5 Best Employee Advocacy tool to Use in 2023


How people talk, perceive, and discuss business highly impacts brand provenance in today’s world. The idea of employee advocacy is helping this cause. Using a good employee advocacy tool to further aid firms in optimizing the advocacy process has become necessary for upgrading company brand value. Employee advocacy tools are pivotal to the survival of any advocacy program

More and more businesses are utilizing their employees’ potential to act as brand ambassadors, reaping huge benefits in organic reach, increased trust, brand awareness, and increased sales. Statistics show that 64% of companies credit new business to advocacy, and 45% attribute new income streams to advocacy shows the importance of using advocacy for increased social reach and authenticity.

Employee advocacy tools, when utilized effectively, may also be incredibly successful marketing tools for your organization.

The issue is that creating, managing, and tracking an employee advocacy campaign is extremely difficult without the right software.

We reviewed the 5 top employee advocacy tools for you to use in 2023 to help the user to pick the ideal one for your specific needs.

But, before delving in to list.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy platforms are software tools that enable you to create and manage an employee advocacy campaign for your company.

Employee advocacy, like ambassador and affiliate marketing, entails workers promoting and sharing your company’s content on their personal social media networks. In this situation, the supporters are the company’s employees.

Employee advocacy campaigns, which highlight social media, are an excellent way to increase your brand’s organic reach. Furthermore, it is a great approach to capitalize on word of mouth and the increased degree of trust that occurs when someone we know personally shares an opinion or recommendation.

Employee advocacy strategies encourage workers to promote information that supports the organization, either direct or indirect, on their personal and professional social media accounts 

Employee advocacy platforms automate the whole process, from developing and gathering information to sharing it with the key staff at the right time, personalizing and customizing the content for authenticity, and lastly, measuring the program’s effectiveness and efficacy.

They integrate with most major social networking networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Getting all of that material to your workers to distribute, ensuring that they are sharing it, and measuring the overall growth of the program is what employee advocacy is about.

How to Choose the Best Employee Advocacy Platform?

When we analyze the best employee advocacy platforms, we look at various elements that speak to the platform’s excellence.

We aim to know which ones provide the most value to their consumers, are the most user-friendly, and are adaptable so that users can get the most out of what the platform offers.

In this post, we reviewed the following factors while evaluating the many alternatives available:

  • Expert user feedback
  • Demos and trials of our own platform experience
  • Pricing
  • Functions, features, and integrations
  • added benefit

To help you identify the most effective employee advocacy platforms, we have compiled all of this data and simplified it down to the essentials so that you may evaluate the various options.

We tried to include everything beneficial for everyone so that you could simply pick the optimal option for your company!

TOP 5 Employee Advocacy tool to Succeed in 2023

Our Comparison at Glance

ToolEase of use  Customer SupportPricing  G2 scoreFeatures
Hootsuite Amplify4.5/53.6/53.7/54/54.3/5
Smarp4.8/54.2 /53.6/54/54.1/5

Let’s explore each tool deeply to help you choose what’s best for you.

1. Bambu

Bambu by sprout social

Sprout Social, a social media management software, created Bambu. With an experience in social media management, it simplifies and promotes employee advocacy initiatives.

The platform keeps a record of curated information that staff participating in the program may easily share. The content can be internal or external and is chosen by the company’s internal administrators.


  • The software personalizes the employee experience, making it simpler to locate and provide relevant material to the right core audience.
  • Bambu maintains alignment and compliance during social sharing by giving teammates important context and permitted post-text recommendations.
  • To develop your social media presence, you can use the tool to assess and compare efforts to determine which employees are the most engaged and influential.

Pros & Cons

– The App is convenient and simple to use. It would be incredibly easy to use for visitors.
– Helpful and competent customer service.
– Controlling employee advocates’ social sharing is streamlined and simplified with a single, simple-to-understand dashboard.
– Workers may simply share essential news and information with their followers. 
– Posts can be scheduled in advance.
– Posts can be uploaded easily and quickly.
– The software is being regularly upgraded and updated.  
– The first team collaboration is time-consuming and quite difficult. 
– Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter icons appearing on all posts can mislead employees to choose one platform.
– Some users thought that Bambu lacked features that competitors offered.


When to Consider?

Marketers can use Bambu to build a tailored content feed for employees to post on social networks, amplifying the brand’s message.

Bambu does not offer direct integration with Sprout Social. However, it may be linked to the social network management platform of Sprout Social using Zapier.

2. Hootsuite Amplify

hootsuite amplify

Hootsuite Amplify is a social media management solution add-on from Hootsuite. Marketers can use the platform to send email notifications about new content, share pre-approved material with advocates, and upload content via a mobile app.


  • Content & Communication management
  • Easy sign-on
  • Social Sharing
  • Integrations
  • Easily accessible on mobile
  • Analytics to enhance employee engagement
  • Dashboards

Pros & Cons

 – Allows for competition comparison. 
– Desktop and smartphone versions are available.
– Highly user-friendly, with the ability to schedule postings
– Allows you to search for keywords on Twitter.
– Works with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
– The mobile app is extremely efficient 
– Shortens URLs automatically, saving time.
– The visual calendar is an extremely useful tool for scheduling posts. You can filter the date and social media platform for your post
– Analytics to show which posts produce results on which networks and sites    
– Tagging issues on various websites, significantly Twitter.
– When sharing on Instagram, multiple images/graphics are not supported. Instagram posts are often edited to fit.
– Some customers found the user interface to be cluttered or archaic, as well as difficult to navigate. 
– Since there are so many features, several users found it confusing and overwhelming at first.
– Technical assistance could be slow to reply.
– Accounts that are connected regularly disconnect and must be re-entered.
– The metrics are not particularly user-friendly in terms of titles and filters. There are few options for tracking specific actions, words, or hashtags.


