10 Best Password Managers of 2023 – Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Windows

We live in an era of technology, where we spend a big part of our lives online. There is no wonder that it becomes more and more difficult to keep everything safe and private, even if we can have to put passwords for every account we have.

That is why we decided to do a roundup for the 10 best password managers and help you keep your online life safe!

Why do you need an online password manager?

Most people use simple passwords that are easy to guess, not to mention that there is plenty of software that can help crack a password in minutes.

Also, sometimes you need to put different passwords for different websites, and it’s easy to mix them up or forget them. By choosing one of the best password managers you can be sure that you have all your passwords safe and accessible to you only.

The Best Password Managers of 2023

1. 1Password

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Browsers

🌟 Best Password Manager for iPhone

1Password is one of the simplest online password managers that you can use, and it can help you store all your passwords in a safe place without losing any one of them again.

It has a simple interface, it is easy to use, and it can store all your passwords. It has a special section that will allow you to keep your business safe and make sure that your employees are being as careful as they can with their work.

Of course, home users can also benefit tremendously from one of the best password managers! You can store as many or as little passwords as you need.


You can try 1Password for free and convince yourself that it is really what you need. After that, you will pay $2.99 monthly as a single user and $4.99 for your entire family.

If you want to get your work team on board you have to pay $3.99 per user monthly which offers you access to special features, or $7.99 per user monthly for the Business package.

Are you part of a large enterprise? Then ask for a custom quote and the team from 1Password will give you what you need.

2. Dashlane

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

🌟 Best Password Manager for Mac

Dashlane may be one of the best free password managers out there, and you can use it with ease thanks to its simple features and friendly look. It has all the features that you need, and probably much more!

With Dashlane you can not only store all your passwords safely in one place, but you can use the autofill function, so you don’t have to put them manually every time. Don’t worry! They are completely safe, as Dashlane will keep an eye on your online security as well as warn you when things don’t seem right. Another important feature of this online password manager is that you can also store your notes, documents and even payment details; have them all one click away!

Since Dashlane is one of the most awesome free password managers, you can easily use their free plan that gives you the chance to store up to 50 passwords, to install autofill and to safely store your payment details – all this on a single device.


If you want even more protection, you can choose their Premium package for $3.33 per month and you get Dashlane on as many devices as you want, plus Dark Web Monitoring and a secure VPN to use.

3. Kaspersky Password Manager

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

🌟 Best Password Manager for Android

If you ever worried about your online security, then Kaspersky is probably not a stranger to you. Why may this be the best password manager for Chrome and why it may be suitable for you?

Kaspersky brings something special to the table: a secure digital vault for your passport, driver’s license, bank cards, and other personal data. Of course, this apart from guarding all your passwords, syncing all the passwords across your devices and giving you the option to activate autofill for your comfort.

If you use Kaspersky on your mobile, you can unlock it not only with a master password but also with your fingerprint!


To benefit from all these great features, you pay $14.99 per user monthly, but if you don’t want all these features you can go for the free version, that is just as secure and useful!

4. McAfee True Key

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

🌟 Best Password Manager App for Windows

The technology is evolving every single day, and so does McAfee True Key. That is why some people think it may be one of the best password managers for the iPhone and much more, and it incorporates all the features that you may need to be safe and protected online.

The McAfee True Key auto-saves and auto-fills your passwords, so you can be confident that you have everything you need in one place, and you will never forget your passwords again. Are you afraid that someone will sign into your McAfee?

That’s quite impossible since they use multi-factor authentication and you can even choose to authenticate with your fingerprint or using a face recognition software. You can add as many authenticating factors as you want, until you feel completely safe!


You can choose the free version which gives you the opportunity to store up to 15 passwords at once, and access to all the features. If you need more space than that, you can pay $19.99 per year and store unlimited passwords that will sync automatically on all your devices!

5. Avast Password Manager

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

🌟 Best Online Password Manager

When you have all your passwords in the same place, your life becomes much simpler. You can enjoy using any online website without worrying that you will forget your password or that someone will find their way into your private accounts.

Is Avast Password manager one of the best online password managers for you? Probably. It can store all your passwords, all your credit card numbers, it can sync them across all your devices and keep you safe while browsing the Internet.


You can buy a subscription for $19.99 per year, and you can enjoy unlimited space and devices. If you only use one device and you don’t have too many passwords or payment details to store, the free version will do the job just fine.

