The 11+ Best Timeline Software and Timeline Makers of 2023

What is a Project Timeline?

A project timeline is one of the core features any top project management software must embody. Among the various tools and hacks project management requires, project timelines are critical for monitoring projects and corresponding tasks more efficient.

For one, it gives a bird’s eye view of where a project stands. Secondly, it helps identify overlapping dates, and identify critical paths. Last but not the least, it also helps spot potential problems in case tasks are lagging.

With a project timeline, you can identify the percentage of completion for various stages and keep the team on track.

If you are looking for online timeline maker, look no further. Check out our top picks below and choose your timeline software today.

The Best Timeline Software and Online Timeline Makers

1. Float: Editor’s Choice for Best Timeline Software

float project manager

At the first spot, we have updated the entry. Previously it was Gantt Pro, but Float has managed to exceed our expectations. Find out why… 🎉

Float initially took off as a mere resource planning application. During the first few iterations of the online software, there weren’t a lot of features to explore. Gantt was a little ahead of the competition. However, thanks to the marketing team and the devs at Float headquarters, this resource management application has undergone a tremendous amount of features. Currently, Float is loaded with tons of perks that help to make any amount of projects a breeze.

Float is reportedly servicing companies, such as; Deloitte, BuzzFeed and many other popular brands that wish to get by with a user friendly project planning & development tool. The program features tons of integrations, a friendly layout and an overall elegant look that assist in maintaining user interest level at both individual and team level. You can keep track of your projects, assign tasks, append details and monitor progress through real time tracking.

The best part about Float is its price structure. Currently, you can avail the trial package for a duration of 30 days available at $5. Depending on the size of your company and business requirements, you can contact official Float representatives for a very feasible price quote. We have written an indepth review of the Float app. You can checkout all there is to project management and task development through Float over here.


Float is available with the following pricing plans:

  1. Trial Plan @ $5.00. Keep track of all your projects, development process and task management by availing full unlimited features at basic package level.

2. Backlog

At first glance, you may think Backlog is exclusively designed for programmers. As much as a major chunk of the tool connotes the same, Backlog has a lot to offer as a project timeline software. The Gantt view of the tool acts as a primary means for managing your project timeline. Use this for monitoring tasks’ progress and make changes as you go forward. This also helps in planning what needs to be done in future. Backlog just isnt about version control anymore, the application is loaded with perks to take project management up a few notches.

It has built-in modules for catering a broad spectrum of your project needs, ranging from large complex ones, down to the most basic ones. Most notable functionalities of the tool revolve around task management, team collaboration, and version control. The app supports all platforms except for Linux at the moment.

Backlog comes with a pretty slick bug tracker for your projects too. The amount of details you can add to your bugs or issues is amazing. You can include description, assign them priority level, an assignee, a follower, or even place emojis to represent the exact context (smart, and fun at the same time).

Key Features

Backlog comes with following key features:

  • Gantt charts to view individual tasks, their durations, and their progress over time. Adjustments in the schedule can also be made according to priorities through simple drag and drop
  • Milestones addition to monitor goals and visualization of significant events occurring during a project
  • Division of tasks into subtasks for making them more manageable, along with tasks assignment, due dates, and statuses
  • Smart team collaboration features, including comments, emojis, and team member mentions to keep everyone aligned with project activities
  • Powerful bug tracking solution which enables prioritization, assignment, deadline management, status changes, and all the other critical information to deal with issues efficiently
  • Burndown charts for visualizing the work left in comparison with the remaining time
  • Internal wiki for centralizing all the team data, only to be retrieved whenever required
  • Collaboration on code functionality through private web-based Git and Subversion repositories
  • Numerous third-party application integrations to manage your workflow without any hitch


  • Free ($0 per month for 10 users)
  • Starter ($35 per month for up to 30 users)
  • Standard ($100 per month for unlimited users)
  • Premium ($175 per month – unlimited users)
  • Enterprise ($1200 per month for first 20 users). Please note that this one’s a special self hosted solution to meet the needs of demanding customers from businesses of various magnitudes.

3. Asana

Asana continues to reign as one of the top project management tools globally. Asana offers its customers a huge array of features that can be used in multiple ways. This timeline software makes project management versatile and efficient.

