

Keep the entire discussion around a certain issue on a single page. No more sifting through emails or attempting to piece together a narrative from a series of disjointed responses.

  • Personalize with custom post kinds
  • Include photos and attachments in your message
  • Applaud messages and comments you like
  • Share with everyone or specific people


Each project in Basecamp contains a timetable that lists all dated to-dos and events associated with the project. Everyone working on the project can view it, so they will all be aware of upcoming tasks.

  • Add dates, times, and date ranges to events
  • Register using Google Calendar/iCal/Outlook
  • Events are discussed on their page.
  • Add individuals to be notified when something changes

Documents And File Storage

Every project comprises a repository for sharing documents, files, and snapshots. Since everyone entangled in the project has access, everyone will know precisely where to track down everything.

  • Simple drag-and-drop upload
  • Every file contains a full version history
  • Rearrange and color-code files to maintain order

Real-Time Group Chat

Basecamp’s real-time group chat (Campfires) enables you to ask short queries and get equally sharp answers. All without utilizing a separate application.

  • Every project has its chat area
  • Mention someone to attract their focus
  • Attach files, quotations, and code samples
  • Enjoy using noises, videos, and emojis

Check-in Questions

Stop wasting time with status updates. Check-ins enable you to pose questions to your team regularly, with all responses packaged into a single, easily-digestible thread.

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly interrogation
  • Ask the team as a whole or specific members
  • Choose the time of day you’d like to inquire
  • Actively comment on certain replies

Client Access

If you deal with customers regularly, you’re going to adore this. Collaborate with your customers and your staff in a single, well-organized location, ensuring everything is documented.

  • The clients’ complete lack of need for prior education
  • Send incoming messages from customers directly to Basecamp
  • Clients can access shared to-do lists, emails, and other information
  • Everything is confidential unless and until you decide to disclose it

Hill Charts

Utilize Basecamp’s one-of-a-kind Hill Charts to get a clear picture of the current status of your projects. Will we be able to meet the deadline for the project? Are humans stuck?

  • Track your development over time with the help of history snapshots.
  • Each update supports the addition of annotations
  • React to the updates by posting comments or boosting them.
  • Remove the necessity of performing daily stand-up

Direct messages (Pings)

Do you need to have a confidential discussion with one of your coworkers? Pings enable you to have real-time conversations with anyone else who uses the same Basecamp account as you.

  • Engage in one-on-one or small-group discussions in private
  • Search your past conversations
  • Attach files, quotations, and code samples
  • Have a good time playing around with emojis, sounds, and videos!

Email Forwards

Important emails should not languish in the inbox. Mail them to Basecamp so that you may argue them with your team.

  • Each project has a distinct forwarding address
  • Privately discuss sent emails
  • Respond to the sender as soon as possible.
  • Future replies will be delivered straight to Basecamp


Stop wondering what is occurring and instead get knowledge. Reports that encompass every team and project provide a rapid snapshot of the current status.

  • See what is past due or due shortly
  • View all of a person’s allocated duties
  • Check out today’s achievements and upcoming events

The rest of it

  • Personalize each project. Choose the necessary tools and label them as you see fit
  • Paste the URL to YouTube videos, Tweets, and more into messages or comments
  • View all of your allocated tasks for each project in one location, sorted by the due date
  • Themes! Customize Basecamp’s interface by altering its color
  • Receive a summary of daily events in your inbox each morning
  • Important communications, to-do lists, and other documents can be bookmarked for rapid access
  • Create public links to share with those who do not have a Basecamp account
  • View an agenda of all upcoming activities across all projects
  • Notification schedules assist in preventing weekend work intrusion
  • View teams and projects as cards or in a list format

The following is a list of the best Basecamp features, along with average ratings from users:

  • Collaboration Tools: 4.4 (924)
  • Project Planning/Scheduling: 4.2(401)
  • Task Scheduling: 4.5(114)
  • File Sharing: 4.4(655)
  • Task Management: 4.4(961)
  • Communication Management: 4.4(139)
  • Reporting/Project Tracking: 4.3(837)
  • Mobile Access: 4.2(114)
  • Alerts/Notifications: 4.4(110)
  • Prioritization: 4.0(278)
  • Discussions / Forums: 4.5(95)
  • Idea Management: 4.2(408)
  • Milestone Tracking: 4.0(277)
  • Percent-Complete Tracking: 4.0(297)

Pricing & Plans

basecamp pricing

Basecamp Business

This is the plan for you if you want to use Basecamp as the platform for running your business.

Includes every feature that Basecamp offers and has no limits on the number of users or projects you can manage.

  • Limitless projects

Build as many projects as you need to keep things categorized

  • Unlimited users

Bring on anyone and everyone. No per-seat charges

  • 5kGB storage space

Converge everything with packs of storage space

  • Limitless clients

Work with clients & contractors in Basecamp

  • Extended client access

Boost total control over what clients can see

  • Project templates

Rescue time by rapidly spinning up alike projects

  • Preference support

Jump to the front of the line when you need assistance

Basecamp Personal

Excellent for usage in private endeavors, by students and freelancers, by families, and for light work.

  • 3 projects

Require more? Upgrade to Basecamp Business

  • 20 users

Require more? Upgrade to Basecamp Business

  • 1GB storage space

Require more? Boost to Basecamp Business

Alternatives of Basecamp


The best website for integrating project management and sales is

Check out our in-depth review of – a complete work management app.

2. ClickUp

The most effective project management tool is ClickUp.

3. Asana

The perfect mix of strength and simplicity

4. Jira

Jira allows you to organize, monitor, and manage all of your agile and software development projects. Personalize your workflow, engage in productive collaboration, and produce excellent software.

5. Trello

Today’s most affordable project management software for installation

6. Teamwork

For the client- and service-based enterprises, teamwork is best

7. Smartsheet

The best tool for transforming spreadsheets into project management gold is Smartsheet.

8. Wrike

Wrike: a project management software that has won multiple awards and is applicable for teams with at least five members due to the platform’s ability to support an endless number of users.


Users in the business world that are looking for a single platform that can handle project management, team collaboration, and remote work might consider using Basecamp.

Basecamp is easily distinguishable from other products available on the market today due to its all-inclusive price model and integrated chat features for teams.

However, one should be aware that Basecamp does contain some restrictions. It is unquestionably superior for projects at the most fundamental level.

If the needs of your team are more complex, you might think about employing one of the technologies that were revealed before.

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