6. Sticky Password

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

🌟 Best Free Password Manager for iPhone

Were you the person who always wrote their passwords on sticky notes, for everyone to see and risk losing them anyway? If yes, you need Sticky Password to change the way you secure your online activity.

Maybe one of the best password managers for Mac and much more, Sticky Password is easy to use, and it can store your online passwords, payment details, personal details and anything else you wouldn’t want others to know.

It can fill out the forms for you on any website, and it does not allow any malware to access your private information.


As for the pricing of Sticky Password, it depends entirely on your needs. If you are not a passionate technology user, the basic, free version will be more than enough for you.

However, if you spend a lot of time online and you need to store a lot of passwords and make sure you have them on all your devices, you may want to spend $29.99 per year for a Sticky Password subscription, or a lifetime package for $149.99.

7. Keeper Security

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Browsers

🌟 Secure Online Password Manager App

Forgetting one single password can not only compromise your entire online presence, but it can also create serious troubles for your work.

Why not choose the best password manager for Android or the best password manager for MAC and prevent this from happening?

Keeper Security will help you prevent any data breaches, it will cut helpdesk costs and it may improve productivity. You can store your passwords, your financial details, and you can create passwords that are impressing to guess by anyone.

Keeper Security will also auto-fill all your personal details every time you want to buy something online.


Depending on your needs, you can choose a Personal (~$2.32/month), Business (~$2.76/month), Family (~$4.97/month) or Enterprise (~$4.41/month) plan. Of course, you also have the option to try Keeper Security for Free and see if it incorporates all the features that you need. There is also a 30% discount for students.

8. LastPass

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux

Very often you get frustrated when you are asked to set a new password. Every website has tricky requirements, not to mention that using too many different passwords will make you forget and mix up all of them. Will the best online password managers help you?

LastPass will safely store all your passwords, not to mention that it will choose them for you. When you don’t know what password to choose to make sure that it is completely safe, you can rely on LastPass. Also, it allows you to save your favorite log-ins, your personal details, and to sync them to all your devices.


LastPass has a Premium plan for $3 per month, and for $4 per month you can get the Families plan that will fit 6 users. Teams can get their own plan for $4 monthly, and for $6 monthly enterprises can have complete access to LastPass. Of course, you can try LastPass for free and see if it suits your needs!

9. Zoho Vault

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

When you work with a lot of people, you want to be sure that they are all on the same page and they all do only what is best for the team.

By using a great online password manager like Zoho Vault, you can be sure that every member of your team will have their passwords in a safe place.

Zoho Vault will store, organize and encrypt all your passwords, so you can find what you need in a matter of seconds. Also, you can safely share the passwords that you choose with other members of your team.

When necessary, you can limit a user’s access to all the data in an instant, not to mention how easy it will be to sign in on any platform, as Zoho Vault will fill in your details for you.


Depending on your needs, you have various options when it comes to pricing. If you need Zoho for your personal use, the Free plan may be enough.

The Standard plan is $0.9 per month, while the Professional plan is $3.6 monthly, for at least 5 users. The Enterprise plan will be useful to everyone in your company for $6.3 monthly, for at least 5 users.

10. PasswordBoss

Supported Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

If you never want to worry about your passwords again, if you never want to go through the process of getting a new password or searching for that small paper where you wrote it, PasswordBoss may be exactly what you need.

PasswordBoss allows you to store all your passwords in a safe place, and know for a fact that no one will be able to break into your online accounts.

The website also offers you the option to scan and see which of your accounts are vulnerable and could possibly be at risk. If you don’t know what passwords to choose, PasswordBoss can do this for you too!


You can try PasswordBoss for free and make sure it fits your needs, or you can pay from the start the $2.5 monthly plan for single use or $4 per month for a family of 5. The Business plan is $3 per month, while the advanced plan is $4 per month and it is suitable for teams of at least 5 users.

Top 10 Password Managers Compared

Browser Extensions
Starting Price $2.99 $3.33 $14.99 $19.99 $19.99 $29.99 $29.99 $3.00 $0.90 $2.50
Import from Browsers
Password Strength Report
Secure Sharing
Fill Web Forms


Choosing a suitable online password manager will make a huge difference in your online security, as well as in how comfortable you feel to run your business online. Why not use a password management app that can take care of your personal information for you?

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