Projects can be managed through Gantt charts, customized fields and project timelines. With project timeline itself, you can attend to every detail of your project through project dependencies and color coding.

Being a great online collaboration tool, it happens to be a favorite of teams in multiple industries.  With options such as comments, likes and follow along with tagging and file share, team collaboration is a piece of cake.

With features such as My Task List and Focus Mode, you can be sure to stay ahead of your game and on time with your projects.

Key Features

  • Multiple project management options that include color coded project timelines with customized fields, dependencies, project permissions, Gantt charts, Project Sections and Search Views
  • In depth task management including but not limited task tracking, adding assignees, uploading attachments and adding comments to tasks, options to show importance for tasks through ‘hearts’ and task dependencies
  • Activity feed for centralized updates on the workflow and team activities
  • Set goals, priorities, and due dates
  • Real-time updates on tasks and projects
  • Automatic updates to inbox
  • Customize calendars and select from multiple views
  • Email bridge
  • My Tasks list and Focus Mode
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Multiple workspaces for handling multiple teams in parallel
  • Option to view team members’ tasks and priorities
  • Comment on tasks for further clarification
  • Kanban support
  • Meeting minutes
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Asana offers the following plans:

  • Free
  • Premium ($ 9.99 per user per month)
  • Enterprise (customized) plan.

4. Aha!

With Aha!, project timelines come as in the form of roadmaps. It also has a separate section for gathering ideas from customers for future improvements. This timeline software offers 6 different roadmap options in the Reports section.

Each roadmap serves a different purpose, providing a different view into your data to custom create visualizations as required. You can even create mock-ups of features and add scoring cards to assess top priority tasks.

Aha! happens to be extremely customizable so you can set up your tool and projects layout on your own terms from custom fields to custom tables to form layouts. The best part is although it comes with so many features and options, it has a clean interface that is easy to learn and adapt to.

You will have your “Aha!” moment with this one, for sure. 😉

Key Features

  • Project management features including 6 different roadmaps, multiple charts, various types of reports and analytics, workflow view as well as dependency visualizations.
  • View project status and team activities through Kanban boards.
  • Collaboration options including to do list, My work, broadcast messaging and notifications.
  • Comment stream to capture feedback with options to mention colleagues and other features.
  • Able to share and export reports.
  • Drag and drop interface for storing features and requirements through user stories.
  • Organize and prioritize features.
  • Scoring card for features to asses which feature needs to be prioritized.
  • Create mock-ups of the features designed.
  • Attach wireframes, sketches, and inspirations directly to features.
  • Option to create custom form layouts, tables, scorecard equations, ideas portal.
  • Configure various feature types, statuses and workflows.
  • Mobile app for iOS.


With Aha! you can avail the following plans:

  • Startup (qualification assessment)
  • Premium ($59 per user per month)
  • Enterprise ($99 for product owner or contributor per month)
  • Enterprise+ ($149 for product owner or contributor per month)

5. nTask

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nTask is a project management tool that gives you a comprehensive set of features for project and task management.

You do not have to look for external integrations at all. With so many project monitoring features including project timelines with percent complete tracking, you can be sure to have complete control of your projects.

Also, with the Free plan offering a wide variety of features and a Pro plan at a considerably reasonable rate, this tool gives you one of the best deals for your investment. The best part is that it is easy to work with for startups as well as established teams.

A clean interface, powered by simplified search and filter tools, nTask helps make life easy for teams and individuals alike. You can create multiple projects for multiple, simultaneous workspaces. This makes monitoring multiple projects a breeze.

You can view project progress through a clean project timeline and ensure everyone on the team stays in sync. This is just the tip of the iceberg; for more features, check the Key Features below.

