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The understanding that you need to be productive often comes when you are a college or university student and must deal with various things, including classes, part-time work, extracurricular activities, and internships. But does it mean it’s not important to be efficient before entering that period? It sure doesn’t. In fact, the sooner you start managing your efforts and prioritizing things, the more efficacious you will be as you grow. So why not start when you’re a schooler? Besides, it’s not as complicated as many portray it. All you need is a set of tools, which you will find below. Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started!


Quantitatively taking notes may not be the most common activity in school, but it must be fruitful in all instances. And that’s when Notion comes into play. Notion is a relatively new app for note-taking that has been hitting the scene ever since its release. What makes it unique? Well, the interface, for starters. It is refined, adjustable, and rich, proving that a team of professional designers did a good deal of work.

Besides, Notion is navigable and intuitive, although it has a number of features that other note-taking apps can only dream about including. So, how can Notion come in handy for students? Here is a breakdown of features you will find valuable as a school/college/university student:

  • Dashboard: Notion provides an appealing dashboard of your projects reachable with a tap.
  • Data export and import: You can easily import and export any data on Notion.
  • Brainstorming: The app takes utmost care for everyone, so you will find excellent templates for brainstorming.
  • Workspace: Notion can also serve as a workspace where you can create drafts and outlines for papers.
  • Real-time collaboration: Collaborative projects are not new in school. You can cooperate with your colleagues and work on Notion effectively.
  • Interactive, media-rich notes: Emojis, symbols, and images are only a few things you can include in notes to make them more interactive.
  • Better learning experience: Each template explains its primary goal so that you make the most of it. Plus, you can modify elements to make your notes even better.
  • Synchronization with all devices: The app lets you access it from any device without the fear of losing progress. The synch feature works perfectly.
  • Pro account for free, lifetime: Notion appreciates students and gives them a premium account for free if signed in from an academic email. Try it yourself.


A good browser is equally crucial for students, as your web browsing never ends. As a student, you don’t have time to track your internet activity and scrutinize the pages you visit. You want to reach websites quickly and safely, ensuring your data is kept under lock and key. That’s an easy job for Brave. Brave is an underestimated, people-oriented browser. It doesn’t store your history and provides a pleasant web-searching experience. Whether you turn to an assignment writing service or any other page where you fill out some of your data, Brave ensures all the data is safe and won’t be revealed.

In addition, the app provides an ad-free experience if you are tired of annoying commercials. If you are OK with seeing them sporadically, how about getting paid for that? Yes, you heard right, Brave shares its commission from ads with users. Brave tokens (BAT for short) are altcoins you can use freely once transferred to your wallet. You won’t make a million from browsing, but it’s a nice recompensation for intruding in your browsing session, especially when you’re a schooler, right?


It is surprising how few people (to speak nothing of students) know of Speechify. Speechify is a top-notch app for jazzing up your learning experience. First, Speechify is a text-to-speech app that converts texts into voice. Although we understand and retain more info from reading, listening to a chapter when commuting to school is always a fantastic idea. The app has free features, so we highly encourage you to give it a try.


Yes, Reddit isn’t the most credible resource by default. It’s flooded with dubious subreddits you must not refer to when working on homework under no circumstances. But that’s beside the point. Reddit can be insightful if you can use it correctly. Some threads may be good and include fact-checked info, including references you can track. We, for instance, like checking the linguistics subreddit now and then. It’s cool and has meaningful discussions.


Essay writing will follow you in academia until you graduate, so it’s best to brace yourself and learn how to deal with writing tasks most efficiently. Grammarly is one of such tools that will help you advance your writing and score high. It will help you make your essays easily readable and grammatically correct. Grammarly has two versions, free and paid. Indubitably, the former is your go-to.


Kahoot is a fantastic interactive app that can improve your learning through various challenges. Kahoot has proven useful during the COVID-19 peak, allowing teachers to make classes more exciting and challenging. Try to use Kahoot to revise the material and test your knowledge.

Google Drive

It is crucial to keep things organized and under one roof. This way, you know where to look for materials and upload completed tasks. It is not uncommon for students to forget devices with completed homework at home. Teachers, though realizing that, often give low grades because of such occurrences. With Google Drive, that will never happen again. Whether an essay or presentation, Google Drive will allow you to reach the file and present/send it quickly. The tool is also helpful because it synchronizes the files on a cloud and enables you to open them from any gadget.


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Cold Turkey

As you progress in academia, the number of home assignments will increase, requiring more time to finish them. It also means that you will need to be more attentive and avoid succumbing to distractions. With Cold Turkey, this undertaking will be easily manageable. Cold Turkey is a productivity app restricting pages, notifications, and apps that can jeopardize your effectiveness.

School curricula will seem doable to you now that you’ve learned about helpful tools. Ensure to implement the mentioned apps daily, and you will observe the outcomes shortly. Cheers!

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