8 Best Estimate Software of 2023


Are you tired of creating estimates that take hours to create and chances of error are still there? Yes? We understand and that’s the reason we have picked the best estimate software that makes your job effortless.

However, several business owners, whenever they read estimate software, think about expensive and hard-to-manage software. But we will break that myth and provide you with a list of budget-friendly estimate software that actually helps you create and send free estimates to your clients.

So, before wasting any time, let’s get started with the list of best estimate software:

1) InvoiceOwl


If you are looking to win clients with your professional estimation, InvoiceOwl is for you. InvoiceOwl allows you to create and send estimates within a few minutes! The cloud-based software has a simple user interface and is effortless.

As a contract business owner or contractor, you can find multiple templates based on the construction industry. Moreover, by using this estimating tool, you can send clear estimates from any mobile device- whether you are an Android or iOS user.

With InvoiceOwl, you can customize estimates and manage reports which will help you to get faster approval.  Also, you can create labor and material cost estimates which will help clients to understand the project and cost better.


  • 14-days free trial
  • The growth plan starts from $11.99/ per month

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2) Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoices

Zoho invoice is the estimating software that helps to manage estimation smoothly. The automation software is known for its sync bank accounts and ease of use. It allows you to create, send estimates, and track expenses.

Moreover, you can manage time and report with its tracking feature. You can make payments and check estimates which help to reduce your workload.

Empower your customers with a self-service portal where they can view their invoices, check estimates, make payments, and more. The automated process has features like scheduling email and calculating discounts, due dates, and other modes of payments. 


  • 14-days free trial
  • The basic plan starts from $9/ per month; up to 50 clients

3) FreshBooks

saas tools, best saas tool

FreshBooks services are ideal for small businesses as they provide affordable and easy-to-use estimate software. It allows you to create invoices, mode of payments, and time-tracking to manage work.

The software allows you to generate and send an outline of items to clients for approval before executing the project. FreshBooks offers estimates to convert into an invoice. Therefore, the chances of mistakes in estimation decrease.

Moreover, you will get all financial information in one place, so the business owner doesn’t need to spend hours gathering and summing up all information,


  • Free Trial
  • The basic plan starts from $7.50/ per month

4) QuickBooks

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One of the dynamic features of QuickBooks is customized estimation and invoice. The automation software has a comprehensive record service that allows you to create and analyze detailed reports on invoices and estimates.

Also, you can have similar invoices and estimates and send them to multiple clients. You can find all financial reports or estimate-related metrics on the dashboard of the software. With QuickBooks, it is simple and fast to access all information.

Moreover, you can have access to other QuickBooks accounting tools which make your accounting work more effortless. It is suitable software for expanding and detailed reporting.


  • 30-days Free Trial
  • The simple plan starts from $25/ per month

5) Wave


Wave is one of the best estimates generating software for small business owners because it provides both estimate and accounting altogether. Wave is a free cloud-based estimating software that helps to track the payment.

Moreover, you can manage and track bills, expenses, and other financial modes all-in-one. It allows you to create and send professional estimates within a minute. Also, it will remind you about the remaining payment and due date.

The automation software tracks the status of your estimation and notifies you when to expect money in your account. Also, track expenses and income with their receipt scanning tools and banking transactions.


  • Free

6) Invoice Simple


As the name suggests, Invoice simply helps you to create estimates and invoices easily and in a simple method. The estimating software allows you to send, track, manage and customize estimates from desktop and tablet.

If an efficient mobile application for estimating software appears, Invoice Simple comes on the list. The software offers a vast range of accounting and reporting functions and allows you to manage.

Invoice Simple provides customizable templates for a quick estimate. The payments are accepted with debit and credit cards.


  • Free up to 3 invoices
  • $6.99/ monthly subscription
  • $59.99/ annually subscription

7) Square

square app

If you are in the contract business for a long time, you might have heard about Square. It is a well-known software for point of sale but also has efficient estimate software. The free cloud-based software allows the estimate to convert into invoices.

Square offers share contract templates along with estimates. You can also keep track of paid and unpaid invoices with the mobile application of Square, thus you can work anywhere and anytime.

The cloud-based software reminds you of payment and customized estimates like adding color, text, the logo of your business. 


  • A free version is available
  • 9% + $0.30 is the charge per transaction if you are doing debit/card payments

8) Stack

Stack is a free take-off and estimate software. It is an ideal software for general contractors, subcontractors, and business owners as they offer a fast estimation process. The Stack allows team members to comment, describe and leave a note.

It makes the communication and balance in accounting clear by allowing us to provide essential information. The cloud-based software has features like cost estimating, job costing, data import, and cost database.

Moreover, it enables you to customize the product and offer an extensive built-in cost database that makes estimates simpler. Also, their customer service and support is considered one of the best in the contract industry.


  • Free version
  • The yearly package starts from $1,999/ per year

Final Take

A professional estimation is highly valuable in the industry and it is only possible with an effective estimate software. The cloud-based software makes your work easier and allows you to manage estimates seamlessly.  So, without any second doubt, adopt an estimating software and win potential clients.

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