Key Features

Here is what you get with nTask:

  • Project management capabilities that include but are not limited to creating and assigning projects, using Gantt charts, project reports, and colored project timelines to manage and monitor project progress through percent complete tracking
  • Task management options including creating, assigning, organizing, prioritizing and sharing tasks with multiple statuses
  • Alerts, notifications and reminders to stay on track.
  • Multiple team specific workspaces that can be managed and monitored simultaneously.
  • Flexible comments including commenting on tasks to projects and converting comments to tasks using Slack
  • Meeting management solution including arranging and scheduling meetings (one time or recurring), send invites to attendees, add meeting details and specify follow up procedures.
  • Issue management module to facilitate identification and listing down of issues related to multiple tasks. List down the issue along with the Issue owner and relevant details to track issue maintenance.
  • Timesheets management and time tracking for creating and managing team specific sections for employee task efforts and payroll.
  • Risk management module helps you identify and keep track of potential risks. Arrange risks in lists and assign a risk owner in order to track risk management.
  • Powerful search and filter tools to search for tasks, projects, meetings, issues and risks.
  • Filter option to save more frequent searches.
  • Two-Factor Authentication for extensive security
  • Third party access
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


nTask offers the following pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Pro at $2.99 per user per month

6. Scoro

Scoro is an all-in-one solution that covers every stage of project management. It is designed for teams to cater to all responsibilities under one tool including project management, work scheduling and tracking, financial management, reporting all the while being completely customizable.

It gives you multiple options to track your projects and teams as well as collaborate effectively. You can set work as billable and non-billable, and transfer work done to invoices. With options to set multiple currencies, you can cater to work and resources in various regions globally.

Plus, with its Planner feature, you can be clear about the workload assigned, set deadlines realistically and avoid potential overloading. All this and more, head over to Key Features to know what else Scoro can do for you.

Key Features

Make use of the following features for effective project management:

  • Project management options that include defining project timeline, creating project budgets, time tracking and billing, configurable statuses and tags.
  • Task management including priorities, projects, statuses, and deadlines.
  • Collaboration options including planned tasks and meetings, invoices and expenses, comments and files.
  • Planner to schedule work and assign tasks for an overview of everyone’s workload, realistic deadlines, potential overbookings and available slots.
  • Schedule meetings in a shared team calendar, and link all events to projects and customers for a complete overview.
  • Time tracking including actual and billable time spent on a project or a client.
  • Invoice management including automated late invoice reminders, scheduled, and recurring invoicing, issue sales, prepayment and shareable credit invoices.
  • Set multi-currency custom rates based on team members, clients or projects.
  • Central dashboard for monitoring KPIs, actionable items, and conversions.
  • View detailed financial reports on actual results with budget deficit and surplus.
  • Configure activity/product types, tags, statuses and add custom fields to almost any feature.
  • Set permissions for each user to limit access to specific information or certain projects.
  • Select PDF templates for invoices, quotes, orders and reports from our library, or create your own.
  • Use bookmarks to create hundreds of custom views and reports.
  • Shared team calendar
  • File sharing
  • Contact database and management
  • Detailed project and team reports
  • Resource management
  • Document management
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Scoro comes with free trials and the following plans:

  • Essential ($26 per user per month)
  • Work Hub ($37 per user per month)
  • Sales Hub ($37 per user per month)
  • Business Hub ($61 per user per month)

7. Wrike

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Having over 17000 customers globally, Wrike is a popular choice as far as project management and collaboration tools are concerned. Wrike offers a neat interface with a broad spectrum of features that makes it efficient for startups as well as large organizations.

Some of its core features, project timeline/Gantt charts and comprehensive reporting, this project timeline software is an easy choice. You can easily collaborate with teams, allocate resources to tasks and projects, monitor and forecast your team workload, and resolve schedule conflicts.

Wrike helps you easily reorganize assignments and track time as well as budget so you are in complete control of your projects.

Key Features

Some of the most prominent features of Wrike include:

  • Project management including timeline/Gantt charts, visual dashboards and reporting, custom status, task dependencies, milestones, request forms and workflows.
  • Real-time newsfeed and personal dashboard.
  • Task management including task creation, assignment, task statuses, task time tracking and recurring tasks.
  • Team collaboration channels including discussions in tasks, document version control, and live editing.
  • Team management including workload management and member tagging.
  • Time and budget tracking.
  • Comments, online file attachments, sharing and editing.
  • Inbox notifications.
  • Calendar
  • Email integration for teams
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android


Wrike offers the following pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Professional ($9.80 per user per month)
  • Business ($24.80 per user per month)
  • Marketers (Customizable)
  • Enterprise (Customizable)

8. Teamwork Projects

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Coming under the parent brand of Teamwork, Teamwork Projects claims to provide a multitude of features that let you see the bigger picture.  Whether it’s task management, time tracking, project timeline management, or team collaboration, this timeline software seems to have covered it all.

