3 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools for Writing Research Papers and Theses

best paraphrasing tools

Before we start, there is one thing that we have to clear right at the outset.

Using paraphrasing to write research and thesis is neither possible nor advisable. Paraphrasers don’t actually write content. Rather, they reword the text that is given to them.

In doing so, there are different types of errors and mistakes that these tools tend to make. Apart from a handful of really excellent tools, the rest of the paraphrasers available online don’t give out grammatically and contextually correct results.

The point of mentioning all the above is that paraphrasing tools cannot be used to create whole pieces of content, especially not things like research papers, which have to be written carefully. Rather, they can be used sparingly during the process for certain purposes.

So, when we say ‘3 paraphrasing tools for writing research papers, we basically mean 3 paraphrasing tools that can help you with specific tasks during the course of writing a thesis or research paper’. But, the latter wouldn’t have made a good title so there you have it.

How Can Paraphrasers Help in Writing Research Papers and Thesis?

We’ve established that paraphrasers can’t actually be used to churn out whole research papers and theses. Now you might be wondering what they can do.

Basically, there are two primary ethical purposes for which writers can use paraphrasing tools. They are:

a) removing plagiarism from the text by rewording it

b) making content easier to read

Let’s explain that a little bit more in the context of research papers and theses.

Suppose you finish writing a research paper just to find that it has 8% plagiarism in it. You want to bring it down to just 4% or 5%. So what do you do?

You first use a plagiarism checker to spot the duplicated parts. Once you determine which parts are affected by plagiarism, you take them and then run them through a paraphrasing tool. The latter changes the words and phrases in the content, which makes it not get recognized as plagiarism anymore.

That is as far as ‘removing plagiarism from the text’ goes. Now, let’s see how paraphrasers can be used to ‘make content easier to read’.

Let’s actually understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose you’ve written a sentence like this in your research paper or thesis:

The intricacy of the argument leads to the possibility of a rigmarole in the endeavor to simplify its convoluted logic.

Now that looks, sounds, and feels like gibberish. But, by using a good paraphraser, you can make it a tad less confusing. Here is what the output looks like when this content is rewritten using a paraphraser:

The complexity of the argument raises the prospect of a rigmarole in an attempt to reduce its intricate reasoning.

That is a little, if not a lot, easier to understand than the original.

3 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools

Now that we are clear on what paraphrasing tools can actually be used when writing

research papers and theses, let’s take a look at some of them that you can use in 2023.

1. Paraphraser.io

paraphraser io

Paraphraser.io is undoubtedly popular for paraphrase texts like a pro. It allows you to copy-paste or directly upload the text file before starting the rephrasing process.

Using the state of art artificial intelligence, it rewrites text in a way that retains the actual meaning without compromising on text readability and clarity.

Moreover, you will get the outcomes beyond your expectations quickly. The rephrased content requires less editing and proofreading.

Additionally, the free paraphrasing tool has a big database of synonyms, a grammar checker, a text summarizer, and a plagiarism checker so that you will find every writing assistance tool under one umbrella.

Choose from the different writing modes and start rewriting existing content almost instantly you tab on ‘’Paraphrase Now’’.

2. Searchenginereport.net

searchengine report

There are two things that we really liked about the paraphrasing tool by Searchenginereports.net. First of all, it worked quickly. We entered a couple of sentences in it and it took around a couple of seconds to give out the results.

Secondly, it gives a really neat collection of options underneath the output box. You can share, save, edit, copy, print, and rewrite the output at the click of a button.

Apart from these two features, the rest of the tool is not really anything special. The UI is simple, and the changes affected by the tool are, while correct and accurate, very sparing.

Its user interface is easy to access and use. You can easily upload your text and then press the paraphrase button to run the tool.

It will take less than a minute to provide you with a unique and more creative alternative to the given content.

Additional features are its compatibility with different file formats and languages. If you want to secure some words from paraphrasing you can do so by writing them in the slot given below.

For making content SEO optimize you can use this tool. While paraphrasing adds keywords that increase the search traffic of content. Moreover, the originality of the idea does not change. The content gains symmetry and becomes more readable.

3. Rephrase.info

rephrase info

This tool is used for rewriting articles and paraphrasing content. With this tool, you can enhance the quality and clarity of your text without being irrelevant to the topic.

With respect to the interface, the tool is quite easy to use. The working principle is simple to use with this tool you can enter your raw text or can also upload your file. After that hit on the paraphrase option and it will rephrase online the text for you.

You can upload files of different formats and can also set the language for paraphrasing. The tool is multilingual and supports more than 10 languages. Results appear on the side of the original text so that you can make a comparison.

There are three modes by which you can paraphrase differently. The first mode is fluency. With this mode, you can remove minor mistakes like punctuation and spelling from the text.

The second mode is standard. This mode works as a word changer. Synonyms are added and wrong sentences are removed from the text or replaced by the correct ones.

The last and third mode is creative. In this mode, all the mistakes are removed and the whole text is rewritten in a new style. Copied material is also removed. Difficult words are changed with their synonyms.

This tool has both free and paid versions. In the free version, you can paraphrase 500 words while in paid version you can paraphrase 1500 words. Besides paraphrasing, it also provides multiple services.

Bonus Paraphrasing and AI Writing Tool


Introducing Yaara, the AI-powered writing assistant that helps you unlock your writing potential! Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, social media influencer, or business owner, Yaara has something to offer for everyone.

One of Yaara’s standout features is the ‘Document AI’, which allows you to write long-form, original content that is plagiarism-free. With this tool, you can easily create engaging articles and blog posts that will capture the attention of your readers.

But that’s not all! Yaara also includes the Abracadabra feature, which gives you access to over 800 templates for a wide range of writing tasks, from social media posts and personal bios to product descriptions and more. This makes it easy for you to get started with your writing, even if you’re not sure where to begin.

And if you’re looking to save time on your daily communication, Yaara’s Email Genie is here to help. With this tool, you can quickly write any email, from introductions and sales pitches to candidate acceptance letters and more.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of Yaara is the Long Form Workflow Writer. With this tool, you can easily create a blog post in just three clicks! Simply give your post a title, and Yaara will generate a complete outline and draft for you to work with. This makes it easy for you to get your ideas down on paper and start creating high-quality content.

Overall, Yaara is a powerful and versatile writing assistant that can help you take your writing to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, Yaara has something to offer everyone. Give it a try today and unlock your writing potential!


Just as we mentioned at the start, we reiterate once again at the end: using a paraphrasing

tools for writing whole research papers and theses are neither advisable nor possible.

However, they can be used in certain situations that can arise during the course of writing a research paper. For example, you may need a paraphrasing tool to remove

 plagiarism from a piece of content or you may need to reword a couple of sentences to make them easier to read.

For these types of uses, we’ve mentioned 3 tools that you can use in 2023. All of them

are good in their own regard, and you can take your pick according to your particular need and requirement.

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