When to consider?

If your organization’s workforce already uses Hootsuite, Amplify will make onboarding and training easier. Since it evaluates common B2C engagement metrics like likes, shares, comments, and total reach, it is an effective tool for enhancing brand exposure on social media.

3. Oktopost


Oktopost software tracks business analytics like clicks and conversions, as well as engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments. It is effective for B2B organizations who want to increase brand awareness while simultaneously generating business outcomes and measuring the impact of advocacy on the bottom line.


  •  Scheduling, social listening, engagement tools, and content curation.
  • Oktopost gives you control over user-generated content and also recommends new  related content 
  • Oktopost uses various Channels for content posting
  • Oktopost uses various Channels for content posting
  • Integrated with Salesforce CRM platform
  • Oktopost offers extensive stats showing traffic and leads.
  • It also displays the true ROI of social media by tracking leads back to the original post

Pros & Cons

– Simple to use and schedule postings.
– Daily Updates and new features 
– Excellent Customer service Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bitly, and Google Analytics are all integrated.
– It has a WYSIWYG editor for content creation.
– There is an image library included.
– Tracking  Allows you to retrieve analytics based on tags, social networks, and users  
– Recurring posts must be edited separately.
– Overlaps occur because scheduling does not show which posts have already been scheduled for a given day.
– Content must be added separately to each network rather than all at once.
– It does not notify a user when their profile is disconnected, thus someone may continue to share without realizing it.


When to Use?

Complete features such as content recommendations, gamification, and social compliance enable B2B businesses to not only meet marketing objectives but also boost employee engagement.

4. Sociabble


Sociabble platform goes over and above employee advocacy, with features like influencer marketing, internal communications, and employer branding.

It enables marketers to create personalized push notifications and newsletters for employees, and it integrates with retargeting tools such as Radium One. Let’s look at more basic features of the tool


  • The material is customized and organized into topical channels that may be accessed via mobile devices, desktop computers, and corporate social networks
  • To enhance Engagement the tool implement strategies like Gamification and built-in-quizzes and surveys
  • Sociabbles’ unique employee communication and advocacy platform makes the user experience easier, faster, and more engaging
  • Users can also produce their content via Sociabble
  • Administrators can set up tasks to encourage staff to develop high-quality content or campaigns

Pros & Cons

– Gathers all content in one place, making it easier to locate and share.
– Gamification keeps employees engaged and motivated.
– Filters the content given to workers, saving employees time in finding relevant stuff
– The interface is simple and  intuitive
– Excellent customer service that provides attentive and helpful after-sales support.
– It is compatible with Facebook and Twitter. Users can change recommended captions to make them more realistic.
– The platform’s core purpose and configuration are simple but can be customized for maximum utilization.
– More customizing options than competitors.
– There are some limits to customizing the content  
– Engagement cannot be measured for a specific month or week. Since there are no unique URLs, it is difficult to determine if the content was shared from the site or not.
– Tagging must be done manually; the company or people cannot be automatically tagged.
– Some customizations require an additional fee.
– Gamification is oriented toward attracting new users (and hence paying for seats on Sociabble), rather than providing incentives for existing users to support certain campaigns.


When to Use?

Users can create relevant content streams using Sociabble by collecting content from social networking, RSS feeds, and direct URL links. Users can also produce and share their content on different sites. It would be a useful platform for teams searching for internal communications as well as advocacy solutions.

5. Smarp


Smarp is a tool for employee communications, engagement, and advocacy that includes an internal content center where workers may find and share material.


  • It enables the creation, collection, and distribution of tailored information to people, teams, and groups inside an organization.
  • One-button sharing
  • Keyword restriction
  • Excellent program management.
  • Gamification for employees
  • Insightful Analysis
  • Employees may use Smarp’s mobile App to be informed while working in an office or on the go

Pros & Cons

– The features are simple and easy to use.
– The content publisher may pre-fill post titles, which saves time and makes it easier to use. This feature makes use of the proper number of characters for the channel where it will be shared.
– Analytics on the status and performance of various initiatives.
– Employees can readily access and share the most recent corporate news on social media.
– Provides weekly staff updates on what is new/what needs to be communicated, as well as the ability to track performance.
– Some users reported that it disconnected their accounts and required them to log in frequently
– Inviting team members is a time-consuming manual process for bigger teams.
– It is difficult to go through and search for earlier entries.
– Some Android users had trouble connecting.
– Only URLs for external sharing can be uploaded.
– It does not integrate for people who utilize Social Sprout.
– Image loading may be slow 


When to Use?

Smarp is an excellent tool for assessing employee engagement since it keeps track of internal indicators and determines which content resonates with employees. One of its defining features is an earned media score.

It is also a great fit for companies who want to track social “vanity” metrics like likes, shares, and followers. The tool usually serves big clients including L’Oréal, and  Nissan.

Check this out:

Accessibility testing tools

Our Thoughts

Finally, there are several excellent employee advocacy platforms to pick from. Knowing your brand positioning allows you to choose the best employee advocacy tool for your company. It is critical to extend your digital presence to boost your company’s brand value and revenue generation. A robust social media plan aided by a good tool will do wonders for you in the long run. Furthermore, it will help your employees to become active brand champions, increasing brand recognition within the target population.

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