With the portfolio and dashboard features, quickly glance through your project details without individually accessing them. You can also categorize your projects based on customized tags and filters to identify them faster.

Not only this, the solution also allows you to identify and manage your risks through risk register, and share them with team members to ensure timely mitigation.

Key Features

The product comes with:

  • Project portfolio management facilitating in getting a quick glimpse at project performance and identifying roadblocks
  • Gantt charts for visualizing the project timeline in the form of tasks, milestones, and dependencies
  • Automatic task timer that starts when you begin working and stops when your computer is idle, giving accurate time tracking results
  • Assignment of project owner for defining accountability and ensuring transparency
  • Team messages, file attachments, and notebooks for efficient team collaboration
  • Customized tags and filters for categorizing projects
  • Workload management for smart task allocation
  • Reusable task list templates for repetitive or similar tasks
  • Special permissions and privacy settings for accessibility of particular projects
  • Task history to track the changes made by team members
  • Multiple third-party application integrations
  • Android, iOS application and chrome extension to access the software from anywhere


  • Free Forever
  • Pro ($9 per user/month)
  • Premium ($15 per user/month)
  • Enterprise (customizable)

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive project management and CRM software that doubles as a smart project timeline maker to make project monitoring effective. The software primarily works on creating workgroups and centralized newsfeed for information exchange with your team members.

It lets you create personalized to-dos, and helps to manage projects and tasks through extensive features ranging from Gantt charts, task dependencies, and Kanban workflows.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 also comes with some powerful systematic solutions like employee workload management (resource management) and customer relationship management.

Key Features

This is what Bitrix24 has to offer:

  • Interactive Gantt charts showing tasks, subtasks, and individual task dependencies
  • Interactive activity stream visualizing project updates and changes coming in the workflow
  • Chat function within the activity stream to timely collaborate with team members on a particular task or activity
  • Customizable Kanban boards to visualize the workflows and clearly depict the status of each task
  • Workgroups for monitoring the progress of teams working on multiple projects
  • Customized task reports to track the time taken by an employee to complete a task
  • Extranet access for external users through which workgroups can be shared with clients
  • Online file storage and file sharing for secured document management
  • Automatic and manual time tracking with tasks
  • Reusable task templates for recurring tasks
  • Lead management, sales automation, and pipeline management
  • Social intranet portal for team communication including shared calendars
  • Third-party application access


  • Free (12 users)
  • Plus (24 users – $35)
  • Standard (50 users – $89)
  • Professional (unlimited – $179)

10. Redbooth

The next timeline software we have reviewed here for you is Redbooth. Catering teams of every size, Redbooth is a software offering a rich feature set to productively deal with projects. The core areas covered by the tool are elaborate task management, beautiful project timelines, productivity reports, and much more.

Not only this, you can also connect with your team members from anywhere and conduct video conferences through Zoom integration to share insights. By providing a neat interface, the tool makes sure that you get a user-friendly, yet a comprehensive project management solution.

Key Features

  • Projects dashboard to monitor key performance indicators and keep track of what needs to be done over time
  • Project timeline in the form of Gantt charts, including task dependencies, color coded tasks to show status, start and end dates
  • Customizable Kanban boards for visualizing the workflow
  • High definition video conferences through Zoom integration
  • Detailed progress tracking reports to stay updated on project performance
  • Team workload management
  • Built-in project templates for instant working on recurring tasks
  • Task over-due indicators alerting about the tasks that need to be done


  • Pro ($9 per user/month)
  • Business ($15 per user/month)
  • Enterprise (upon request)

11. Paymo

Paymo comes with some powerful project management features to help you manage your projects effectively from initiation till project closure. The tool provides comprehensive task management, project management, resource management, and invoicing, all under one platform.

The Gantt chart view of the tool allows you to instantly track workload and identify bottlenecks faster for making informed decisions. This project timeline maker also enables you to get a bird’s eye view of who is responsible for what exactly.

Apart from all this, real-time comments and group discussions make sure that no information falls through the cracks and everyone stays updated at all times. The application also comes with a built-in task timer to record the time your team members are spending on distinct project activities.

Key Features

Paymo comes with a wide array of features. Some of the core ones are:

  • Gantt charts highlighting the tasks, their duration, team member responsible for executing them, and task dependencies
  • Team scheduler and leave tracking module allowing you to keep employee attendance and employee leaves in check
  • Activity stream to keep an eye on all the project updates occurring over time, so you never miss anything
  • Built-in time tracker to record the time your team members are spending on completing tasks
  • Expense and budget tracking to make sure budget overruns don’t occur
  • Team collaboration features include team chat, group discussions, and file attachments
  • Invoice generation for billing clients according to the hours worked. The invoices can be created in 15 languages
  • Multiple third-party application integrations


  • Free
  • Small ($9.56 per user/month)
  • Business ($15.16 per user/month)

12. Flow

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If you’re on a hunt for a beautiful and flexible timeline software, Flow might be best suited for you. With most of the features geared toward team collaboration, Flow helps in optimizing your workflow in a better way.

The tool acts as an easy timeline maker by allowing you to conveniently drag and drop tasks for setting due dates. Through these timelines you can also smartly manage the individual workload of your team members and allocate tasks according to the capacity.

Additionally, create workgroups specific to your team needs and collaborate seamlessly without any fear of information loss. You can also make comments on tasks to provide timely feedback.

Key Features

  • Task timelines depicting task durations and the person responsible for carrying them out. Easy drag and drop to adjust the task durations
  • Projects dashboard for instantly skimming through the updates, organizing workflows, and viewing where exactly your project stands at the moment
  • Kanban workflow to identify the progress of tasks
  • Color codes and project filters to keep them organized according to preferences
  • Customized privacy settings and special permissions to maintain data security and ensure safe file transfers
  • Project templates for tasks repeating on regular basis
  • Task notes for including additional details and further making things clear
  • Task flagging for important tasks that need urgent execution
  • Archive tasks that you don’t want your team members to view
  • Integration with third-party applications


  • Flow ($4.79 per user/month)
  • Flow Pro $7.99 per user/month)

13. GanttPro:

You might already be familiar with GanttPRO. It is one of the world’s leading team collaboration, scheduling and Gantt chart tools.

We really enjoyed using GanttPRO earlier when we decided to write a GanttPRO review. And it checks all the items on our list when it comes to the best timeline software.

You can plan every aspect of your project and visualize it on a timeline. All the important stuff – tasks, subtasks, milestones, dependencies, cost estimates, prioritization, and more – everything can be planned using GanttPRO.

To help you work faster, GanttPRO also provides a bunch of project templates. Whether you’re a software development team, or you have a product launch coming up – the templates are nicely defined and are great help to get you started.


GanttPRO is available with the following pricing plans:

  1. Individual (single user plan) – at $15 per month, all of GanttPRO’s features except team progress tracking
  2. Team (5 users) – at $7.9 per month per user, all of GanttPRO’s features
  3. Team (10 users) – at $6.9 per month per user, all of GanttPRO’s features
  4. Team (15 users) – at $5.9 per month per user, all of GanttPRO’s features
  5. Enterprise – for 15+ users, contact sales for inquiry

Honorable Mentions: Project Manager

project management basics, project management strategic planning, project management for beginners, crash course for new project managers
This one’s not a dedicated tool or a timeline software for that matter. Project Manager is a complex blend of all things project management related. They are a go-to resource for PMs from all over the world. I, personally, am a huge fan of their in depth YouTube tutorials and case studies that offer insight on stuff that is usually overlooked in different forms of write-ups. is an award-winning project management software that combines both project planning and scheduling features with online collaboration tools, making it a great choice for companies both large and small looking to streamline their workflows.

Key features include Gantt charts, Kanban boards, task management, dashboards, timesheets, project portfolio management, reports and many more that can help your team track their progress from start to finish.

Additionally, integrates with over 400 other pieces of software, including Google Apps, Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox and more.”

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